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Muah! L'amour is in the air and let's just say that things are going to get hot! It's the moment that you all have been waiting for since the the beginning. Hogwarts Love Story Pt 7.2 is out! Yes, we're finally going to see if there is something we have with Oliver.

Will you get the Hogwarts guy of your dreams? Who knows, starting from year 3 till 8 (Because year 1 & 2 are still too young to date)you will get your chance from being friends to lovers by the end of the year.

Created by: natuhleegayle
  1. After an eventful night, you woke up in your common room with the sun shining bright on your face "I just had a wonderful dream. I was alone at Hogwarts & drama free!" You said to yourself while lying in bed "Must be nice to be alone, all alone exploring this magical castle." A high pitch voice behing you said cheerfully "Yeah...Huh?!" You shot up to see a fair skin girl with light brown smiling at you while sitting on the bed. She was wearing a denim skirt with knee high socks and boots, also wearing a long red & white stripe shirt. "Morning!" She had a Irish accent but some words were pronounced with a British accent. "Who are you?" You said sitting straight up. This girl hopped off the bed, she was at least 5"2 ft tall. "Well, I've been at Hogwarts the same time as you, same house and everything. The name is Ambrosia but you can me Amber if you want." She smiled as she stood at the foot of your bed "Ambrosia? Pretty like the flower I'm-" "No need to ask yours, you're ________ _________. 3rd Year student dating the Gryffindor Captain. Pretty popular with the guys." She smiled "What time is it?" You said getting out of bed, with your hair a mess and flying everywhere. "An hour before the trip, got plenty of time besides you need an opinion finding the perfect outfit!" She smiled as you walked over to your trunk "Thank, it'll help" You smiled back and a little skeptical "Why are you helping me or being nice to me for that matter? Aren't you going to bash on me like all the others?" You said opening your trunk and bending down, looking up at her. "I can't be nice? Don't you need a friend who is a girl? I've seen you with Neville, pretty sweet guy. Now I think that this top will go so well with this skirt I have. You can borrow - " For the first time, it was good having a friend, especially a girlfriend. You thought to yourself:
  2. It was 45 minutes before Hogsmeade trip, your new friend Ambrosia agreed to help you out and take you to the Three Broomsticks for moral support. Ambrosia was curling your hair, while you add some eyeliner and mascara. "So, what made you fall for him?" Ambrosia said as she wrapped a section of hair around her wand and saying an incantation that warms the wand hot enough to make a curl but not so much as to burn it. "Lack of balance..." You both gave a small chuckle till you actually thought about it "Well, despite him being the Gryffindor Captain, his cute smile, his eyes - " "Uhm, _________..." Ambrosia laughed as you were getting side track, you jumped and blushed hard "Well, he's actually really sweet and I don't know, he just got to me." You said as a smile formed across your face. "So, in your terms: You fell for your Prince Charming and by that I mean literally." Ambrosia laughed after one last section of your hair and curling it. "I don't know. He is leaving this year. So, I don't know. I might just be infatuated. " You said creating a wing edge with liquid eyeliner, you were finished and faced Ambrosia "Lipgloss!" She demanded as she reached for a skin-tone color "Why? Isn't that too much?" You bit your lip and backed away slowly from her, she got a peach color lipgloss and applied it on your lips "Might as well make it memorable! Now blot!" She said passing you a tissue. As your were blotting your lips, you just wanted to blurt out
  3. "Alright, you're finished! Stand up! Let's see!" Ambrosia smiled as she demanded you to stand up. You did as she asked because you had a feeling things would turn ugly if you denied her, you did a fancy twirl showing your ensemble: a navy blue long sleeve v-neck, dark blue skinny jeans and brown knee high stiletto boots Ambrosia lent you "Should have worn the first outfit! It will leave him speechless!" Ambrosia pouted "It's fall, nearly winter, and incredibly windy around this time. I'd be freezing!" "All the more reason for Oliver to hug you!" You considered the possibility of it actually happening "Okay, I trust you!" You changed into a similar skirt as Ambrosia keeping everything the same. "Great! Now let's go!" Your brain is giving you multiple thoughts right now:
  4. The minutes flew by as Ambrosia and you were already at the Three Broomsticks "Okay, we're here! Good Luck!" Ambrosia winked and began to walk away "Thank you Thank you so much Amber! You're amazing! I'm keeping you for a while~" You said giving her a huge hug "Of course, you are! Tell me all about it!" with that she was gone and our faith was behind those big old wooden doors. You're feeling
