Hogwarts Love Story Pt 27

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Guess who got detention this time? Want to know how? Let's just say next time you raise your voice, be sure to raise up your hand or else you'll be facing detention, Umbridge style.

Will you get the Hogwarts guy of your dreams? Who knows, starting from year 3 till 8 (Because year 1 & 2 are still too young to date)you will get your chance from being friends to lovers by the end of the year?

Created by: natuhleegayle
  1. Curious as you were, you waited till Draco was only a few steps away from you; when he was you approached him and his eyes widen making it evident that they were red and bloodshot. "Draco, what happened?" You asked concern, he didn't say anything; he took a step back and rubbed the back of his neck. He was very hesitant, you figured as much he was trying to find his words. "Just had a rough night, Prefect Duty and you know, I'm pretty sure the weasel twins are running around. Irritation from one of their pranks" He said as he pointed to his eyes, you took a look at them and you saw that parts of his hair were damped. "Oh, it must be hard work." You said as you picked out a leaf from his hair and held it at eye level to him. "Thanks." He smiled and grabbed the leaf "It is, but I don't mind; keeps me busy." He shrugged.
  2. "Do you want me to walk you to your common room?" He asked as he brought up his head and smiled gently. Your heart skipped a beat and you remember the last time Draco smiled like that was after you kissed him after the Second Challenge. "That'll be nice." You said calmly. He took a few steps up the staircase and signalled you to follow. You walked up to the fifth floor and walked side by side around the west end of the castle. "How's your father?" You quietly said, at first he slowly straddled behind you but he caught up. He looked down the hall before answering "Good. He's...good." He said ending it off with that and twirling the leaf you picked out of his hair in his hand. "I see." You awkwardly said, the atmosphere was unpleasant but personally, having Draco by your side made none of that matter. "So, Quidditch tryouts are soon, are you going to give Slytherin the cup this year?" You changed the subject
  3. He chuckled as you continued to walk down the corridor "I stopped playing Quidditch after my second year, yeah...it, just wasn't for me." His chuckle grew into a laugh as you can see him reminiscing and you faintly remembered when he went flying onto the field after failing to catch the Golden Snitch. "What about you? Are you interested? Oliver would be proud if you did" He smiled and you thought about it, it would be a way for you to see Oliver and spend more time with him. "I don't know. I'm not the best flyer plus-""It'll be fun. When I wasn't so into destroying Potter in the matches, the practices were really thrilling." He reassured you; you tilted your head away from Draco "If I were what position suits me best?" You asked, he thought about it "I see you as a keeper or a chaser." The terms made you chuckle, hearing Draco call you a Keeper or a Chaser. "I'll consider it." You said ending off with a chuckle.
  4. You and Draco walked and created scenarios on how your first Quidditch tryout would be, Draco imagined you falling every so often as a tease. You couldn't help but to shove him; before you knew it, after all the giggling and laughing, you were already at your common room. "Well, looks like we're here already. I should probably continue my last...oh, I'm done actually... Well, see you in class tomorrow!" Draco said as he smiled and turned around and headed in the opposite direction. "G'night!" You said happily, Draco turned his head and smiled. You entered your common room and saw a few people still up. It was only 11:30pm. You headed your way to your room when a fourth year called out "_____, an owl came by and delivered a letter. I placed it in your room." You thanked them and smiled and hoped it was Oliver telling you when he'll arrive. It wasn't. When you arrived in your room, you saw a red envelope, it was a Howler.
  5. When you picked it up, the Howler came to life; it was bad enough at least 2 girls were in the room with you. The Howler changed into the form of a mouth. "______ _______! Don't you dare play a stunt like that ever again, do you hear me!?" It wasn't a woman's voice; it was a man's voice. It was your father. "Do you know how worried I was when she asked me if you were with me!? I spent the past three days looking for you; I am now facing an inquiry at work for my sudden disappearance!" It was strange enough you got a Howler from your father but the anger you felt from your mother boiled up; giving you a lecture when he walked out of your life. "I expect you give me and your mother a reply back!" And with that the letter was shredded "Seems like you're in trouble." Ambrosia said, you turned your head and saw her standing at the door. You dusted the shredded paper off your bed and glared at her. "Tell him I'm fine and that he should just leave me alone!' You yelled as you lay down on your bed "Why do I have to do it?" She snarled back as she walked over to her bed. "He's your dad now, isn't he? Not mines." You brought half your body up, she didn't say anything for a while until she too, was lying down. "Just be grateful he even cares about you." No words were exchanged after that.
