How well do you know The Hunger Games?

What's the square root of pi? What IS the meaning of life? What is the cure for cancer? What is going on in boy's heads?We've always wondered these things. Only true geniuses can figure this out. (Except for the boy one. Th world may never know).

If you've always wanted to be a true genius, you don't have to be a scientist, or mathematician. You can just be a master of The Hunger Games.find out if you're smart enough now!

Created by: Teampeeta
  1. What is Madge's last name?
  2. What does Katniss say to Gale before she gets on the train?
  3. What does Katniss promise Prim?
  4. Which Hunger Games is it?
  5. Which one is a line from the song that Katniss sings to Rue?
  6. Moving on to Catching Fire, okay?
  7. What does Katniss break?
  8. What flower does President Snow carry?
  9. What are Beetee and Wirus's nicknames?
  10. Which district is Johanna from?
  11. On to Mockingjay! Ready?
  12. Who has been captured by the Capitol?
  13. What does Katniss call the mountain in district 2?
  14. Why does Peeta hate Katniss?
  15. Team Peeta or Team Gale?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know The Hunger Games?