Keep Calm and Read On - Volume III

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If you thought Volume II was bad enough, the story unfold in the third novel of III and it's about to get crazy with the action, the fantasy, the new guys...but I'll let you find that out on you own!

What if you had the power to bring your stories to live? Watching your characters come alive and join along side with them for the journey. It's everything an aspiring writer dreams about but for this New Yorker; it might turn out to be the worst thing ever that has happened to her.

Created by: natuhleegayle

  1. if this is your first time reading this, then you missed out on a lot. It all started when this old lady from the local bookstore gave me a notebook as a memoir of their eviction. She left out the part that the book she gave me, that's called the Encantus, can bring the story to life. And boy, did I find that out the hard way. I wrote a fantasy story that had everything; a quest, heroes and heroine and a villain with a plan to create a diabolic army to control not only, Elyria, the world I create but the world WE-mortals-live in. I've met all my characters, from my Heroes; Logan and Juliet to the villain, Valentin and his son and minion; Eros and Hybris and I've recently only figured out how to control it. Am I probably going to need a therapist after this? Probably, but all I have to do is Keep Calm and Read On and hopefully this nightmare will end.
  2. This morning, I woke up hoping for a normal day where I wouldn't publically humiliate myself, instead, I get a day where I have to go on this insane quest to prevent a total apocalyptic destruction. With my Encantus in my bag and Logan and Juliet by my side, we got everything under control. We were walking along Columbus Street; we were near Central Park and Columbus Circle. "So, what gem do you want to find first?" I asked as I removed the wrapping from my Hot Dog and took a bite out of it. "The Gem of Health, we'll be playing it safe if we do. If Valentin' has that gem, we don't stand a chance." Logan said as he struggled to open his bottled water, I took it from him and opened. Embarrassed, he thanked me. "Okay, so when you think of Health, you think of Hospital correct?" Juliet says as she takes a good look at a map of New York; good luck, there was about 5 subdivisions that make up New York. "That and a gym, you know fitness and Health?" I said as I take another bite out of my Hot Dog. Juliet seemed pleased but the problem is where do we start? "Well, there's a gym close by on 54th street and a hospital on 100th Street and Fifth Avenue. We can start there." "Perfect!" Logan smiled
  3. First we tried the hospital but we realized that we couldn't get anywhere and if the gem was there, those people wouldn't be sick right now. "So, is this the place?" We were on 54th street standing in front of a very popular gym that had the words "Gold Gym" in big bolded words. "Does it look like a penitentiary to you?" I laughed at Juliet's comment. We walked in and right away we were introduced to a heavy scent of sweat and aspiration. We could hear grunts at the back as well as lots of yelling for motivation. We hoped to get past the front desk without being noticed; sadly some people in this gym do have brains. "Excuse me, are you a member here?" A young woman in her early twenties asked. "Crap." We all muttered under out breath, we stood up straight and turned with huge smiles. "No, we have a friend who wanted to see us." I lied "Visitors without a membership can wait out here." The lady said, we sighed but it didn't seem like anything was out of the ordinary, at least, not at first. "Guys, look." Juliet whispered and motioned us to our left. From the window, we watched what appeared to be an anorexic man who looked like he was on the verge of collapsing pick up something that he stepped on. It was a pastel yellow stone and suddenly, the man looked as healthy as can be and the first thing he did was hit the weights with the stones in his pocket. "Found it~" I said in a singsong voice.
  4. "We got to get in there." Juliet muttered under her breath. I found it awkward how we were having a private conversation in front of the lady who could hear our every word. "Okay and how do you plan on doing so?" I asked as I kept my eye on the guy. He probably did 50 lifts in a minute and he was still going at it. Logan smiled and he eyed Juliet, she scoffed and rolled her eyes. "Fine, do it." Logan smiled and turned around. I turned to see what Logan was up to, he scanned people around him when there was no one except the lady he made a faint incantation by what I heard, and it went something like "Amantis Desiderium." With a wave of his hand, his emerald ring glowed and a red rose was formed and it glowed with an alluring red shine. Logan turned around and held the flower in his hand, "I think we got off to a rough start. You see, our friend really needs to see us and I can't bear the thought of letting him wait. Would you, a vision of beauty, the god's ambrosia, please let us in?" Logan said in his British accent. I couldn't help but to blush, Juliet had a sour look upon her face. With Logan's action, we were in, leaving the receptionist giggling like a teenager school girl.
