Favorite book characters!

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Thread Topic: Favorite book characters!

  • NeonHedgehog Newbie
    My fav!:

    All the Demigods in Percy Jackson and the Olympians, and The Heroes of Olympus.(Except that dude from apollo. Mathew yew, I think.)

    I like all the Harry potter characters but my favorite is Luna lovegood!

    Dan and Amy from 39 clues

    Ramona and beezus from, well you know!

    Corduroy, it's a little kids book. I think it's old but I don't know!

    Sadie from The Kane chronicles.

    Emma-rose from a poison apple book, This totally bites!
  • NeonHedgehog Newbie
    I forgot one more:

    Molly from the miracle on 49th street. It was such a good story!
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    ange Novice
    Clarry and Jace from the City of Bones.
  • NeonHedgehog Newbie
    And I hate drew! (The Heroes of Olympus) I can't believe I forgot her! She is a f---ing fat ass, stuck up jerk!
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    rockstar98 Novice
    Miguel from We Were Here.
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    Skulldugary Pleasant from Skulldugary Plaesant
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    Skyler Potter Novice

    Love you Won-won :)
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    Sage Parson Novice
    Izzy from Flirt Club. Very funny book! More geared towards girls though...
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    Sports19 Novice
    Anabeth and grover from percy jackson

    Sadie from kane chronicles

    Cammie, bex, macey, liz and zach from the gallagher girl series

    Erin from the on the runway series

    Tess from fateful

    Alice, eliza and catherine from the book of spells

    Kat from heist society

    Jane, blythe and thad from distant waves

    Vi and jag from possession

    Jake from the outcasts of 19 schuyler place

    Paige, emma and nick from times squared

    Ron, hermione, fred, goerge and ginny from harry potter

    Katniss from the hunger games

    Cantkiss and just about every other character from the hunger pains

    And most likely more i just cant remember. Yea, i read alot of books.
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    Sports19 Novice
    Oh, and:

    Bramble from entwined
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    Hunterizcool Experienced
    John Yossarian from Catch-22.

    Holden Caulfield from Catcher in the Rye.

    Jay Gatsby from the Great Gatsby.

    Stephen Dedalus from Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man/Ulysses.

    Winston from 1984.

    Tyler Durden from Fight Club.
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    barberbob2 Advanced
    Ender Wiggins from Ender's Game.
  • NeonHedgehog Newbie
    I keep forgetting characters!

    Katniss from the hunger games
    Luke and Jen from among the hidden

    And I'll probably remember one or more and have type it in, again!
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    natuhleegayle Senior
    Draco and Oliver from Harry Potter
    Peeta and Katniss from Hunger Games
    Patch/Jeb from the Hush Hush Series
    Jace from the Mortal Instruments Series
    Sam from Perks of Being a Wallflower
    Luke Castellan from Percy Jackson Series
  • Katniss from the Hunger Games.

    Tally and Shay from Uglies
    Will from Divergent
    Liz, Bex, Cam, and Macy from the Gallager girls books
    Percy, Annabeth, Thalia, Bianca, and just about every demigod except for Drew.
    Nefertiti from Shpinx's princess.
    Helen from Nobody's Princess
    Max and Fang from Maximum Ride
    Lyra Silvertounge (Golden Compass)
    Whisty (Witch and Wizard)

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