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Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas! It's Christmas in Hogwarts and it's probably going to be a winter wonderland! The atmosphere is light and fluffy and you simply can't wait to spend the holidays with 7 of your favorite guys! Let's hope all goes well!

Hey guys! This is a Christmas special that you've all been waiting for! Just to let you know, this is what happened between the end of Year 3 and beginning of Year 4. Just to break off any confusion.

Created by: natuhleegayle

  1. All throughout the land, children filled with cheer, Christmas day was drawing near. A holiday celebrated with pure good hearts, a kind gesture is where it all starts. Now, here is a story that I will share with you all. A love story at Hogwarts that spreads through the halls. Sit back and relax and watch the magic unfold, this is the first time this tale has been told.
  2. T'was the night before Christmas, all throughout the castle. There were not a lot of people, much less of a hassle. A Slytherin boy who decided to stay behind, Six Gryffindor lads who claim they were doing fine. All happy and cheerful in the Christmas mood, Ron dared to ask "Do we got anymore food?" Laughter and cheer was all around and signs of love that can be easily found. One girl who captured their hearts. My! Why I think it's time for this story to start!
  3. "Spending the holidays alone?" You asked Draco. You were passing by and saw Draco who was sitting on one of the window ledges in the Charms corridor when you decided to help decorate the ENTIRE castle. Draco closed his title-less book and smiled as he turned his head to face you. "Only this time. Mum and Dad are...well, let's just say family activities aren't really my thing." He said as he gave you a warm gentle smile. As you held out gold and silver tinsels, you crossed your arms and pouted. "Well, that's no fun!" He gave a small chuckle and clicked his tongue. He hopped off the ledge and walked, looking very suave in his casual attire. "Actually, it was relaxing" He said standing face to face with you. You unfolded your arms and pulled Draco by his arm. He started to resist but he didn't want to hurt you. "Let go! What're you doing?!" He whined and pouted "No one should be alone on Christmas" You replied with a smile
  4. Draco turned red and relaxed once you said that "So, are you alone or...?" He muttered, at first you didn't get it "Hmmm?" He cleared his throat and took a deep breath before he asked his question once more "Are you alone for the holidays as well?" He shyly asked, you were already in from of the Great Hall. Your back was faced towards Draco, you pulled the giant doors only to let a whirling firework free. You both ducked, you were the first to get up and you innocently smiled "Not exactly."
  5. Draco stood up and fixed any fly-away hairs. He looked behind to see where that firework went, then to the front to see 6 Gryffindor boys and then finally looked at you. "You got to be kidding me..." He gave a half-hearted ha. You gave an innocent smile. Fred, George and Ron ran passed as they were screaming over the firework "THAT'S OUR ONLY ONE!" Fred yelled from a distance. Harry and Oliver walked behind them but stopped to see you and Draco together. "What? You're still here?" Harry said with his hands in his pockets, staring at Draco. Oliver did the same but all he could do was awkwardly smile.
  6. Draco raised an eyebrow and gave a smirk. "At least, I have a family to spend the holidays with. They're just somewhere on important business, but why should I be telling you, Potter? Let me guess, the muggles didn't want you or the Weasley's mother couldn't feed all of you?" Draco said, you shot Draco a "be-nice-for-me" look. He showed a little restrain "Well, should have went cause you're not-" You shot Draco a very harsh look.He eyed you down "No one wants him here." He yelled out bluntly, which gave you such an awkward feeling considering Draco was standing right beside you. You changed your direction to Oliver. You gave a sweet smile "Oliver...Do you mind if we have Draco spend the holidays with us?" You said sweetly, Oliver blushed really hard as you asked. "It's the holidays! It's fine!" Oliver smile, Harry looked disgusted while Draco seemed rather impressed "Why can't you be like Oliver?" You laughed as your teased Harry. "Cause I rather keep my dignity"
  7. It was all cheerful and merry, except for one sour Harry. The Weasley kids were having fun, laughing at Ron for he weighed a ton. Draco and Neville were quiet as can be, Oliver was trying to get a mistletoe kiss from a special girl he sees.
