Which Wind-in-the-Willows character are you?

The novel The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame was published in 1910, and has been considered a classic since. It's about the adventures of four animal friends, Toad, Mole, Badger, and Rat, each with very different personalities but equally lovable.

By now, whether you've read the story or not, you're probably wondering which character you're most like. Or at least I hope you are! Now you can find out!!

Created by: Water Rat
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  1. Where would you rather live?
  2. What's your favorite mode of transportation?
  3. You're teaching your friend how to drive your boat. You:
  4. When was the last time you cried?
  5. Your father told you about a secret passageway in your house that leads to the river. You:
  6. You're talking on your new cell-phone (let's call the model V6) while watching your plasma-screen TV when you see a commercial for V7! You:
  7. You're at home in the morning and two elementary-school kids knock on your door. They've gotten lost on their way to school. You:
  8. Your friend's house has been robbed, and now the robbers are hanging out there as their gang headquarters. You:
  9. Your friend totals your new car, and you don't have insurance yet. You:
  10. Your friend's friend lives in a very dangerous part of town. But you're curious about meeting him. You:
  11. Your friend has become obsessed with a foreign country and she has bought some plane tickets there, inviting you. You:
  12. Somebody driving by swerves and scrapes your rear-view mirror. You:
  13. Your neighbor is really upset because her son didn't come home from school yesterday, and he was supposed to walk home. You:

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Quiz topic: Which Wind-in-the-Willows character am I?