  6. Morning rose and it was one of your better nights, in a way. It was a typical routine as every morning when you wake up at Hogwarts; you headed down to the Great Hall for some breakfast and met Cedric on the way down. "I was wondering if I was ever going to see you again." You joked around; he looked the same as always, his tamed light brown hair and his snow white smile that complimented his amber eyes. "I could say the same to you; I trust that you're having a good start." He asked as he placed his hands in his pockets and walked by your side. "I am, despite the fact that Umbridge won't let us use any defensive magic..." You trailed off and clapped your hands together; he chuckled and understands how you were feeling. "I mean, now that...you-know-who is back, we need to prepare-" Bringing up the Dark Lord wasn't the best morning topics "Whoa, whoa, whoa. Prepare? I thought I made it clear that I didn't want you to get involve into all of this..." He stopped in his tracks; you were a step away from him before you turned around and faced him. "You did but I chose, frankly, not to listen. I told you, I'm just as much involve as you are." You stated clearly for him
  7. He crossed his arms and furrowed his brow at you. "Mind sharing how?" He asked with a tone of voice you never heard before. You were a little taken back but you found your words "I saw him that night when he risen, you and me, both saw him. What gives you a right to decide for me?" He rubbed his chin and sighed "I care about you." You scoffed and laugh "A lot of people care about me and they don't tell me what to do and I'm getting really annoyed of people who have no right telling me what to do!" You snapped at Cedric, he didn't take it to heart but laugh "Yeah, do you know what you're getting yourself into? How do you think I will feel or anyone else for that matter, if the last time they saw you were buried underground?" Cedric's choice of words did shed some light on you but he wasn't going to stop you. "Well, I want to help and how do you think I will feel if I saw you buried underground and I knew that I could have helped you?" You said softly, Cedric was a loss for words; he sighed and grabbed you by your shoulders. "Whatever, just...don't go off practicing or preparing yourself for any type of battle..." He said releasing his half-hearted hug and with those words, he strode off into the Great Hall which was only a few steps from where you stopped.
  8. You ate breakfast in a violent and fearful manner as people from your house watched you stabbed your eggs, sausage and viciously taken a bite out of each. When breakfast was over, you decided to walk with Neville to Defence against the Dark Arts. "Just inhale and exhale, it's okay." Neville said in a calm manner as he held his textbooks under his left arm. You were walking up the spiral staircase of the Defence against the Dark Arts tower to get to class, at the same time you were pouring out your anger onto Neville who was used to it. "Well, I'm kind of glad we're not learning spells...I mean, I'm horrible at it and with OWL's coming soon, I'll be glad I can even pass." When you reached the corridor you groaned and tilted your head "OWL's are the least of my worries right now but you need to have a little more faith in yourself, Neville." You smiled at Neville who turned the faintest shade of pink. "Why should I?" "You're extremely talented, you just don't know it."
  9. He smiled and grabbed your shoulder; it was the first time Neville made a move. You laughed but the moment was quickly disturbed as Professor Umbridge walked by and with a flick of her wand, separated you and Neville. She cleared her throat as she passed and entered the classroom. "Miss _____ and Mister Longbottom, you are now late." Neville gave a sheepish smile to Professor Umbridge's comment while you looked rather appalled. "What the..." Neville opened the door for you; you thanked him but you couldn't get over the fact what just happened.
  10. Class was barely tolerable, whenever there was something that occurred in class that Professor Umbridge could not stand for, she would clear her throat...and that was literally every five seconds. "Hem hem!" She cleared her throat; you raised your eyes and tried to hold back your groan. "Miss _______, what is that?" She asked as she gestured to your paper, you were answering the questions from the textbook. "The assignment you gave us, Professor..." You said, some eyes were fixated on you and you wish they would mind their own business. Professor Umbridge made a disapproving sound as she shook her head "Not that, THAT, sticking out of your robe." You looked down at your chest and saw that your wand was peeking out of your robe and Professor Umbridge had a strict, no wands in class policy. "Using magic to ease the load off your work?" That wasn't the case at all; you just had your wand on you for practical reasons. "No Professor, you don't understand!" She grabbed the wand out of your robe and your paper "I'm afraid I do understand. You can finish the assignment after class and when you have completed your work, you can have your wand back." She smiled which only pushed you further to punch her in the face. "Professor, this is completely unfair!" You yelled and stood up; everyone was NOW focused on you.
