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  • When I saw the thirty-first part was up, I was fist pumping. I went back to your page thinking, "no way she's already got another one - SHE'S GOT ANOTHER ONE UP!" and died. Took this (after I came back to life of course) and died again. Obviously, though, I returned to praise thy master for amazingness.

    Oliver's an effing spy?! xD

    LOL, sorry. But to be honest I think (no matter how much Cedric had me fawning over him as of late) that Harry was always my favorite. I remember first reading/seeing the Harry Potter books/movies and loving him; when I started reading this I thought maybe Oliver... But for all those seven minute in heaven kind of "pairing test" I got Harry each time. I went back and reread your series only to find myself thinking, "Yeah, no. It was always totally Harry."

    ANYWAYS, after that momentary rant, great work, as always! Calypso, you and the others did... Hm... *Thinking of words to describe it that no one else has used...*

    Groovy . c:

  • Good god! I can't believe this, it's all happening so fast Oliver a drama queen and is kind of reminding me of a clingy guy I know who still won't go away. Cedric's going way to far way to fast. Draco's going behind my back so we can have quality time together, Ambrosia is trying to have a heart to heart with me, and the whole time I can't stop wondering when the twins will come and lighten the mood! Or maybe Harry getting into some kind of fix and needing my help, or Neville trying to save me. Fantabulous Girl! Made me think the whole time Loved it.

  • @HogwartsLove - Oh Gosh, I needed a few laughs. That's priceless! Are you that type of person when you're with your best friend and you can't eat out in public because you're too embarrassing together in a good way? :')

    Really...LOL, when did that happen. Memory escapes me :$

    omgggg, seriously!? that's soooooo cute!
    LOL, did you actually say that you loved him?

    For me, the guy I like, we catch each other staring at each other (he's graduating in two months, I'm crying on the inside) and we were partners for student council and I couldn't function. I blurted out "You're the dog, I'm the fire hydrant" because of this game. Utter humiliation.

  • @natuhleegayle Ha, ha! I remember doing that with my stepsister in the car, except we would go into a drive thru or something and just stare out the back at the person behind us, who would then commence to pretend that they were looking for something (unless they were looking for a gun). We literally scared the hell out of this poor teenaged boy who appeared to have just begun driving. I think he ended up calling his mum because we stared at him like: ._. It was probably a good thirty minutes in when he started sweating.

    And I most certainly agree. My personality is scarily similar to that of Harry's, though I'll admit for awhile I fell for Oliver. I knew in the movies and books I loved him most out of the other guys, but like I said, in this series I couldn't tell for awhile. But once he actually gains his confidence around people his real personality shines through. I can also feel for him when it comes to family issues. But with Draco, like you said, you can't choose your family ( that was beautiful :,( ). Harry, though, understands that you HAVE TO LET PEOPLE BE THEMSELVES AND FIGHT! *Screams at Cedric.* I would not mind more of Harry! (You should have seen my expression when he and the professors got the character when she ran away and he ran to hug her. *Dies.*)

    I actually died today because the guy I've liked for awhile now shouted my name, ran at me and hugged me since we just got back from Spring break. I feel bad about liking him, though, because I'm sure our friends would murder us.

    ANYWAYS, again, sidetracked. I have been waiting for this release and I love it so much. With all my little heart. c:

    (Which secretly is very tiny.)

    Again, this quiz has got it's own... *Searching words.*


  • Sick of my ideas? Not yet you are!

    JJ and Ebony see your hurting, so you skip your Inquisitorial Quad duties and practices for a total girl day. But it keeps getting ruined. whether it be the Twins foul pranks, Cedric's love, or Oliver's drama and stubborness.

    Hope you like! Thank you so much for using my last idea. I wouldn't be heart broken if you didn't use this one. I've already left my mark on this phenomonal series.

    Love ya,

  • @HogwartsLove - I'm dying. That sounds something me and my friend would do! One time, we were walking home and these loud grade 9's were asking each other questions and I would loudly answer it for them and etc. We also went to a subway station and yelled at people "HARRY, YOU MISSED YOUR TRAIN HARRY! HAGRID'S LOOKING FOR YOU!"

    Ah! Thanks for that part about the characters! Speaking from Harry, you're a really friendly person who at times like to solve things on his own! I was confused about the part you talked about "he and the professors got the characters and hug her" was that in the book? :$

    AWWWWWW, that's so cute and I'm some what jealous! Haha!

    That's honestly adorable, if that ever happened to me, it's terrible...

  • Oh my God, you should have seen my face when I came to the part where Oliver and Cedric were fighting. It was terror, surprise, embarassment(Becaus e it was over me they were fighting), guilt, everything mixed together.