  8. "So, do you need a hand there?" Oliver asked as he stood over you, as you were taking small ornaments out of the box. "Oh! Hi Oliver, I can manage." You smiled as you turned your head to face him. You stood up and brushed any dirt on your hands and jeans. "You sure? What about the top?" You smiled to what he pointed out and took out your 12" rosewood with __________ core wand out. "This is what I love being a wizard!" You cleared your throat and pointed your wand at the ornaments "Wingardium Leviosa!" The ornaments flew up one by one as you placed each one of them on the tree. You were about done till you stumbled on a green ornaments (out of a box that had blue and golden ornaments) "Never seen this before...Looks like a plant. What is it?: You asked Oliver who smiled and began to walk over. "It's one of my favorites actually. It's called -" Oliver said slowly now standing face to face, leaning towards you. You were greeted by his cool peppermint breath that overwhelmed your scenes. You met his brown eyes that told you to enjoy the moment; he shut his eyes. His smell of his breath grew stronger the more he leaned, he tips of his fingers touch the palm of your hand. His lips managed to brush on yours, you braced yourself for what was going to happen next "Finite"
  9. You pulled back to see that the green ornament you were levitating, fell to the ground. You blanked stared at Oliver who was embarrassed yet furious. "What's the bid idea!?" Oliver yelled furiously, you took a step back again for the atmosphere in the Great Hall was very awkward. You saw Ron pointing his want at Oliver and where you stood. "Was there a reason you did that?" Oliver asked while trying to keep a calm mind. Ron lowered his wand and took a very long time to respond making it rather suspenseful. "I-uhm-" Draco smirked at the show, Neville tried to find a place where he wouldn't be physically dragged into the conflict, the twins were making bets to see when Oliver will snap at Ron and Harry, well...Harry was still rather upset that he has to spend the holidays with Malfoy.
  10. "An explanation would be nice..." Oliver said yet again. You could tell that anger was slowly taking control of him. If Ron didn't answer soon, there will be one unhappy Weasley and a satisfied Slytherin. "What can I say? I just didn't want you to kiss ________. Simple as that." Ron shrugged after he replied. He twirled his wand into his pocket. You have never seen Oliver angry, you were torn to either stop him or leave him. Although, it was quite a sight to see Oliver holding back and twitching "Annnnnnnnnnnd, why should it matter to you? Clearly, _________ didn't stop me. If she wanted me to stop, she'd say so! You're just upset that there are people that can actually go farther with a girl than you ever will!" "Nicely played Wood" Draco laughed "Didn't know you had it in ya." George & Fred said in unison. Oliver snapped and everyone was in awe that such anger could come out of him.
  11. "You're asking for it, Wood!" Ron said as he drew his wand once more "Ron, don't do anything now...Oliver! Say sorry!" You said in panic and snarled Oliver to apologize. "Fine, I'm sorry..." He said in hush tones, as he looked down to the ground "Thank goodness..." You said, giving a sigh of relief "That you can't handle the truth!" "OLIVER!" Before you knew it, Oliver drew his wand faster than a Golden Snitch being released "Stupefy" Oliver shouted. Ron dodged as the spell flew by him and almost hitting Draco, missing by an inch. "Watch it! You could have hurt someone! And by someone, I meant me!" "Or me!" Neville said as he too, was close to Draco. He stood up and brushed the dirt off his pants. "Shut up, you fat idiot!" Draco yelled as he stared coldly at Neville "Rictumsempra!" Ron shouted "Leave him alone Malfoy" Harry shouted at Draco "Oh! I'm scared!" "Diffindo!" Oliver shouted "My money's on Oliver and Harry" Fred laughed and said to George "Dibs on Malfoy!" George laughed "Reducto!" Ron shouted once more "Oh yeah? Expulso!" Harry shouted pointing his wand at Draco "Guys stop!" It was completely chaos, all the guys were quarreling with one another. The room lit up from the spells like a Christmas tree
  12. Nothing you said could get through to the boys, you thought this is the worst and nothing else could come out of it but the unpredictable happened "INCENDIO!" The four boys dueling said in unisons. A huge vortex of fire was created in the middle of the room. It was very strong and an intensifying heat filled the Great Hall. "GUYS!" You screamed, the four boys fell back as the intensifying fire became unbearable to control
  13. Everyone watched, petrified where they stood. The fire was now acting as if the four boys casted Fiendfyre. They knew it wasn't safe to sit around. Everyone ran out of the Great Hall, as they covered their faces. You were the last one out and Fred and George closed the doors behind. Now, we know Hogwarts is a magical school. But what happened next amazed everyone...at least, that's what the story claims
  14. The doors opened revealing the state. Jaws were dropped, hearts sank, Fred said "This isn't good, mate." The room was intact and standing strong but indeed, something went terribly wrong. The White Christmas tree that stood tall and shined; now burned to pieces covered in grime.
  15. "___________" Ron said as you heard him take a step closer. You were further into the Great Hall with your back faced towards all of them. Your mouth opened, speechless and devistated, your throat was slowly drying from your actions and it wasn't helping that it still smelled like smoke. "I-It's gone...Everything..." "____________, we're really sorry...I shouldn't have-" Ron said but he was cut off by Oliver who placed a hand on his shoulder "WE shouldn't have fought, it was stupi-" "STOP! All of our hard work. You think words can fix this?!" You were in tears as you turned around to face the boys. You knew that everything would be fix but it won't be as beautiful and that Christmas tree was picked out especially before Hagrid went on vacation.