  5. Once we were inside, we tried our best to play it as casual as it can be. We made no eye contact; we were just going to get the stone from the guy and leave. "So, we know how this is going to work?" Logan said as the three of us were standing by a machine that helps your calves. "Uh-huh!" "Just say when" Logan smirked and as we eyed down the guy "On my mark, ready and –""_________!" We all jumped, me being the hardest as I knocked down a rack of yoga balls causing those in its way to take a tumble. "Kenneth! What a surprise, I didn't think I would see you here." Kenneth Prince. He has greyish-green eyes. His voice is absolutely perfect. His dark brown hair is always up. His lips look kissable. His clothes are very stylish and expensive; however he makes them seem so ordinary. His goal is to travel the world and see his photographs and paintings in the Museum of Natural History. He is a junior in High School who excels in art and history, he's very cultured yet as much as most guys, he takes care of his body as well. "I should say the same to you, what are you doing here?" He smiles as he throws his towel over his shoulder. I was literally breathless, he was wearing a tank top and I could see his abs and not to mention his biceps. "Oh...well, uhm, you know...working out...just like everyone else here..." I said in a stutter as I try to keep my eyes UP. Ironic, isn't it? "Hey, that's cool. We should work together? Did you bring Brett with you or something?" He nods his head towards Logan. Oh crap. "No, no. It', cousin. They probably look the same." He nods his head, thank God. "Well, why don't I spot you? How much can you bench?" "Ahem!" Juliet clears her throat in the back. "Would you excuse me for just one minute?" You said as you hold up your index finger.
  6. I walked over to Logan and Juliet at the far corner with my head in shame. "Please, don't give me that look." I begged before they can even say a word. "May I remind you that?" "Yeah, yeah, yeah, we have to save the world. I get it!" I said irritably. There was something about Juliet that I just couldn't stand yet it seemed so familiar despite looking exactly like me. No, Juliet is not me! I am not that annoying! Gosh. "I don't think you do; because if you did get it, we would have been out the doors with the gem in our hands!" Juliet replied giving the same emotion to me. "Does it look like I plan for this to happen? I didn't know there would be someone I know in this gym, the chances of that happening in New York, Manhattan are 1 to 6,000,000!" "Are you sure? You seemed really eager when we walked through the door!" "Shut up. Don't make me transform your face into a mix between a goat and a frog!" We were going back and forth as we argued, Logan wanted to step in but whenever he had the chance, another insult would appear. The mission in mind was totally lost. "Guys, okay, uhm, hi; I think we all forgot the mission right now. So instead of going back and forth with your bloody insults, how about we focus on something more important?" "LIKE WHAT?!" Juliet and I said in unisons "The fact Eros suddenly walked through the door and is making his way to that guy..." He whined as he pushed through and changed out of his modern clothes.
  7. We really know how to make a crowd, as soon as Logan changed clothes all eyes were on us, especially Kenneth's. "Oh Eros, I see Daddy gave you a little punishment. How generous but personally, I don't think that's enough!" Logan said as he drew his sword and sound of it being drawn alarmed everyone. I felt eyes immediately on me and I hoped that it wasn't Kenneth's. "How frightening, I really am scared." Eros said sarcastically "Cereberus Consanguineis" You watched as Eros' palm was faced down and submerging from the floor a shadow appeared, and submerging from that shadow was a dog but with three heads. A scream of terror arose from everyone, the man with the gem was about to escape but Eros threw him to an exercise machine where it came to life and held the man hostage. "You're not going anywhere. I'll deal with you after I'm done with them." Eros growled as he drew out his sword. "I'll make sure I never see you ever again" Eros said as he swung his sword.