    I'm so weak. I like Ambrosia now(AS A FRIEND, but I think I don't need to say that). It requires so little to make me forget bad things that happened in the past...

    Ugh, for the first time EVER, I'm not looking forward so much to the next part. DON'T THINK I DON'T LIKE THIS SERIES ANYMORE, it's only that I can't handle too much drama... I absolutely dread it >.> I prefer to take things calmly, without broken hearts, tears and fights.

  • @WTF_NINJA - LOL, whaat!? If that ever happened to me, I'd actually be scared too. However, I'm one to be random as well, I randomly blurted out to one this kids at my school "Hey, you're really hot. Did you know that?" LOL. Yeah.

    @HogwartsLove - OHHH! Yeah, now I remember! Sorry for making you go through all that trouble!

    Haha! That's exactly like me and my friends!

    Awwee, you two are really hitting it off! I'm sorry, what I'm reading it adorable right now! I'm dying, I can just imaging that with the Spanish Kid, however I will feel bad after he asked that seriously..

    Well, we have once but I really don't want to pursue it even though I liked him for a year.

  • @natuhleegayle

    That is amazing! Crap, I'd love to do that! I remember we had a old substitute professor and whenever she left the room and came back we switched seats. xD She was so confused . I was walking down an extremely narrow hallway and walked really slowly with this boy behind me and he couldn't get through. We got to the staircase and he sighed and said, "look, chic, could you get out of my way?" and started heading down the stairs. My friend grabbed his arm and shouted, "WAIT FOR THEM TO STOP MOVING!" I died.

    And haha, thanks so much! Ah, and about the hugging thing I meant from YOUR series. Sorry. xD

    Yeah, when the guy I like hugged me inside I was like

    An ash sksjs holy dear djdkdkdkdkd dj :DD
    Outside I was like:
    ._. holy crap I love you

  • Once I saw the part about Ambrosia going back, petting the air gently at the beginning of question 6, I immeadiately thought "thestrals" and did a little victory dance when I saw I was right XD oh gosh, the things that amuse me. I'm glad we got to *slightly* make up with Ambrosia :) though I feel bad that she's been picked on and Oliver (even though he has good reason to) was not the nicest there >.>

    About those guys... tsk I want to enter the story and give them a good telling-off for being so territorial- "I" am not a toy to fight over -.- *shakes head* boys...

  • @Calypso1315 Haha, you're welcome, but please! You're thanking ME? I should be freaking BOWING to you for your originality and skill! I would murder to have the writing capability to you! That's saying something considering I'm the kind of person that always says "an eye for an eye only makes the whole world blind." You're amazing! Not just as a writer, which you're brilliant at, more than brilliant, but SUPER sweet for helping! You're ideas? Priceless! It's so nice of you to help out! And, and.....

    Ver y groovy. c:
    xD Sorry

  • @HogwartsLove - Haha, it's okay! Yeah but it's better this way if he doesn't know that I like him! Ahhh, sadly it is like Cedric but oh well :)

    @FireSoul - Haha! I'll take that as a compliment? :)

    @angelic4 - Yeeep! Ambrosia just a girl behind a mask at this point; a powerful facade if I do say so myself. That's trueee! Haha.

    @5thMarauder - LOL, really? Funny? That's something you don't hear everyday but I'm glad that you liked it!

    @FIndiulas - Thank YOU for the idea! It was a fantastic idea and the story needed a bit of drama in it :)

  • AMAZING! I am so mad at Oliver I feel bad because even if he was doing it for "my" own good I'm still annoyed, it's annoying when people make you do things anyway and I'm mad at Draco too and I don't hate Ambrosia anymore and right now Oliver I don't like him anymore, I don't hate Cedric as much, but now my only favorite is Harry because of Draco. So I guess thanks for making it easier to choose a favorite XD Can't wait for the next part

  • ohhhhhh, I felt my heart breaking reading this one. Oliver used to be my favorite, and then it was Draco, and then Cedric, but now I don't like any of them! Oliver's to busy trying to control me to be his usual sweet guy, and Cedric's acting really immature, fighting with Oliver, and Draco just joined the squard, you know what people? I LOVE NEVILLE! That's right, I said it! He's the only REAL friend I've got here. *tear* I can't wait for your next one, these were amazing!

  • @Calypso1315 - hmm?

    @HogwartsLo ve - Oh Gosh, your comment made me laugh! Haha, I've been fist pumping lately because me and my friend were on our way home and she was fist pumping at cars when we drove by. Haha! Thank you very much! Hmm, in the books, I think I really fell for either Harry or one of the twins but in the movies, I feel for Draco. I should definitely put more Harry! It's alright! I get what you're trying to say! And haha, yeah, what Calypso1315 said about Oliver being a spy.

