Keep Calm and Read On - Volume II

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Volume II of this series, we find out what this "Encantus" really is and how do we find a way out of it. But, I don't think we're going to have an easy time with this...

What if you had the power to bring your stories to live? Watching your characters come alive and join along side with them for the journey. It's everything an aspiring writer dreams about but for this New Yorker; it might turn out to be the worst thing ever that has happened to her.

Created by: natuhleegayle

  1. If this is your first time reading this, then you missed out on a lot. It all started when this old lady from the local bookstore gave me a notebook as a memoir of their eviction. She left out the part that the book she gave me, that's called the Encantus, can bring the story to life. And boy, did I find that out the hard way. I wrote a fantasy story that had everything; a quest, heroes and heroine and a villain with a plan to create a diabolic army to control not only, Elyria, the world I create but the world WE-mortals-live in. I've met all my characters, from my Heroes; Logan and Juliet to the villain, Valentin and his son and minion; Eros and Hybris. Am I probably going to need a therapist after this? Probably, but all I have to do is Keep Calm and Read On and hopefully this nightmare will end.
  2. I really didn't understand it. A book, I bought, was able to create a story on its own, when it's happening right at this very moment. I laid there on my stomach on the cold asphalt staring at the book in fear and awe. "Give it up, Eros!" Logan grunted as the sound of metal clashed against one another. "Sorry, am I tiring you out?" Eros said in a monotonous tone while the corner of his mouth curled. Logan wasn't badly injured; there were just minor cuts that were caused my Eros' blade. "Juliet, take _______ and go!" Logan grunted as he pushed Eros' blade away. "I'm not leaving you! ________, HURRY UP AND GO!" She ordered me, I was hesitant but I got to my feet and headed my way around the corner. The feeling has yet to sink in that this is actually reality and not some fantasy dream. My head was spinning and I couldn't focus.
  3. I'm also a klutz. I didn't look where I was going and I managed to bump into someone resulting me to fall on my butt. "Whoa there, watch where you're going, wheels!" A British accent said and filled my ears. Yup, I must be dreaming; this is the first time I ever made contact with Brett Tanner. I looked up to see his angelic face smiling down at me. He was wearing a plain white shirt with his black leather jacket and he was wearing a very stylish pair of jeans; I never noticed before, but he smells like a summer breeze. "Oh, Brett...Uhm, Hi, I'm sorry that I bumped into you, it's just that –""You're in a rush?" He laughs as he finishes my sentence. I nod and he licks his lips as he bobs his heads down before bringing it back up. His eyes are so captivating. "Y-Yeah, I am. Sorry." He shakes his head and smiles "Don't worry about it, well; I'm in a bit of a hurry myself. I guess; I'll see you around ________." He smiles before he walks past and heads in the direction I came from. Oh, that was wonderful.
  4. I was lost in the moment until I realized that Brett was about to turn into a world of chaos. "No! Wait a minute!" I scream and turn around to stop in front of him before he can turn the corner. He looked stunned and chuckled. "Did you forget something?" He asks; his accent makes it really hard to focus. I poke my head around the corner to see that there was no one there. "W-What...?" I mumbled to myself, he pokes his head around the corner "Something going on?" He asks. I snap out of it and turn to face him. "S-Sorry, it's just that...I thought..." He watches as I helplessly mutter gibberish. He raises his eyebrows, he didn't mind that you were holding him up but after taking a quick glance at his watch, he had to go. "Oh shoot, uhm, _________. Just tell me whatever it is you need to tell me at school. I'm late! Later!" He says before dashing around the corner and up the road. I was left there, clueless and confused. I shook my head, maybe none of it actually happened but it was still a good idea to go get the book checked. I took a step "You know, when I said "Hurry up and Go", it did not mean "Go and Socialize"" A voice above me said, I look up and see Juliet and Logan in a nearby tree, they jump down and stare me down with haunting stares. "W-What the- Where did you go? Where is Eros?" I forced myself to say as I was completely stunned. "He left, we left, and we're here." Logan said in the bluntest tone.
  5. I chuckled at his remark. Juliet grabbed me by the arm and the three of us headed for the bookstore. In the next few minutes, we were there. The last time I was here, there were a lot of books out in the front, now there is hardly any. I try to open the door but it's locked. "Oh, well we tried!" I said turning around and make my way past Juliet and Logan but they each grabbed one arm and pushed me back to my original spot. "Listen, you saw what happened with your own eyes. Valentin escaped the book, Valentin, the antagonist you created is now roaming the roads of...Where are we" "New York" "New York! Do you not remember what you've wrote? If Valentin finds those Gems, our world and your world is gone." Juliet states clearly now looking very irritated. "But, I didn't even finish the story and I never wrote where the Gems are; I doubt that Valentin will even find a gem." You rebuttal, she shrugged her shoulders while Logan stared at your with his sun-like eyes. "It's always nice to get a second opinion. There's a door around bask." Logan pointed out to the door on the side of the building.
  6. We went around the corner and saw a green rustic door. It seems really sketchy but there was no way out of this. I knocked on the door, it was cold and some rustic paint fell off. It took a while but someone finally answered the door. It was the old lady and thank God was I glad to see her. She only saw me at first when she opened the door, I waved and smiled awkwardly. "_______! To what do I owe this pleasured surprise?" She smiled, I didn't know where to start but I just hope she doesn't faint. "Oh, I just thought you should meet my new friends..." I opened the door more for her to see Juliet and Logan smiling in their attire and weapons. I was expecting her to faint but nothing more than a smile vanished from her face and the next thing I know, we're inside huddling around the book.
