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First off, congratulation to @Wolfiey the contest winner! This was a fantastic plot and pretty spine chilling. Let's see how you handle under pressure or at least underwater. Let's watch where your dream takes you and see the after shock of it, shall we?

Will you get the Hogwarts guy of your dreams? Who knows, starting from year 3 till 8 (Because year 1 & 2 are still too young to date)you will get your chance from being friends to lovers by the end of the year?

Created by: natuhleegayle

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  1. The last words you heard turned faint. Every limb and joint in your body was numb, it felt as if you were floating in a limbo; a place in between reality and fantasy. The feeling was serene but you couldn't help but to feel afraid yet peaceful at the same time. Time felt as if a decade had passed. Your eyes twitched as you attempted to open your eyes; there was just something that was making you hesitant.
  2. You groaned as you couldn't make up your mind whether or not to open your eyes. You concluded that nothing good will comes out if you were to lie in limbo. You curled your hand to a fist, inhaling a deep breath then opening your eyes to be greeted by the summer sun and a mid-July breeze. You opened both your hands to feel the rough textile of the grass but it smelled heavenly. You pulled your body up to see nothing but grass. You were in a meadow and with a few trees further down the meadow. You blankly stated around. There were no signs of civilization anywhere, at least at first. After scanning the area one more time, you felt as if you weren't alone anymore. No. For behind you, the house you grew up in, located in Doncaster, England was now standing strong. You hesitantly turned around and saw it as you remembered two stories, a country yet welcoming feel to it. You started walking towards, and then a sudden rush of adrenaline ran through your veins. You started jogging, faster and faster, when you got closer, you saw someone, standing at the doorway. "Dad!"
  3. It was a wonderful sight to see, your father standing on the doorsteps of your house, waiting for YOU! You ran up to him with open arms and when you were only a few steps away, you jumped and gave him a right embrace. Tears formed in your eyes. He's right here. He came back. "I missed you." You cried into his shoulder, his arms were around you and he patted your head while lifting you in the air. "I missed you too..." He replied in a gentle tone "My, how you've grown." You pulled away with laughter and your glistening eyes. "Dad, is someone there?" A voice from behind called, a chill ran up your spine. "In here, darling! It's ________!"
  4. You knew who the voice belonged to, but you hoped it wasn't who you thought it was. "Oh, Hey sis." Ambrosia smiled as she walked through the door with her light brown hair that was now in a high ponytail. "Sis?" You replied appalled, she nodded and so did your father. "That's a nice one, what are YOU doing here?" You asked with harsh emphasis as you made a point that this was YOUR house and not HERS. "This is my house too."
  5. Your heart fell to the bottom of your stomach. Ambrosia was now living with you. "Now, come inside! I have a surprise for you!" She smiled as she grabbed your wrist. A jolt of electricity ran through your body as she touched you. Your mind was telling you that this was a bad idea but somehow you couldn't say no. You walked through your house and everything looked exactly the same. It's been at least a year since you've spent the summers at Oliver's. She led you to the kitchen, where it always had a faint smell of baked goods and lavender. You scanned the area but you saw nothing out of the ordinary. "So, where is -"
  6. A forced rammed you down and you met one of your tiles from the kitchen floor. The cool marble chilled your stomach as you lay. "You idiot." She laughed and you could hear footsteps walk closer to where you laid. "Did you ACTUALLY think; I would give you a present?" She said as she stopped right at your feet and flipped your body to your back. I stared into her eyes; it was deep and dark as the abyss of Tartarus. She ran her hands up your arms till her cold icy hands were by your collarbone. "You took away Oliver from me, now I take something from you." It wasn't the right moment but you were reminded, that she, originally took Oliver away from you. "Sweet dreams." Ambrosia said icily
