Hogwarts Love Story Pt 25.3 {A New Year}

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Let the plans unravel! So, word on the street is that Lord Voldemort is building an army and the Order is building their own. Which side are you on? Hopefully, you pick the right side but I think that this battle may be too much for you.

Will you get the Hogwarts guy of your dreams? Who knows, starting from year 3 till 8 (Because year 1 & 2 are still too young to date)you will get your chance from being friends to lovers by the end of the year?

Created by: natuhleegayle
  1. After Harry explained how you were part of the family, you were greeted by Sirius who asked for a moment alone to talk with Harry. You smiled as you left Harry to go unpack your things; your room was on the Third floor and on your way up, you met "Mistresses house is filled with Mudblood, the Mistress shall not be please..." A house elf complained as it walked the halls, you didn't want to disturb it but as soon as you took a step up, the floor creaked and it stared at you. Its emotion was full of resent and hatred "H-Hello..." You shyly said but it said nothing and walked away. "Don't worry about him, dear. That's Kreacher, Sirius' House Elf." Mrs. Weasley said as she walked up the stairs. "Oh, I never seen a House Elf before...Hi there, Kreacher." You smiled but Kreacher took one look at you "You're one of them, blood traitor!" Kreacher snarled before walking away. You turned back to Mrs. Weasley who sighed "This house had a strong belief for magic to be used by Pure-Bloods only. They frowned upon anyone mudblood, half-blood or pure bloods that associated with those kinds." Mrs. Weasley said as she past you and visited another room "After you're done unpacking, dinner will be served." Mrs. Weasley smiled before she disappeared into the room.
  2. You entered your room, it was only meant for one and it was dark and dusty like the rest. You walked over to your trunk that was placed on top of your dusty mattress. You unlocked it and the first thing your eyes were fixed upon was the letter, the letter you received a few hours ago from Oliver. You picked it up and ran your fingers along the edges of the letter before opening it.
  3. "Hi there," You read the first words aloud and only imagined Oliver's voice ringing in your ears that evening when he held you close, you sat down by the window that had a large enough ledge to support you. "How are you? I'm fine; I've been practicing hard for upcoming games." The writing seemed to trail off, showing that Oliver had some difficulty writing this. "This feels weird." Was the next line you read and your emotions were mixed. You felt as if you were actually talking to Oliver as his voice was ringing in your ears, you questioned how was it weird but not out loud. "This is the first letter I've written you in...months, I know that the last time we saw each other, I told you to see other people because it's better for someone to be there for you rather someone that's a thousand miles away. I regret saying that at times but I shouldn't be thinking about myself." Your heart dropped, it was the first time you've heard from Oliver. After that night in the Yule Ball, you thought of him constantly but not as much as before and this time, you didn't mind that he wasn't sending letters but now, he sent a letter and hearing this from him.
  4. "It's just that...you know, I really don't know myself but whenever I'm having a bad day or something is bothering me, I think of you and your voice is ringing in my ears. It's calming. Well, I don't mean to be a git and dump this all on you especially since you're entering your Fifth Year at Hogwarts. In my fifth year, I met Harry, he was very interested with everything around him. You should have seen him when I was teaching him about Quidditch...Oh, I'm getting off topic and I can't correct this since I wrote this in pen..." You laughed when you were reading Oliver's digressing mistake. "Long story short, I just thought it would be nice for us to reconnect. Oh! I almost forgot, apparently, Madam Hootch invited the Puddlemere Quidditch Team to come and show all the houses a thing or two about Quidditch. It seems like you guys gotten sloppy. I'll send a letter when I know when we're arriving. Bye!" Your eyes widen from Oliver's news, you couldn't help but smile. "So, I guess we're going to see each other again this year."
  5. You folded the letter and placed it in the bottom of your trunk and unpacked everything. With a spell or two, you managed to remove the dust in your room; you could finally breathe. After you were done, you headed downstairs for dinner. You were the last to arrive as you walked into the dining room and seeing everyone there, Cedric's back was faced so he didn't know that you arrived. "______, come sit! There's a seat beside Tonks and Ron." Sirius smiled as he was sitting at the head of the table, once Sirius mentioned your name you smiled and walked over to take your seat but Cedric turned around and his face glowed. "________!" He jumped out of his seat, you were smothered by Cedric. He released and you looked into his amber eyes. "I didn't know you would be here!" He smiled; you looked around the room and saw everyone's face. Some were clueless, some were envious and some didn't show any emotion at all. "I didn't think I would show up." You gave an uneasy laugh; he let his arms drop and smile. "Well, we'll catch up later." He smiled and went back to his seat and sat down. You took your seat and smiled at Tonks, her hair was a bubble-gum pink and the next thing you know, her smile changed into a duck bill. "That's...new?" You said uneasy, Ron laughed also spitting out his water all over the table. "Tonks is a Metamorphmagus. She can change her appearance whenever she pleases." He explained; you turned back to Tonks who now had a blue bob cut. "That's amazing!" "It comes in handy when I'm working!" She smiled and laughed. "Enough talking, eat!" Mrs. Weasley ordered.