  7. "So, can you tell me what EXACTLY did you give me?" I blurt out, we're all sitting around a table but Logan decided to prompt up against the wall. "________, when I gave you this book, I only imagine that you will write a young adult romance novel, not anything in the fantasy genre." "Is that a bad thing?" I blurt out, she stares at me with hopeful eyes but it quickly fades away. "Well, as you can see, this book can bring a story to life and the story has a way of documenting the story as it goes." "You shift uncomfortably as you stare at the book "The only way for all of this to end, is finish the story. But it won't be that easy." "What do you mean? All I have to do is write "The End" and the story is over right?" There was a silence before she can say anything. "Once you opened the book, you had the idea embodied in your mind; the idea spilled onto the pages whether you wrote anything or not. You must get through the end the way you intended in the story." You stood up and walked to the window with a frantic look on your face. Logan turned his head to see the frantic scared look in your eyes. Juliet stared at the book and opened the pages. "The pages have been filled up till the fight after that it's blank." "How am I going to write the story the way I intended when THAT happens." I blurted out as I read over Juliet's shoulder. "The author controls the story; the author decides what comes next. You are the author. You can change the story. This is your Encantus, _________" The old lady softly explains
  8. "I don't think you understand me. How am I going to wri-""I heard you the first time, but the answer is simple, all you need to do is write. However, you must write the adventure of the story and you must complete the quest you had for the story." "Finding the gems of Mortalis and stopping Valentin" Juliet said softly as she leaned back. "Precisely, however, you are a character of your own story. The most you can do is add characters, creatures and items to change the story; you've said that you've already wrote the original plot? The book will follow that plot and write the story as it goes; you can however change it up. Why don't you give it a go?" I say back down beside Juliet and took a pen that the old lady laid out for me, I took a deep breath and opened to the page where it ended off; the page glowed as something new was added. Everyone hovered around and it added the part how Eros escaped. Logan flushed with color as well as Juliet. "Yeah, Eros blasted us with an aerial spell that sent us flying. The next we see, Eros teleported through the shadows." Logan awkwardly said. You turn back and stare at the paper, you held the pen between your index finger and thumb as soon as the tip of the pen touched the paper, and Juliet's and Logan's garments glowed and transformed into modern style clothes. "What am I wearing?" Juliet barked as she was now in a white floral dress with sandy brown heels accompanied with a waist belt and laced cardigan. "My legs can't breathe!" Logan yelled as he tried to stretch his pants, he sort of looked like Justin Bieber. "Cool. I thought about changing their clothes so they can blend in more." I was amazed, this seemed like it was going to be pretty fun.
  9. "I guess you can change appearances as well! The old lady cheerfully laughed. It was sight to see, you couldn't wait what you can try next. "Before you change us any further, might I remind you, we can't find Valentin or anyone if we're running around looking like you?" Juliet said irritated with her new attire. What she said was reasonable, so I thought about it before I touched the paper. You thought long and hard about it, when the pen touched the paper, they returned to their original attire but this time they each had a golden gauntlet that seemed as an oversized bracelet. "Just place your hand over it and you're able to change clothes so you can blend in." I said as I smiled at them, they seemed impressed and Logan was fond of the bracelet. "This could be fun." I said as smile formed across my face... "Let me remind you, there are no shortcuts. You cannot create a gem detector or suddenly wish a character gone or etc., play it fair!" The old lady said. With everyone settled, they knew the task at hand; finding the gems of Mortalis and defeating Valentin.
  10. We left the old lady's house and began our journey. Ha, that's weird. I'm on a mythical magical journey, searching for gems, in New York City. Yup, my life is very ordinary. "Well, what's the first thing we should do?" Juliet asked; she was in her modern attire as well as Logan who wasn't exactly enjoying it. "Well, we should obviously look for these gems of Mortalis. Don't you think?" I blurted out as I placed the Encantus in bag. "Well, that would be easy if we knew where to look." He said as he fiddled with a new ring on his finger, it had an emerald in the middle; I guess when they changed clothes, their weapons changed into accessories. Juliet's rose quartz stave was now a rose quartz bracelet. "Well, they came from your world; don't you know what they look like?" "You're the author, remember? No one in our world has ever seen them; we've only heard of it and seen pictures of it." Logan said. At that point, Juliet and I both wanted to slap him across the face. I think the lack of air in his legs made its way to his head. "They're basically the size of gem stone and they're usually at a place where it best fits. For example, the gem of water would most likely be in the ocean." "Yeah, why don't we all jump into the Atlantic Ocean and search for a gem?" I said sarcastically but luckily we didn't have to look for that one. "Valentin is only looking for 8; the gem of Suffering, Health, Energy, Balance, Horror, Enchantment, Peace and Madness" "Okay, I can only think of a few places some of gems might me; a hospital or clinic for health, a power plant for energy, a gothic shop for horror and an asylum for madness but that's about all I can think of and there are millions of those in New York!" I explained. I was starting to lose hope in all of this. "Well, we better start looking."
  11. Somewhere in Times Square, "Hybris, where are we? This place reeks of desperation and imbeciles" Valentin said as he stood in front of New York's jumbo-tron and the red steps. "I believe this place is called, New "˜Ork" Hybris said as he stood in the shadows of Hybris holding a pamphlet. Valentin snatched the pamphlet and rolled his eyes "You illiterate fool; it says New York not New Ork!" Valentin said tossing the paper at Eros' feet. Eros now had a small cut under his left eye that was left by Valentin after he found out Eros left with the job incomplete. "I need a place to clear my head. Somewhere quiet, somewhere I can keep a sharp eye on that" Valentin smiled as he turned around and bask in the shadow of the building; The Empire State Building. "Perfect. Come along now." Valentin gestured his son and Hybris to follow. "We haven't got much time."

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