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  • Loved it! That was so sweet of Harry, haha. I'm glad we get time with him! Thank you so much again for mentioning me xD I really just love your writing style and everything, and the plot is already coming into play. You're great with transitioning and *cough* everything *cough*

    Like I said (unless it didn't post because it kept messing up on the first quiz comments) I'll be sure to give a link to your quizzes! You're super talented and you'll easily be able to get into the Top 100! I can't wait to find out more and keep reading! It's a little surprising, but I'm kind of starting to like Ron. O_O I was like, "NO! You like Harry!" and then I kind of mentally slapped myself, but then- okay I'll just stop there. XD But you keep writing! Thanks so much for updating, I was so excited when I saw this was already posted that I nearly had a joy attack (I just made that up. Because I'm so ingenious. Haha right) But I love you and never stop writing, ever!

  • Your Result: Ron

    The jerk is jealous of Harry, how come you date him? Oh, yeah, boy who lived nonsense. He likes you but is too afraid of saying anything. Will he be your guy?

    Indeed, how could I date Harry?! Especially when I am MARRIED TO RONALD FOR NEARLY A MONTH?! Okay, I'm slightly exaggerating. It'll be two weeks as of tomorrow.

  • I thought that too! The twins will be tricky so I'll put

    I've scenes with them in the fifth year. Draco and Ron will both become more jealous and Neville will start acting strangely. Harry will be your boyfriend for a while and Oliver won't be so big in my series. I might take him out after this year as it gets too difficult to manage!

  • I LOVE YOUR SERIES!!!!! keep on writing! i love that "i'm" harry's girl friend now because in other people series its mostly oliver and draco not really any Harry Ron or Neville but i'm still torn between harry and draco but so far harry's winning.

  • Fantastic part! Full of Harry!! Amazing!

    Orange Fusion
  • All who have commented thanks sooo much, your supports means the world to me!

  • Oh gosh that was awesome! I'm so glad I found this series!

  • EPIC SERIES!!!! You need to keep making more!!!!!

    Beatle Obsessed

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