which hogwarts guy would date you?

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I bet everyone has fantasies of the perfect guy well theres a few in hogwarts try your luck and see which guy you get on the hogwarts train of love!!!

will you get the hogwarts guy you want well give it a try on my quiz will you get the brave harry the sweet ron the funny twins the valliant cedric the sporty oliver the bad boy draco ar the cute nerd neville ?

Created by: kirra
  1. you arrive at hogwarts you walk into the castle for the 3 time with all your mates your greeted by..
  2. ou are walking down to herbology and you trip on the stairs you fall in a heap with bad grazes to the palms of your hands all the boys see and run over to help you...
  3. you get up and walk it of down to hebology ms sprout pairs you with neville..
  4. hours pass... you finally jump into bed and drift of to sleep you dream about
  5. you wake up and stroll down to breakfast you get down there and look were to sit harry smiles at you. ron waves at you. oliver yells your name. cedric looks over his shoulder and winks. fred and george throw a pygmy puff at you. draco just stares at you. and neville gives you a huge smile! you sit with ..
  6. the hair you most like is ..
  7. pick a face!
  8. what gift do you prefer
  9. your boyfriends house. he lives..
  10. what kind of guy do u like
  11. thanks for taking this quiz hope you enjoyed

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