  7. her fingers ran up your neck till both were firmly rested upon your throat. Your eyes twitched and you felt the blood rush to your head. The lodged lump in your throat was back but this time excreting more pressure than intended. Your mouth opened as you gasped for air. You vision was turning faint but you could see someone watching from the door. It was your father. "Da...Dad! He...He...lp me..." You cried out but it was faint since Ambrosia had a firm grip on your throat. She flipped her light brown hair to the other side and smiled. "Might as well tell her, Dad. She'll be no longer with us." Your dad walked up and instead of helping you, he placed a hand on Ambrosia's shoulder. "Sorry Pumpkin. Ambrosia will always be my favourite." He said and smiled; Ambrosia turned to him and laughed as her eyes shifted towards yours. "Time’s up." She said and added more pressure.
  8. You ran your nails through the cement in between the tiles. You were gasping for air but your throat was incredibly dry. You stared at the kitchen lights up above and the light grew stronger and stronger. You let out one more gasp and the light grew to a blinding state. You felt as if you were floating, the pressure has been lifted off your throat but the question was, were you dead?
  9. Everywhere around you was white but some parts looked more translucent than most. You walked towards it, scared but something was telling you it was worth it. You extended your hand and the tips of your fingers were greeted by a faint cool air. You grazed your fingers and the cool air grew stronger, you pulled your hand back very hesitant and took a deep breath. You shut your eyes as you walked towards it.
  10. "AND CEDRIC DIGGORY IS THE FIRST CHAMPION TO SURFACE!" A loud roaring voice greeted you, you opened your eyes still a bit hazy as you were dripping wet, greeted by a cold air, the sounds of cheering overwhelmed you and you were in the arms of Cedric who had the expression that he won the Tri-Wizard Tournament floating in the Black Lake. You were stunned. You and Cedric started swimming your way to the watch towers to dry off and rest
  11. Cedric went behind you to help lift you up on the docks; his hands were warm as he held onto your waist. A towel was quickly placed over you as you were on land. When Cedric touched land, he took off his towel and placed it around you for extra warmth. "Are you alright?" Cedric said as an extra towel was placed around him to lessen the chance of catching hypothermia. You gave a faint nod. It hasn't hit you that you have been sleeping all this time. You mumbled something to Cedric that was inaudible to everyone, he walked closer and his warmth alone brightened your mood knowing he actually managed to rescue you. "Is anyone else back?" You said clearly as you had your hands to your chest, holding the towel close. "No, we're the first to surface. Don't worry your safe now." Grateful to Cedric's words, it didn't help that the rest were still down there but past Cedric, you met the eyes of Ambrosia; your hands weren't visible to anyone, you brought your hands up to your neck and a jolt ran through your body.
  12. Was it actually a dream or ...what? You took a step closer to Cedric who’s back was now facing you. You held onto the towel with one hand and with your vacant hand, grabbed Cedric's hand. He flinched but smiled, he let go and he let you stand in front him with his hands wrapped around you. It felt complete and safe. He understood what you were going through, that was a crazy experience. He let his chin rest upon your shoulder and it fit perfectly. "I'm not going to let anything happen to you. I'm here." He whispered in your ear and out of nowhere, he raised his head to kiss the top of your forehead; a roaring sound emerged as Viktor surfaced but your attention wasn't on that. Standing two steps in front of you, Draco rested his back on the railing as his grey eyes were fixated upon yours, you couldn’t read him. The roar was louder but you watched as Draco's mouth flinch and slowly open. What's he going to say? I told you so? He was about to draw his words, his mouth was open, you could hear the faint sounds of an anticipated annunciation; then you heard it, the words escape from his lips " "
  13. I'm a tease. Haha, well, you know how it is! Cliffhanger! I hope you all enjoyed! Let's commended @Wolfiey for her amazing entry, I literally feel that Ambrosia has her hands on my neck which probably isn't a good thing. I was going end it off with Ambrosia staring but hey, let's put in some fan service but let's add a little more drama. Boom! Well, can't wait till part 20! I'm thinking about probably 25-30 that year 4 will end and year 5 will begin! I'll release contest details by the start of year 5! Thanks! Stay Magical x

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