Is Your Partner REALLY The One ?

Think You And Your Partner Aren't Perfect? Want To Find Out Now? Take This Short, Simple Quiz To Find Out. Things Could Change, Maybe Even For The Best. It May Sound Like A Silly Waste Of Time, But NEVER Judge A Book By Its Cover! Give It A Go, Hows About It? GOOD LUCK!

How Are You And Your Partner Lately? Is He/She The "One" For You, Or Is It Time To Move On? How About Taking This Short, Sweet And Simple Quiz And Find Out... Go Ahead. Click On The Link And Get Started. Wats There To Lose (Except The Odd Homework/Lunchbreak - etc Time) Because Just In A Few Minutes, Things Might Just Change Your Mind About The Things You Two Do, And How You Two Spend Your Time Wisely Together.

Created by: Sammy
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. How Long Have You Two Been Together For ?
  2. Who Asked Who ?
  3. What Was The Most Fun Date You've Been On Together ?
  4. [Personal:] How Far Have You Two Got ?
  5. What Song Would Fit Best In Describing How You Feel About Him / Her ?
  6. Do You Go To The Same School / Work Together ?
  7. [Guys:] Are One Of These Nicknames Given To Your Gurrl ?
  8. [Gurrls:] Any Of These Nicknames Yours To Your Guy ?
  9. Will You Two Be Together Forever ?
  10. This Quiz Was A Waste Of Time Aee ?

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Quiz topic: Is my Partner REALLY The One ?