  16. "____________!" Harry said as he walked towards you but you ran past Harry making your way out the castle. "_________!" One of the boys yelled in a distance. Harry tried running after you but Draco seized him by his right arm and gave a cold stare. "Leave her. She needs some time to herself." Harry said nothing but glared at him. He jerked his arm away from Draco and turned around. "I got an idea, that is, if you guys want to make her smile." Draco said softly without making eye contact. Neville jumped to Draco's act of kindness. Ron tried to act like Draco was speaking dwarf, Oliver was totally for the idea, along with Fred and George. Harry turned his head "Go on"
  17. So, the seven of them created a plan, to fix the girl's heart. Oh! I hope they can! Together, they got to work and started straight away. While the girl filled with sadness say by the lake. Wiping her tears streaming down her face. Today didn't feel like Christmas...at least not in this place.
  18. "Stupid Oliver, stupid Ron, stupid Draco. Stupid...EVERYONE!" You yelled as you sat by the water in the typical "lake" hangout. You violently threw pebbles into the water to get rid of your frustration. "All of my hard work..." You mumbled into your arms and buried your face from the rays of the sun. There was a beautiful silence surrounding you; however interrupted by the sound of the trees but still relaxing.
  19. You didn't speak any other words after that. You wanted to stay there in the silence. What seemed like seconds turned into hours. You fell asleep for about an hour or two.
  20. You woke up and it was already sunset. You stood up and took a minute to stretch out every joint of your body. You let out a gigantic yawn, producing teary eyes. "Oh! _________!" A voice behind you appeared. You turned around, not really "in-the-mood" to see anyone after previous events. There, in front of you stood Neville. He looked exhausted, it amazed you how he was sweating in the cold "Hey. What's up?" You said. You placed your hands in your sweater pocket and gave an awkward smile "I've been looking for you. We were all worried where you've ran off to! Oliver almost had a panic attack" He said, placing a hand on a tree that was to the right of him. You curled your lips into the mouth, trying to hold back a smile. "Well, you found me. So?" You shrugged "Well, c'mon!" Neville ran up to you and grabbed your left arm. He pulled you into the direction of the castle, surprisingly he had a stronger grip than it seemed. You were already in the courtyard of the castle. "Let me go! I don't want to see them. Neville...Let me gooooooooooooooooo!" You whined, you shook your hand trying to free yourself, you also jumped up and down the more Neville said no. "Wow, wouldn't expect you would ever act like this." Neville laughed as he continued to drag you into the castle. "There's a lot you don't know about me." You stuck out your tongue and flipped any hairs that were in your face. "And we're supposedly best friends. Thanks." Neville chuckled. You looked around awkwardly for what he had to say was true. You are best friends but you hardly took the time to get to know him.
  21. You continued your routine with the kicking, whining and pouting. You were waiting for that breaking point where Neville will just snap. Neville indeed snap, before entering the Great Hall, he seized you by your wrist. "WILL YOU STOP!?" Neville yelled as he turned you to face his eyes. "I DON'T WANT TO SEE THEM!" You yelled and stomped your right foot. There was a silence that surrounded the both of you, it was pretty awkward but after staring into each others eyes. You burst into laughter and so did Neville. "I'm sorry." Neville chuckled and let go of your wrist, you circulated your hands to get some blood pressure flow again. "Don't be. I should be, I mean...after flipping out on you guys" You smiled while looking down. Neville smiled and shifted in his spot "You had every reason to. You know what we're really sorry, we really didn't mean to. Well, I didn't..." Neville said and shrugged "Don't worry. So, uhm, why are we here?" You asked as you looked at the huge bronze door "Well, close your eyes. It's a surprise." You had a pretty fair idea what was going happen but you were pretty skeptical as well because it did take a fair amount of time to get the job done. You followed Neville's orders and closed your eyes. You suddenly heard some whispers, Neville sounded really surprised and panicked, there was another voice that you really couldn't identify. "Now?! But-" "HURRY UP!" The other voice hissed at Neville. He gave out a heavy sigh, the next thing you know..."SURPRISE!"