  11. "Professor Umbridge, _____ would never do such a thing! Next to me, she's an extremely studious girl; she would never go by a Professor's rules." Hermione protested; an amount of that was extremely false as she knows you were one to go by a Professor's rules...depending on the situation but you were appreciative of her actions. "Are you quite sure of that? Have you ever seen her do her work? For all you know, she's been using magic to complete ALL her assignments." Professor Umbridge rebuttal; now she was being completely ridiculous. "Professor –"a bunch of students went in order to defend you, except a few. "ENOUGH!" She screamed, the room was silent and she turned her head towards you. "Now, I will see you after class and that is final. Children, carry on." She said with her back turn, you couldn't deal with this. You grabbed your books and stormed out of the class with faintly hearing your name being called by Professor Umbridge, repeatedly. You made your way to the Dark Arts courtyard; you sat on a stone bench and took deep breaths. "_______?" Neville poked his head out of the bushes; you stared at him and laughed "What are you doing here?"
  12. "Professor Umbridge sent me to look for you." He barely smiled as he stood out of the bushes, you scoffed and crossed your arms "But mainly because, I was worried about you." You turned your head and saw him a faint red, you laughed and stood up to hug him. He didn't know how to react but he shyly placed his arms around you. When you pulled away he looked at you in the eyes "Well, are you okay?" He asked. You sighed and walked over to the bench "I will be; she just irritates me." You laughed and stuck your tongue out. You complained about the confiscation of your wand and having to stay after class. "I'll wait for you." He blurted out, which made you jump but you were appreciative "You don't have to..." At a point, you did want him to wait, just so you can have someone to talk to but you didn't want him to stand out there the whole time "I don't have to but I want to." You couldn't help but smile and throw his arms around him. He stood up and laughed "So, are you coming back or should I make an excuse?" You looked at him and bit your lip with a begging smile "The second one please?" He nodded and walked away, that's one of the things about Neville; he's always there for you as there are no conditions to anything, and he just does what he feel is right.
  13. Class was over in a 15 minute period, you dreaded making your way to Professor Umbridge's office; people past by giving you smile and wishing you good luck, especially Harry. Neville passed by and gave a shy wave and you turned around to see that he stopped and stood outside the door, just like he said. As you walked down the aisle of the deserted classroom, it gave you an eerie feeling and occasionally you hallucinated that someone or something was going to pop out and grab you by the ankles. You walked up the spiral staircase to Professor Umbridge's office, light peered through the door and when you pushed it open the light grew; Professor Umbridge's room was nothing you expected it was completely different from the classroom but the horror you felt stayed the same. Her room was pink, furry and...filled with cats. Animated cats on ceramic plates filled the room and sitting in the center drinking her Yorkshire tea was none other than Professor Umbridge with her sweet yet creepy smile. "Miss _______, sit." You slowly closed the door behind you and made your way to the desk that was brought out for you to finish your work. You took a seat and the chair creaked as you did, your unfinished assignment laid out in front of you, you took out your textbook and opened to the questions, you brought out your quill but then, Professor Umbridge made her famous disapproving tone.
  14. "What?" You said with the obvious tone to express your rudeness, she blinked and hesitated as she was a little upset with your tone. "Pardon, Professor?" You corrected yourself, she smiled and you gave a half-hearted smile. "You will be using MY quill." She smiled, you really didn't see why which quill you used was important but you didn't question as it will only keep you in the same room with her longer. You grabbed the quill and you looked at her, showing clearly she was forgetting the ink. "Professor, there is no ink..." You said as you examined the quill; it was black and had a fancy holder. "You won't need it." She flashed her smile again, you didn't bother. You sighed and examined the question and began to write your answer, you notice that the ink was red and you thought it was just a new mechanical quill but then your left hand began to burn. You groaned in pain and clenched your hand to a fist; you looked down to your hand and saw the words that you just wrote on the paper, appearing on the back of your hand. "Is something the matter?" Professor Umbridge smiled at you; as the pain grew throughout your hand you eyed her. "No, Professor..."
  15. Hope you enjoyed! So, in about two days, I go back to school which means the quizzes will be released in a much slower pace as usual, with that in mind; I may take long to announce the winner of the contest and speaking of the contest, please send in your applications! I'll release some specials hopefully later today and if I work at a fast pace, I can release a numerous amount of quizzes tomorrow! Well, I hope this quiz was sufficient! Stay magical x

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