  5. You walked into the pub filled with lots of people, mostly people from Hogwarts, as you look for Oliver you saw jaws dropped and smiles from Hogwarts guys as you walked by. At the far left, near the fireplace you saw a very nervous teenager who looked like he's rehearsing something by his hand gestures. "Found you!" You laughed happily, you walked over to Oliver with his black facing you, as you walked over you placed your hands on his eyes. "I'm not falling for that Fred!" He said in his Scottish accent "Huh? Are my hands that manly...?" You said in an upsetting tone, Oliver immediately jumped and turned to face you, he was wearing a U neck sweater and basic jeans. He cleaned up good to you "___________! Oh! What a surprise! No, your hands are fine! It was just that uhm...W-Wow, you look amazing!" He smiled and was literally speechless, his pupils were dilated "Thanks! You look great as well!" You bit your lip because you were actually thinking:
  6. Oliver snapped back to reality "Here! Please sit!" Oliver gestured to the table behind him "Wow, you actually came! I-I really didn't think you'd show!" Oliver smiled as both of you took your seat, you took off your brown leather jacket and placed it at the back of your chair "Never doubt me! Haha! So, what do you have planned for today?" You smiled and you leaned on the table with your arms crossed flat on the table, Oliver jumped and started to look really nervous "You know I have something planned...? Uhm...how?" You gave a small laugh "Doesn't that come natural to dates?" He seemed relieved when you said that, he ran his fingers through his hair and smiled "Oh! Right! I thought that -" You noticed although he looked calm, his voice said otherwise "Oliver, relax! It's just me..." You reassured him but he thought otherwise "Well, actually it's most of Hogwarts..." He glanced over his shoulder and looked back at you "See over in the far right corner is Slytherin Captain Marcus Flint, actually heard him talking about you a while ago, and sitting near him is Cedric Diggory Hufflepuff's Seeker! Particularly a good finder and over there is -" You placed your hand on top of his which literally made him speechless "Oliver..." He sharply looked up after staring at your actions "Yeah?!" You smiled softly "You're rambling." "A-Am I? I tend to do that when I'm nervous." You took your hand back and laughed "I've noticed. Don't worry, I understand. It's okay. You're not the only one" Your thoughts:
  7. "Well, this is going better than I expected" You gave a small chuckle and leaned back from the table, with the back of your chair supporting you. "I mean no one is hurt or I mean, I'm not making a total fool out of my self. It's just that-" "__________..." Oliver said softly with a smile forming at the corner of his lip "Yeah?" You said cluelessly "You're rambling. Don't worry, it's cute." He said so softly, you turned bright red as a tomato "Am I...oh...uhm" You suddenly became uncomfortable and started shifting around in your chair, Oliver could feel the tension "Let's ease the tension, how was your day?" He smiled and adding a hand gesture to the end of his sentence "Well," You sighed and smiled "I met a someone. A girl, don't worry. Her name is Ambrosia. Only just met her this morning, oddly." You made a face while smiling and laughed "That's good. Although, I don't think I actually know her. Maybe we should all hang out & it's good that you're making friends." It was actually so relaxing to hear Oliver talk so softly and his accent made you swoon inside a little "I am actually so happy too. Making a friend who is a girl" You chuckled to yourself "How about you?" Oliver pursed his lips so that his breath would blow his bangs "If you were in the Gryffindor common room, you would develop a new fear of clustered , closed areas." He gave a small chuckle and looked down "Everyone was telling me what I should do, how to act and even Ron told me what you liked. Although, I asked Neville since he is your best friend and the Twins, well because, they're my best friends." He smiled, somehow what Oliver had to say tipped you off a little bit. "Ron told you what I like? Uhm, that's odd because he never asked me what I was interested in, but you know Oliver, I want you to impress me based on your own actions. Not the actions of someone else." Oliver bit his lip and leaned back "I'm such an idiot." You bit your lip and once again thoughts flew in your head
  8. With the way Oliver looked, you quickly tried to cheer him up "No! No! Oliver, you're not! Please don't feel that way!" You're flustered and your brain is everywhere, you bit your lip so hard you fear that you've drawn blood. Oliver immediately saw the look on your face and snapped out of it. "I'm sorry, I'm terrible at first dates." He said scratching the back of his neck with his left arm "I never had one since..." He let his left arm drop but keeping the palm of his hand on his neck "well, ever. You're my first. I'm always caught up in Quidditch and what not." You instantly wanted to smile when you heard those words "You're my first" you were shocked yet happy. "D-Don't say those types of things. You're being modest." You blushed the same way as you did before. He smiled and let his left arm drop to his lap , he gave a cute laugh, shook his head and smiled gently towards you with his big brown eyes. He leaned on the table close enough to see it that was a light shade of brown. "I'm serious. You're the first girl I ever asked out." He said with modesty, it was so modest you could practically hear the tone of it. "You seem like a pretty popular guy though, captain of the Gryffindor Quidditch team and you know, pretty attractive." You said skeptically and later growing a smile "Pretty attractive?" He emphasized and gave a keen look. You gave a hearty laugh "Well, it's awkward if I say those type of things to you." "No, it won't! Here!" He shook his and looked down with both of his arms on the table crossed over. He looked back up and smiled "You're beautiful" Instead of blushing, you burst into laughter "What?" He said with a very surprise look on his face "Haha, I'm sorry. You suddenly became so serious, it's like one of those muggle comedies, I've heard about!" Oliver seemed a little down but he let it slide "It wasn't that bad." There was an awkward silence after Oliver spoke "Okay, it was. So, are you ready to head out?" He said standing up and throwing his coast around him and putting his arms through the sleeves" You:
  9. As the both of you start to head out, you hear lots of murmur as you walk past. Some of the guys, Oliver told you about winked as you walked by. You
  10. Oliver noticed the actions of the people as you both walked past. You saw a nerve formed near his right temple, he grabbed your hand and placed his right arm around you waist. He looked over his left shoulder and smirked at the Slytherin Quidditch Captain. He gave a nasty snarl, by the time you left the Three Broomsticks you immediately ask "Why did you do that?" You said after feeling the transition from the warmth of the Three Broomsticks to the cold chilly streets of Hogsmeade. He didn't say anything at first but looked directly in your eyes "I care about you so, and plus I don't want those jerks bothering you or making you feel uncomfortable especially Marcus Flint. I'm here for you." You:
  11. It was really chilly as you stood in the streets of Hogsmeade. Oliver's arm was still around you but you didn't complain because he was warm. However, Oliver noticed and pulled away "Oh! Sorry!" He placed his hands in his coast pocket and avoided eye contact. You looked at him, your hands were freezing and became dry from the cold wind. "I-It's okay. I don't mind. It's pretty cold, don't you think?" He looked down at you then brought his head up to meet your eyes and smiled "It is and you're wearing a skirt." He laughed as you looked down to see the skirt Ambrosia made you change into. You groaned quietly and brought your head up to meet his eyes. "Uhm..." You gestured your hand closer to Oliver. He looked down and was surprised but his face lit up like a christmas tree. "A-are you sure?" You were grateful it was cold or you wouldn't have an excuse for turning red. You nodded an your hand felt warm as Oliver placed his hand in your and held it tight. You;
  12. "Let's go to Honeydukes? I'll get you something sweet!" He smiled as you walked hand in hand in the streets of Hogsmeade "You don't have to! I have my own money." You pouted as you looked at Oliver "He said nothing but smiled as the both of you walked hand in hand on your way to Honeydukes. Your thoughts:
  13. As the both of you enter the sweet smelling store Honeydukes. You see that it's filled with Hogwarts students as usual. Most didn't seem to notice as you walked in the store holding hands with Oliver but one red head did. "Oh, _________" You bit your lip hard as if you wanted to draw blood. You made sure Oliver didn't see your facial reaction. "Hello Ron, what's good at Honeydukes today?" Ron smirked at you and completely changed his facial reaction when he faced Oliver, the face Ron gave made you think Nemesis the Greek God of Revenge possessed Ron. "You already know, Bloody Hell. You're holding it. They're very hard to come by." Oliver looked down and laughed "But as far as buying sweet for ________. I hear she likes kisses. I would know." Just then your heart dropped. Ron brought up something that you wanted to forget and the way he emphasize that he know you liked kisses just made you want to die. Was Ron really against you going on a date with Oliver? You let go of Oliver's hand to hear four words that ruined your day "What does he mean?"
  14. The first part of my romance saga is out. I really enjoyed writing this especially when it got to question 9. I really connected with that scene, I don't know why. I visualized it so easily. Well, thank you for sticking around since the beginning, you all are very lovely people. First off, I'd like to say, I was touched by @Laya_9 how she brought up that my stories / quizzes made it feel like Hogwarts isn't really gone & that there are still more stories & how she's hooked on to reading more. I simply adore that feeling. Have I also told you how wonderful you are? Yeah, that's right. Massive gratitude, appreciation and thanks goes out to all of you. I had another surprise seeing the 4th part of Hogwarts Love Story up on the site under featured quizzes once more. I was so happy, I had to call my friend. Haha. Well, hope you all enjoyed reading and stay magical x
  15. Thought I was gone so easily? Nope. Here's a sneak peek of Hogwarts Love Story Pt 7.2! Enjoy; "Why aren't you leaving?" You cried as you had your back face towards Oliver, with your hand on the iron fence. Your voice cracked and it was obvious to Oliver that you're about bawl your eyes out. "Just tell me one thing, did you feel anything? Between the both of you..." He said, you couldn't identify whether he was hurt or furious at you, you turned around to see that his eyes showed remorse and that he wasn't mad. "It meant nothing." You said holding back your tears, his face seemed to lip up and he took a step closer to you "Really?" He said now staring face to face at you, you looked up at him and wiped your tears "Absolutely nothing." He brought his hands up to your face and used his thumb to wipe any excess tears "Tell me if you feel anything between us."

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