  22. You felt a warm pressure touch your lip and a bright light greeting your right side. "NEVILLE!" Ron and Harry shouted, Fred and George gave a hooting laugh and fist pumped "Atta boy! Going behind our backs!" Draco gave an uneasy smile "Well..." He cleared his throat "Well, what do you know?" Oliver gave an uneasy laugh till you heard a thud. You opened your eyes to see Neville giving you a kiss on the lips. You took a step back "NEVILLE!" "I DIDN'T MEAN IT! IT WAS PEEVES!" He pulled away and pointed up, what Neville said was true. The poltergeist Peeves, laid floating in midair holding mistletoe above your heads "Hey, it's Christmas. Needed to give the lad something to make his pathetic life worth wild." He chuckled before he disappeared. You gave a small laugh and you turned to your right, to face everyone. You saw everyone with surprised expressions except for Oliver "Is he...?" You asked as you saw him lying on the floor, Draco looked over his shoulder "I think he fainted." He said in a very calm tone and shrugged. You laughed but was taken away by what was behind them
  23. The castle gleamed and shine bright. The Great Hall was indeed a magnificent sight. It was spotless and golden, it took your breath away. You really didn't know what to say. "This looks amazing. It doesn't look like there was a fire." Harry smiled and grabbed Draco by the shoulder "Hey, if you want Christmas elves to give you a holiday miracle, we're up for it." The room was decked with gold and silver tinsel, there was a Christmas feast that gave off a heavenly scent. What really blew your mind was the Christmas tree, it wasn't really a tree. It was simply a levitation spell that swirled the ornaments into the shape of the Christmas tree. "Guys, I really don't know what to say..." You were brought up in tears "I do! When are we going to eat?" Ron laughed. Everyone gave a huge laugh and headed for the table. When everyone was seated, you all looked at each other. "This really was the best Christmas ever." Harry smiled "Even if you had to share it with me, Potter?" Draco smirked and rested his chin on his hands. "EVEN, if I had to spend it with you, Malfoy." "Guys! Stop, I'm getting tears in my eyes" You teased them "No, seriously guys stop. I'm hungry" Ron banged his utensils on the table "Happy Christmas" You sweetly said "Happy Christmas" They all shouted
  24. Hey guys, I know I'm overdue with this Christmas special (2 days past Christmas) but hey, it's the thought that counts. I'd like to thank you for all the support and help you guys have given me. It pushes me forward but as you can see that this chapter was the biggest one. I've pre-made the question up till number 15-16 (?) and had to think of the rest just now. So, if there are any mistakes or it lacked then I'm really sorry. I hope you guys will forgive me. So, in other news, I know. I still have HLS Pt 9 to post up, I'll see if it'll be up anytime soon. Okay, it's not much of a shoutout but I'd like to thank all of you who pushed me this far even when I've been hesitant with my editions. You guys are very sweet and very understanding and I'm actually so blessed that I've had the opportunity to talk with all of you. Thanks for the advice with my guy problems :$ but I'll give it my best as well. Muah! Okay, pretty long but I haven't talked to any of you for a while. Be sure to check out some of the amazing Harry Potter quizzes on this site; they're all amazing! Be sure to check out my girl HogwartsLove who has the BEST original plot and is one amazing writer, also Bluebell who has by far, the most interesting plot I've read. There are many more I've read and enjoy but I need to go back and check. Sorry loves. x Okay, I think I've put you all to sleep. So, toodles!
  25. What you're about to read will be a "preview" of what is yet to come in Year 4: "Did you have a good time?" You walked up to Draco who sat at the Slytherin table with the moon shining down at him. He was reading his book from earlier, he jumped when you approached him. "Oh. Evening, I had a surprisingly good time." He smiled and shut his book, he twisted his body to face you "That's good. Well, I should leave you to your book." You smiled and turned around. He gave a wave and lightly pounded his fist on the table "Hey ______" He said, you were close to the doors when he called out. He got up and ran towards you, he was still in his casual black attire. "Yeah?" "Here. A present." He smiled as he gave you the book he was reading earlier to you "Your surprise from earlier was enough of a present. Besides, I'm sure you're not done reading it." "I've read it a million times. It's not complete really. It's my diary, I've only used 1/4 of it but I'm sure it's usable" Speechless you stared at him "W-Why are you giving this to me?" "Don't worry. Nothing bad, just what happened this past year. We ended off on a bad note and I really want you to know why, what I couldn't say when you asked for an explanation." He said dropping the book in your hands, you held it in your chest and smiled. Draco pulled back his sleeve to see the time "Well, I better get to bed. Good night" He smiled and walked away. You opened the book, there was a part in the book where it was pressed down, so when you opened the book, it would open to that page. "Entry #15; June 19, 1993 "She probably hates me after all that's happened. I didn't want to hurt her, that was never an intention of mine. I really care about her, I really...I guess at this point, I really do love her."

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