  8. "C'mon ________, it's time to see what else that little book of yours can do!" Juliet said as she changed out of her modern clothes to her lilac gown. One of heads of Cereberus charged at Juliet but she managed to block any damage with her stave. "I'm coming, I'm coming!" The sound of growls, incantations and meeting of metal made me panic more and more. I scrambled through my bag to look for the Encantus. "_________! LOOK OUT!" Juliet screamed, one of Cereberus' heads was about to come charging at me. I didn't think I would die this early. A sudden rushed pushed me out of the way, I didn't hit my head because it was protected by someone's hand. I opened my eyes to see Kenneth's greyish-green eyes smiling at me. "Are you crazy?!" I yelled at him, he pushes his body up and nodded his head. "I must be if this is happening right now." I stared into his eyes and he does the same to me. Another head was about to come charging, he grabbed me and the two of us spin out of the way. "Kenneth, leave!" I yell at him, he said he was going to stay; like hell, I was going to let that happen. Suddenly, one of the heads grabbed Kenneth by his tank and threw him across the room causing him to fly towards mats. "KENNETH!" "_________ now would be an amazing time to do something right now! Gaia Scriptor Flagellum" Juliet's stave turned into a vine- like whip. I was panicking; I didn't know what to do. I finally found the Encantus.
  9. "Uhm, uhh..." I stuttered as I was flipping through the pages to find an empty page. The text shimmered once again less blinding that it was [_____ panicked as the Cerberus tossed Kenneth across the room as well as having Juliet yell at her every so often] "Oh, ha-ha..." I said sarcastically, I eventually found a blank piece of paper; Logan was doing what I can see. The only problem was the Cerberus that was literally inches away from biting our heads off. Without thinking, I suddenly jot down that the Cerberus disappeared but nothing happened. "Uhm, nothing is working right now!" I said jotting down a few more sentences, Juliet grunted and was pushed back beside me. "You need to play it fair!" Juliet yelled as she got back to her feet. "Pira Ignis!" Juliet incanted and a ball a fire shot out of her stave. "Play it fair!? How can I play it fair!? I don't know how to deal with!" I yelled as Juliet and I tried to dog de the Cerberus. "I DON'T KNOW! ANYTHING! ADD ANYTHING! YOU'RE THE AUTHOR!" Juliet screamed, Logan was pushed back and shot us a glance. "CAN YOU GUYS PLEASE STOP FIGHTING!?" Logan screamed in his British accent, Eros smirked as he was enjoying all of this. "Aw, pity." He muttered before swerving his sword around before stabbing Logan with it but he blocked it.
  10. I screamed as the Cerberus growled, I flipped another page and Juliet was shouting so many incantations, I couldn't hear myself think. I heard a grunt from where Kenneth was and I feared he was going to get back up. "__________!" Juliet screamed at me but the next thing I knew, we were both tossed to the far end of the gym as Cerberus took one good blow. My vision was impaired for a minute but I regained it. I knew something was terribly wrong as I didn't feel the Encantus in my hands anymore. I panicked and saw that it was 20 steps away from me. I quickly got to my feet and ran towards it. Juliet tried her best to get up but she flew towards a rank of dumbbells. I was so close to the Encantus when Cerberus shot a ball of fire from its mouth. "Oh shii...taki mushrooms!" I cursed as I dove for the book. I can't believe as soon as we embark on this quest we're already on our knees about to die. I now had the Encantus in my heads and the thoughts were pouring, I thought about Logan, Juliet and awkwardly Brett during this situation; I thought about the old lady and the book she gave me, then I thought about Kenneth and how he risked his life to save me. And that's when the book glowed again. "W-What...?" I stuttered as I closed my eyes, I heard Cerberus getting ready for another fireball. I was done for. But then something cut the wind and the next thing I knew, one of the heads of Cerberus was up against the wall with an arrow through its nose prompt against the wall.
  11. I heard a laugh and a shout of joy from behind me, I turned around to see, what appeared to be, archer boots. My eyes widen, I didn't want to look up because, oh you know how those people dressed, and they wore dresses. However, when I did, it was the complete opposite. He had a sort of Robin Hood look but it was much more modernized. It was an improvement from Logan and Juliet. The figure looked down at me. "Kenneth?" I said in shock; this guy looked EXACTLY like Kenneth however there was something different, besides the fact he's dressed like a modern Robin Hood and has a bow and arrow and a dagger hanging off his belt. "It's Garrett, sweetheart." He chuckled; he looked up and saw that other two Cerberus heads were ready to attack. "Oh! You want to play don't cha boy?" He laughed as he walked over me and began to shoot arrows at it. "Do me a favour and wake up that girl over there?" Garrett yelled and laughed at the same time. "Uhm...okay..." I pushed my body up and walked over to Juliet. I pushed her around and nudged her, after 2-3 slaps she finally woke up. "GET UP!" I screamed in her face. This story is getting wild.

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