Do you "really" know Leila?!

Friendship is the best thing a person can have! It's the only relationship which can stay for a really long time! And "strong friendships" depend on how well do friends know each other...

Do YOU "really" know ME well?! Are YOU close enough to ME?! Do YOU have enough information about ME?! Well I think all these questions are flying in your mind..and you wanna know the answer! mmmm..that's hard cause you gotta look for it in so many places.. don't can THNAK GOD! cause I've thought of you and made this little Quiz for make things more easy! So GO AHEAD and take the Quiz!

Created by: Leila of
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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What is my full name?
  2. Where am I from?
  3. When is my birthday?
  4. What is my eye color?
  5. What is my favorite color?
  6. What is my tall?
  7. Do I play basketball?
  8. Am I sensitive?
  9. Do I write poems?
  10. What are my favorite kinds of movies?
  11. On which instrument do I play?
  12. What kind of music do I like?
  13. Which of the followings is one of my hobbies:
  14. What is my favorite sport?
  15. What is my favorite drink?
  16. Do I eat junk food?
  17. What is my favorite accessory?
  18. Do you like me?

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Quiz topic: Do I "really" know Leila?!