  • Great quiz! So...does this mean I'm NOT joining the squad? Lol! My besties and I are going to have an HP Slumber Party this Friday, and I'm going to show them your ENDLESS quizzes!! Lol! :) They're really excited! I got Harry this time...shmeh (it means cat at my school)... The twins are my way to go! :)

    I have a question. I'm starting this thing, where I make profile templates for people to fill out, and a website to create the character.

    I'm going to start asking people to pay me $1.00 for a profile template and $1.50 for a pic to go with.

    I was wondering if it was ok if I could try the system on you first! (No pay! Its all free!) What do ya say?

    Again, amazing quiz!! Can't wait for 35! :)
    Until then, Chao!

    Sage Parson
  • @natuhleegayle Haha, it was in part 25 I believe. Just a quick sentence when he hugged the character but I hung onto that. It's after you run away from home, meet the dog, see the professors, then *BAM* OMFG it's Harry. xD

    Sorry, I'm confusing. And talk too much.

    But YES, my friends and I are embarrassing in the good way.

    Lol, I didn't say that I loved him but he looked worried when my face was like: ._. out of pure astonishment.

    Ther e's this kid in my class and he speaks Spanish, learning a bit of English, and the boy I like and I were talking (we're nearly always together) and the Spanish kid comes up and goes, "You, him... Dating?" I DIED. (yes, again)

    And thats hilarious! Yes, we catch each other doing the same. xD But , lol. "you're the dog, I'm the fire hydrant" priceless. do you guys talk often?

  • Oh my :'/ i have no idea what to say Oliver's changed and Cedric's there, i still love Oliver but omg i'm torn, I've completely misjudged Ambrosia, if i knew she was gentle before we could become bestfriends technically we do like the same type of guys. My heart's aching

  • @Calypso1315 Your comment brought a smile to MY face, haha. You're SO FREAKING SWEET! To help someone out like that truly is the nicest thing ever, and tenfold because of your smashing writing abilities! (Wait, I wasn't supposed to murder anyone? Oh... *Buries body and all evidence including bloody knife.)

  • @ Hookstrajl: Actually it must have been I different quiz that u took! Cuz, Cedric never died! We technically saved him, and Oliver did leave but he came back for the Yule Ball. Then he came back to teach us Quidditch, he was at Puddlemere. So, ya! And at first we were either in Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw! (DUH!) ^u^ and 8-D


    Malfoy Gal
  • @xxblutixx - Yesss! LOL, while I was writing that scene I thought how do I make it seems like Ambrosia is petting a thestral when the character hasn't seen death. I thought like Luna for a second :$ I would too actually but seriously, I would probably crying and hoping this wasn't true.

  • @noelle520 - Thank you so much! Hehe! Well, hmm, I have a vague idea what happens next but I don't have all the details. Aweee, thank you :)

    @zomgirl - LOL, no it's not weird. If you like it then it's fine! LOL, I really want to know what you said in french and thank you very much!

    @Obssions0 112 - Hehe thanks! And yeah, I think the big questions is; who is going to show up next and make an appearance! And who will have the biggest effect really! Thank you very much!

    @Horseluve r - Maybe for this release, you thought more as Draco...? He will soon come :)

    @PokeFan - Haha! Me too! :D It's just a phase in the relationship I guess.

    @ParieBle u - Hehe! I'm glad you felt them :)

    @Jayla - Ouchhh, it's kind of sad seeing some Anti-Oliver fans now but I know you can't love everyone! LOL, I hate to say that we're still on year 5 and I can always change your mind ;) Thank yooou!

  • haha and don't translate the French part no one really knows how to translate French except a French native xD ohhhh and poor Amanda :( oops sorry i don't think anyone here gets that..... HINT Reverse Bear Trap and Dead Cell Mate ;) haha

  • @Calypso1315 a lot of things like:
    if 'my' dad stayed with 'my' family

    if Ambrosia and 'i' had origanaly gotten along

    if 'i' had never met the guys in the first place

    if 'i' never went out with oliver

    if someone else was 'my' date for the yule ball

    if 'i' was in a different house
    if oliver didnt come back
    if cedric died

    if 'i' liked someone else (not one of the guys)

    if 'i' liked one of the guys
    if nothing bad happened in 'my' life
    if things started differently

    if 'i' walked away from the guys any time when things got rough

    if none of the guys liked 'me'

    if... anything else happened other than it did

  • @Sage Parson - As @Calypso1315 said, you are apart of the Inquisitorial Squad and Awwee! I hope you all have fun! Haha! I would be happy to help you out with your profile template! Just email me or drop another comment!


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