How Well Do You Know "My Hunger Games"?

I do Hunger Games simulations at @hungergamessin. (There should be a link that goes to it.) This is quiz for people who haven't volunteered, but have been "watching" what goes on in each simulation, and want to see how well they know "My Hunger Games".

The more Games I do, I'll edit this quiz to include more and different questions that way it's an overview of all of them. I hope you enjoy this quiz!

Created by: ZMKF of @hungergamessin on Instagram
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  1. Who was the Victor from Game 1?
  2. As you may know, "My Hunger Games" existed in a slightly parallel universe to the official THG (The Hunger Games), by Suzanne Collins. That being said, who is the President of Panem in "My Hunger Games"?
  3. What was different about Game 2?
  4. Which District(s) does the creator, @hungergamessin, love the most?
  5. Two Tributes from Game 1, Dante and Harper, were "together" and had a "ship" name. What was it?
  6. What do Frigg, District 2 female from Game 1, and Violet, District 2 female from Game 2, have in common?
  7. Gamemaker Z is an official name. What is her UNofficial name, the name people call her most of the time (and the creator's first name irl)?
  8. How did Dante and Harper die?
  9. How many of the Tributes have last names?
  10. Who were the first Game Careers?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know "My Hunger Games"?