  6. When the food was on the table, you understood what Harry meant when he told you; you were amongst family because at that dinner with the laughs, smiles and at times scolding, it was something you wouldn't trade for all the diamonds in the world. During dinner, you heard something about a trial for Harry going around. "Trial?" You shot up your head and looked over to Harry and Sirius at the far left. "I got into a bit of trouble over the summer..." Harry shyly said, Professor Moody in the far corner grumbled "a bit? You used to Patronus Charm in front of a Muggle!" You awkwardly stuffed a piece of meat into your mouth "There was a Dementor attack! I couldn't just sit around and watch Dudley have the soul sucked out of him!" "You should have, now you have to go against the whole Wizard Ministry." Moody growled, Harry dropped his utensils "I don't get it, what does the Ministry have against me?" There was a silence, however you sat there clueless as you awkwardly ate. "Show him." Mr. Weasley gave Harry the Daily Prophet as you extended your head; you only took a glimpse of what the headline. "The Boys Who Lies? Fudge: "All is well"" You nearly choked up on your meat; the connection of the headline had to deal with Lord Voldemort's return. Apparently, the Minister of Magic decided it is all lies.
  7. Harry was baffled by the headline "Fudge is using the influence of the Daily Prophet to smear the idea that Dark Lord has returned. He thinks that Dumbledore is after his job." Sirius sternly said, your mouth dropped, Professor Dumbledore was never one to oppose power, he was happy being a headmaster. "Fudge is in fear of Dumbledore; my Father tells me that Fudge has been restless around the Ministry ever since last year." Cedric added. Professor Lupin elaborated on Fudge's fear against Voldemort. "While this is happening, we fear that Voldemort is creating an army, he had thousands of followers as all of you know as Death Eaters: witches, wizards and all sorts of dark creatures-"Sirius said after Professor Lupin was finished. Everyone's focus was fixated on his words "We intend to do the same but recruiting is the least of our problems...we believe that Voldemort is looking for something that he did not have before." Professor Moody grunted after Sirius explained further, Mrs. Weasley at the opposite end look very concern "Like a weapon?" Harry blurted out but before Sirius could answer, Mrs. Weasley put an end to this. "He is just a boy! You say anymore, you might as well involve him in the meetings" Mrs. Weasley said as she snatched the paper away "Good! I want to join! If Voldemort is raising an army then I want to fight!" Sirius smiled at Harry and gave a faint wink. After that the dinner was over.
  8. When dinner was over, everyone headed up to their rooms. Mr. Weasley told Harry that he will bring him to the Ministry since he had work that day. You walked up to your room and met Cedric along the way. "_______," He said gently as he was in his room unpacking his suitcase for the time being, he walked out into the hall and closed the door behind him. "That was some dinner, right?" He chuckled as he leaned against the wall and crossed his arms, you nodded and smiled. "So, are you excited for your Fifth Year at Hogwarts?" He asked, you placed your hands in your pockets and shrugged "Depends what comes my way but I'm always up for an adventure." Cedric smiled and watched as Kreacher was polishing a picture frame with a curtain over it. "You better not say that to Mrs. Weasley, after the way she snapped at Harry, if you told her you wanted in on all of this, she'd probably explain how it's not very lady like of you." Cedric teased, you scoffed and smiled "Please, I'm, like, an essential to every adventure you guys go through. I'm the type of girl no one expects." "You're right about that but, this isn't like the tournament, this is real and we're fighting on our own. I don't want you to-"Cedric seemed sweet at first but suddenly his words were infuriating by the way he was telling you NOT to get involve "I'm pretty much involved into this as much as you are." You blurted out, Cedric seemed a bit held back and eyed the staircase behind you "I would love for you to explain how so but I hate to say that we have to continue this conversation some other time. Good night." Before you can say anything, he disappeared into his room, you tried to call out but from behind, Mrs. Weasley walked up the stairs. "_______, you're still up? You're not waiting for Cedric are you? I'm sure he's sleeping by now, don't worry. You can talk tomorrow while you're all helping me clean up the house" She said as she scurried you up the stairs "Merlin knows how Sirius' lives like this..."
  9. You were escorted to your room by Mrs. Weasley, she asked you to wake up very early for chores that needed to be done. You let a majority of your body lay on the bed with your left leg and arm hanging off the bed, your right arm was rested upon your forehead. "We're building an army" "this isn't like the tournament, this is real" "She has to understand that in the end, she has to let you go" "I-I can't lose you too..." Voices from today filled your head, you didn't know exactly what was in store for this year but you did know that you were going to have an uneasy night.
  10. So, here is Pt. 25.3, it's a bit short but I didn't know what to add. I'm currently watching the Order of the Phoenix while I was writing this because I forgot some scenes, I'm also reading the book again however having both of them combined was confusing but it did help. So, Oliver is coming back but who knows, maybe it won't seem as pleasant as most of you thought and Cedric is being a little protective in the sexist way because you're a girl, he's telling you not to get TOO involved. Too late buddy! Well, I'm off to write the last of {A New Year} and then we're back to Hogwarts, I'll make 25.4 longer; don't worry! Don't forget to submit your applications! Deadline is March 18th! Info can be found on the forums and on my blog! Stay Magical! x

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