Hogwarts Love Story Pt 6

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Hogwarts Love Story Pt 6! Your life at Hogwarts is something else; so far you've been kissed by Ron, asked out by a Seventh Year, Fought with the Twins, Upset Harry and made a friend in Neville. Hectic right? But it's only the beginning, can you predict the end?

Will you get the Hogwarts guy of your dreams? Who knows, starting from year 3 till 8 (Because year 1 & 2 are still too young to date)you will get your chance from being friends to lovers by the end of the year.

Created by: natuhleegayle
  1. "You'll only hurt me more..." Ron said as he broke away from you. "Wh-I-You..." You were flustered & a loss for words & all he did was stare at you. "Well?" You finall said, looking at him "Well, what?" He seemed shocked but didn't regret it. "You've been treating me lower than a flobberworm the past couple of days and now you kissed me and you have nothing to say?!" Your eyes started to fill with tears again "...You wouldn't get it." He said as he looked down to the ground. There was a silence "No...I won't and I'll never understand you." You left after looking at Ron. Your mind:
  2. You're sitting at a staircase near the Grand Hall, everyone is either in the courtyard or in the Great Hall. Luckily, no one heard you or was around to see. Your heart is aching terribly and the tears wouldn't stop; you place your hand over your mouth but it makes you cry harder. From a distance you hear whistling your intentions of moving were lower than the thought of you being seen in such a state. The whistling grew closer as time passed; the noise came from behind you, as you turned you see Draco tossing a green apple from his hand into the air. As he walks down the stairs, he notices you down the last flight of stares. "_________..." You:
  3. "I'll just leave you alone then." Draco said as he walked passed you, bot looking at you in the eye. You let out a big sob as you held back the tears; the sound stopped Draco in his tracks and turned around & face you. "I can't ...Do you...Are you...Forget it." Draco said, you closed your eyes as the tears started to fall. You were all alone, no one seemed to care but there was someone. You felt an arm go around you; holding you close and a hand directing you to lean on a shoulder. A scent filled your nostrils; a scent you'd find at a high end store. You open your eyes and look to see Draco's grey eyes & blond hair looking at you. "...just...don't worry. I'm here." Your thoughts:
  4. "Th-thank you." You said as you rested on his shoulder. Although, his eyes were cold & expressionless; he felt warm and safe to be around. "Stop crying...I'm here...You're not alone." Draco said softly but it sounded as if he has been crying, you were still a mess. Draco held you hand tightly and drew you closer. "Just listen to my voice...It'll be alright. You're strong than this, trust me. Whatever happened...just smile & you can over come this. Your smile can make all of this pain go away." Soft and gentle words; you settled down in no time. You lifted your head off his shoulder "Draco..." He stares at you and gets up "Good Night." and with that he left. Your reaction:
  5. You went to bed after such events, but it was absolutely unbearable when you walked in with puffy crying eyes. 95% already thought you broke up with Oliver already, 5% were concerned. Morning came after tossing and turning in your cot, Dumbledore announced everyone will return to their common room after dinner tonight; as it seems that Sirius Black is not in the castle. You look over to see Harry, he seems not thrilled about any of this; confused why Harry doesn't seemed pleased, you come up with the conclusion:
  6. After the Great Hall was tided up, everyone had breakfast. Although, you weren't into eating; you touched your lips and reenact the scenario in your head. "...Th-That was my first kiss too..." You quietly said to yourself, you violently shook your head and decided you needed to be alone for the rest of the day. To do that, you plan to ignore everyone. Your reason:
  7. You made your way to Defense Against The Dark Arts. Everyone didn't bother talking to you; as you arrived in class you forgot that you sat beside Ron. When you take your place, you hear Ron & Seamus talking; you just hope you & Ron ignore each other. "Malfoy deserved that! Did you see it was all..." Seamus said as he did a bad impression of an enraged creature. "One way trip to the Hospital Wing!" Ron laughed as he held leaned in closer to Seamus. The conversation between Seamus & Ron indeed bothered you. "What happened to Draco?" You asked looking at Seamus, Ron turned his head at the sound of your voice; acting he was oblivious that you've arrived. "Taunted a Hippogriff, Hagrid was showing us in class today & now he's in the Hospital Wing...Parkinson was a real mess after!" Seamus said with glee. You said:
  8. "Are you upset Draco is not going to be in class later?" Ron said, his voice made your heart skip a beat "He is my partner & he is good at potions." You quietly said and Ron scoffed he looked away but shifted his eyes to the corner to look at you. "About last night..." That was the last thing you wanted to hear, you gave a deep breath. You said nothing at first as you acted you didn't hear "________..." The silence remained till Ron changed the tone of his voice to show that he was clearly annoyed "_________, I really appreciate it if you'd talk to me." Your back was still faced towards Ron but you decided to answer anyways "...Why? You didn't want to talk last night..." He sounded as if he held back the will of snapping at you "Look, it was a reflex..." His excuse wasn't enough for to turn around and look directly into his eyes. "Yeah, I'm sure it was & by the expression on your face, it didn't you regretted it." Ron was speechless at first but he finally found his words "I told you, you wouldn't understand..." Repetitive as he was, you couldn't tolerate it "Okay, when you figure out why you did what you did & have the guts to tell me why then we can talk like nothing every happened, so until that day comes..." You turned around and remained silent until you waited for the arrival Prof. Lupin. Your thoughts:
  9. For today's lesson, Prof. Snape was the teacher for Prof. Lupin's absence; after reading werewolds on page 394, it was time to go to your classes. "__________!" As you heard your name being called from a distance, you turn around to see Harry "Hey, mind if we walk to Transfiguration together?" You agreed as the two of you head to the next class "So, you & Ron are alright now" He said right off the bat. Your response:
  10. "That's good. Really glad everything is fine." Harry said as the two of you walked side by side "Yeah..So, what did Draco do to receive a trip to the Hospital Wing?" You asked to create conversation even though you are already aware of the situation. "Just being a prick. I'm 100% sure he's faking it though. Doesn't like Hagrid, just waiting for him to be sacked!" Harry said with an annoyed attitude when you mentioned Draco's name:
  11. "I see..." Harry replied, by that time the two of you are already at Transfiguration. Harry left to sit beside Hermione Granger; the rest of the class you were alone & also in Charms which flew by fast. It was already time for Double Potions but you know it wouldn't feel the same without Draco. You decide to stop by the Hospital Wing before you went to Potions. "Hello, is it alright if I speak to Draco?" You asked Madam Pomfrey & she granted you 10 minutes. As you walked in you see Draco on a bed near by the door alone. Your thoughts
  12. As you walked closer to Draco's bed, he doesn't notice you but he says "Guys, I said go to class...especially you Pansy, I had-" He stops because the moment he turned he saw your face and was stunned by your presence. "_________...Why are you here?" He said sitting up properly. "You shouldn't move around as much...and I wanted to check up on you...and also to say Thank you." You said as you walked over to his bedside. "Well, I appreciate it & don't mention it. Well, you should be off now." Draco said holding his left arm that had a sling. "I am...just...yeah...I really want to talk to you though." You said shyly as you stared at the ground. "You can after class. You should go now." The way Draco responded was expressionless, his eyes were bloodshot red. You decided it was best to leave him and head to class. Your thoughts:
  13. You arrived in Potions class, seconds before Prof. Snape but you were declared late. Prof. Snape demanded an explanation "I...I went to go see Draco, if he really was in the Hospital Wing and not missing class." Prof. Snape did not to react or cared for your reason after being told, Pansy dropped one of her vials in the process. "Very well, I suppose Mr.Malfoy does seem like one to skip class. I will let this go but do it on your own FREE TIME." Prof. Snape said and adding a hard cold emphasis on "free time" You flinched at his words "Yes Sir" Class resumed and you worked alone, it seemed much harder without Draco but it was nice to finally have some solidarity; up until Pansy Parkinson walked up to your table. You:
  14. "Who gives you the right?" She said placing her hands on the table, before you can answer she opened her mouth once more "You heard me, who gives you the right?" You were clueless, you couldn't process what Pansy was trying to get out of you. "Excuse me?" You stared at her & you weren't really intimidated by her, she only seemed intimidating when all of Slytherin surrounded her. "Who gives you the right to see Draco!?" She snarled, you managed a chuckle and placed the potion ingredients in your hand down on the table. Taking a deep breath you smiled "That's better & why does it matter what I do? He isn't your boyfriend" You stared at her and ending off with a smirk, shortly after resuming your work. "You don't seem to know anything do you? Just cause you're dating Wood; doesn't mean everyone else doesn't matter to you. For your information, I'm the only girl who is close to Draco." You hesitated and laughed "He told me a few days ago you weren't his girlfriend & for the last time, I'm not dating Oliver. You twit. Think I'm lying? Why don't you ask Draco? Unless...he tells you to go to class like a good girlfriend." You said adding sass to the end of the sentence "Why...you bloody ungrateful little whor-" You cut her off by saying:
  15. Pansy Parkinson had the eyes of a creature ready to pounce and make its kill, you just laughed. She didn't mean anything to you. "I'll watch it if I were you." You say:
  16. With those words said, Pansy turned around & headed back to her table. The rest of Potions were less exciting and even quieter. When class was done you were shoved by Pansy Parkinson as you walked out the door. You let it slide, as class ended you were going to spend your free time to finally talk to Draco about last night. However, there was a change of plans. From a distance you can see Oliver dragging Fred & George to an isolated area, you really didn't want to bother however "DON'T USE US! IT'S YOUR DATE!" was what filled the courtyard, one of the twins blurted out & immediately Oliver clasped his hand firmly over their mouth & whisked them away. Out of curiosity, you decide to follow them; they traveled a bit into the castle till they were in an isolated corridor. You made sure to stay out of sight, by the looks of things there was only one thing they were doing. Oliver was practicing his first date plans with the twins. Your thoughts / feelings:
  17. "Guys! Please, I don't really want to mess this up with ____________!" Oliver said in a begging tone that you never heard before. "Why? When you're gone for the next 4 years, she's just going to find another guy." One of the twins said, it was hard to differentiate between the two twins voice, there was hesitation with Oliver's voice "I really want her to remember me, give her an unforgettable date she'll never forget and don't tell me you're going to go after her once I'm gone..." Disapproval and a non satisfaction was the tone of his voice "Do you know how many guys are after her?! Not just you, there's a whole lot. All can't wait to comfort __________ when you're gone. Ron is absolutely smitten for her." The other twin said "Shut up! All those guys are idiots, especially Marcus Flint. If he is one of the lads who has fallen for her, he'll never be able to play Quidditch again!" A sudden rush of anger raised in his voice "Big Words..." said an unimpressed twin "Now do you need our help or not?" You hear things you shouldn't have heard. Your reaction:
  18. "Spying, are we?" A voice from behind you said. Immediately, you turn around and make a loud yelp. You turn around and you see...
  19. So, this quiz took weeks of editing & imaginative thought. I'm sorry, if this quiz isn't that amazing but I wanted to get this to you as soon as possible. Again, there will be Part 6.2 & as a tidbit; for all you Draco Malfoy fans. He will be appearing a lot &&& I'm going to be speeding up this story...I'm still on Year 3; by the time I'm on Year 8, I'd have 50+ parts of this quiz. TO THOSE WONDERING "WHERE IS THE DATE WITH OLIVER?!" It is going to be published after Part 6.2 & I'll focus more on Sirius Black after. Also, thanks to "The Popolisk" I will be starting to publish stories on Fanfiction.net. If anyone want to make any suggestions on stories they'd like from me. I'm willing to give them a whirl. Until the next magical adventure. Bye Lovelies x (: ANDAND, I'M GOING TO BE SLOW WITH THE UPDATES; GRADE 11 IS TIME CONSUMING.

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