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Hi there guys! Well, this is the first part of "Life in the Hunger Games" Based on the National Bestselling book "The Hunger Games" Trilogy by Suzanne Collins. This was requested by @laceygirl1015! Haha! this will definitely be a challenge for me since, I'm experience in romance quizzes but I like accepting challenges!

Every year, a girl and boy tribute from each of the 12 districts is cast off into The Hunger Games. Slaughtering each other to the death, trying to survive and get home to their family. Well, you've been chosen. Will you make it?

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  1. There are 24 of us and only one comes out alive. It was the Seventy-Four annual Hunger Games, one year after the other, girls and boys from ages 12-18 compete in the games, slaughtering each other to survive; as punishment from the first rebellion against the Capitol, at that time, there were 13 Districts. Now there are only 12. "Do you think we'll be safe this year?" A girl with the same coloured hair and eyes as you asked, she rested her head on your knees. You were in the meadow where luscious flowers grew, "How many times did you put your name in?" "3" You smiled as she pulled her head up and looked at you in the eyes. "And you?" "28."
  2. "We better go home and get ready for the Reaping." The Reaping was the selection of the two tributes, a girl and a boy who would be representatives for the District, to fight in the games. You said as you grabbed her hand. She was at least 12 years old; this was her first Hunger Games. Her name was Leila; she was your sister and the middle child. You had a younger brother, who was just 6, your family had enough to survive, but it wasn't enough. The more times you entered your name, in return you would receive a tesserae for oil and grain. In town, there were sawmills, chainsaws and a huge screen was being set up at the Justice Hall. You saw a woman with straight sea blue green hair and mint green skin.
  3. You entered your cabin like house and saw your mother sitting with your brother. The look of anxiety on her face, you smiled but she coward at your expression. "Go on and get ready." You gestured to Leila, she left for the room ahead, and you walked over to your mom "It'll be fine." You assured her but the truth was you weren't sure.
  4. You and Leila headed for the Justice Hall, children and parents were filled with agony and pain. After signing in, you walked over with Leila to the center of the hall with children ages 12-18. Once everyone was in their positions, the lady with the sea blue green hair and green mint skin stepped up to the microphone. "Happy Hunger Games" The fear finally hit you, it was your 5th year but every time the escorts from the Capitol, the home of the twisted people who created this came, addressed the Holiday, you felt fear. "And may the odds be ever in your favour."
  5. She introduced herself before she drew the names, Dahlia. The sea blue green hair escort from Capitol was named Dahlia. She was probably in her early 30's, her personality was blunt yet ditzy, she would always get side track until the mentors snapped at her. The mentors were the victors of the District who survived the games; District 7 had only 2 victors, Blight who was in his late 50's and his jet black hair had tints of grey in it and Johanna Mason who was in her early 20's, standing with her big brown eyes and brown hair beside Dahlia. "I hope you're all excited! Oh, the looks on your faces...I just love it!" Dahlia smiled, Leila squeezed your hand as Dahlia walked over to the ball with the names. "Ladies first!"
  6. Dahlia stood on her toes as she eagerly looked into the jay. Once she pulled out a piece of paper, all the girls held their breath. She walked back to the microphone and smiled. "This is a good one! I can feel it tingling in my-"Johanna cleared her throat and Dahlia scowled at her. Dahlia unfolded the name and called out. Everything froze.
  7. "______ ______." You wanted to fall on your knees. You felt Johanna's eyes on you; she knew exactly who you were. "________?" Dahlia called out, you took a step forward but Leila held you back. "I have to go" You said softly, you couldn't show fear; the selected tributes were later shown to everyone, even the other tributes. Any signs of weakness would make you a target. "Let go..." You firmly said. Leila whimpered before letting you go, you made your way up with Peacekeepers surrounding you. Peacekeepers were the authority figures for the Districts. Dahlia smiled and held your chin. "You have such a pretty face. You'll be a hit with the sponsors!" Dahlia said with glee, you then walked over to Johanna and stood beside her. "Smile while you can. It's the last time you ever will."
  8. Dahlia asked for a round of applause; it was subtle but melancholy filled the air. "Well, with that aside; it's the boys turn!" Dahlia smiled, she walked over to the other ball with the names and took out a piece of paper and took no time to read out the name. "Cecil Yew" You brought your head up, you knew exactly who he was because he was the Prince of the school. He was attractive, with his sandy blond hair that was spiked up, sea green eyes and white smile. "Oh! How charming! I got a couple of beauties this year! Such a shame though..." Dahlia smiled, you placed your head down after seeing the shock in eyes. "Now, will the two tributes shake hands?"
  9. Cecil turned to you as you brought your head up to face him. He extended his hand and you did the same, when your hands were locked, Cecil tightened his grip and looked you sharp in the eyes; that look is what all tributes give each other and it screamed "Only one of us is coming out alive, and it won't be you." Once you let go, Dahlia was cheering and bidding everyone good bye; you and Cecil were then rushed into the Justice Hall where your parents or any friends will send you parting words before you left for the Capitol. You were separated once you were inside, Cecil went to the room on the right while you went to the left; in the room you were pacing around and running your fingers through your hair. You heard a knock on the door and when you turned around your family rushed in.
  10. Leila was the first to run into your arms, followed by your brother, mother and father. You couldn't say anything knowing that you may not see them again ever, tears formed in your eyes but you blinked the away, you needed to be positive. "It's going to be alright, I'll be fine." You told everyone, your mother looked as if she was about to pass out if it wasn't for your dad supporting her. "You'll come home, right?" Your brother, James, asked. You picked him up and held him in your embrace. "I will." You reassured him and then putting him down gently. "Make sure you get axes, ones that feel comfortable to throw and use." Your Dad advised, you smiled and nodded. Your mom didn't say anything but put your arms around you and cried in your shoulder. When it came to Leila, her eyes were as bad as your mom's. You bent down to her level and held her chin up "While I'm gone, you're going to have to help around the house now." Leila pulled away and began to tear up, you pulled her in close and ran your fingers down her hair "Listen, you can't cry. You need to be strong, alright?" When you pulled away, Leila was looking in your eyes "You have to win." was the last thing she said before you left for the Capitol.
  11. Thanks for taking this quiz! Please comment & rate! I hoped you all enjoyed this! If you're a Harry Potter fan, check out my other series "Hogwarts Love Story" and if you're a Directioner, check out my other series "One Direction Love Story" :)

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