Hogwarts Love Story Pt 6.2

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Hogwarts Love Story Pt 6.2! Everyone seems to give you more and more problems every time you turn the corner! Although, it's their not their fault, besides you're certainly falling for some sweethearts in Hogwarts. Question is, who is the one?

Will you get the Hogwarts guy of your dreams? Who knows, starting from year 3 till 8 (Because year 1 & 2 are still too young to date)you will get your chance from being friends to lovers by the end of the year.

Created by: natuhleegayle
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  1. "Spying, are we?" A voice from behind you said. Immediately, you turn around and make a loud yelp. You turn around and you see Neville. "Oh Bloody Hell! Neville" You said grabbing onto your chest but reminded you quickly turn around to check if they've heard you or not. Sure enough, when you looked back to chedk Oliver and the Twins were gone. "Thanks a lot Neville..." You sighed and crossed your arms, he looked down but as he did you only noticed one of his hands were behind his back "What's that?" You pointed to the arm behind his back "Hmm?" He diverted his attention to where you were pointing "Oh!" From behind he pulled out assorted of your favorite flower. "Oh! _______! My favorite!" Neville's ears turn a bright pink "Yeah, just like you told me. You were feeling down & I didn't want to say JUST words to make you feel better." You brought your hand to your face and was about to tear up "Neville! This is the most sweetest thing ever!" You said as you accepted the flowers "Glad it changed your mood!" He smiled Your thoughts:
  2. "So, who were you spying on?" He asked out of the blue, by Neville's action you were surprised "Oh! Oliver but please keep it a secret. I just saw him and the twins and he was preparing for the date...AND I'M SUPER NERVOUS! IT'S TOMORROW TOO!" You began to turn into a bright red tomato, Neville gave a small chuckle "Is this your first?" "Yes and it's with a guy four years older than me. What do I do? Seeing him nervous is already making me nervous" You said placing your hand on your chest and taking deep breaths. "First of all, you need to remember the three C's: act calm, cool and collected as well as remember the two S's Sweet and Sophisticated! It's good to act natural on a first date." Neville said confidently and smiled "Cool, Calm, Collected, Sweet & Sophisticated. Ah! You said it so simply yet I'm so nervous! I'm honestly not ready for this!" You said holding the flowers up and hiding your bright red face from Neville "You are ready" Neville said sweetly "First dates are always nerve-wrecking but it shouldn't be a big deal if you don't like him." There was a long pause; you didn't know what to say, your heart and brain were fighting with each other. Your thoughts:
  3. "D-Do you?" Neville said his tone of voice changed completely. "I-I'm not sure because yesterday he was acting sweet and saying the most cutest yet cheesiest words to me but it all sounded so sincere." You smiled as you replayed some of the words Oliver said to your head. Neville gave a laugh and shook his head "So, you're a sucker for sweet talkers?" You opened your jaw slightly to the tone of Neville's voice as if what he said was a valid fact. "Shhh! Oh Gosh, maybe. Anyways, I got to go to the Hospital Wing. I need to tell Draco of today's lesson." You said as you held the flowers close to you before leaving. "That's nice of you" He smiled "Don't forget to water those!" He yelled out before you were completely gone, you turned around and smiled "I will! Don't worry...and Neville?" He jerked his head up "Yeah?" You gave an even more gentler smiled "Thanks." The way Neville talked about being a sucker for sweet talkers got you thinking:
  4. As you walk on by to the Hospital Wing, you hear a girl shrieking from where you were standing. Seconds passed as Pansy Parkinson stormed out and walked straight passed you, she gave you a death glare as she did. You waited a little before entering, when you enter you saw Draco as he was but more irritated by the color of his eyes & ears. "Draco?" You quietly said as you walked over to his bed "Ugh! Pansy I thought I told you to-" Draco stopped his sentence when he saw your face "Oh,________. Sorry, I thought-" "You thought I was Pansy? Glad to say I'm not. What happened?" You said as you sat on the chair beside Draco's bed "It...It was about you actually. Nothing bad...well what I said at least." Stunned by his words you were a bit worried; you thought about how you went too far with Pansy "I see. Mind if I know what it is what you were talking about exactly?" as you said with an awkward tone. Draco took a deep breath "Well, after potions, she gave me a cold chill down my spine when she walked in. It started off with "DRACO! DID YOU TELL THAT BLOODY b------ ________ I'M NOT YOUR GIRLFRIEND?!" Draco said as he impersonated Pansy's high pitched irritated voice "When I told her that we were never officially asked each other out, she started yelling and blaming you. I told her it was irrelevant how me and her are not dating because of you." Your thoughts
  5. "Oh yeah, potions class." You gave an awkward laugh "She kept yelling at me because I visited you earlier. We're at each others throats now, I wish I could tell you to not be involved but it is about you. It's okay though. Other than that, potions class was creating more potions as usual and we need to do an essay of the function of a moonstone." You said reassuring Draco that everything is alright. "She tend to do that." Draco rolled his eyes when hearing the actions of Pansy "Oh well, you're strong enough to handle her yourself and did you miss me?" He gave a flirtatious wink but you restrained yourself to show any reaction "Function of a moonstone is easy by the way. I'll be able to finish it, if you need help the day after tomorrow I'm coming back" "Blah, not worth my time with her & potions is hard without you!" You said seriously but cracking a joyous laugh "I almost melted my cauldron! Thankfully to Hermione, it was prevented. Oh, you are so doing my essay instead of giving me help! I can't wait, potions will be a breeze now!" By the way the atmosphere is right now, you couldn't help but to think:
  6. "No! Funny Girl!" He laughed for a while then settled down, that was the first time you heard a genuine laugh from Draco; you couldn't help but to feel a sort of warmth. "I'm stuck here until then, so no Hogsmeade trip for me! Mind sacrificing tomorrows trip for me? My father just visited a while ago and I think it's best if we talk then." He said seeming a little uneasy but at the same time hopeful. "Uh...I wish I could be there since you've helped me but I'm busy." You said as you bit the bottom of your lip in guilt "Look, I get it. If you really don't want to come tomorrow then just say-" "I have a date" You interrupted Draco, you didn't want to look at him in the eye, you felt horrible that you're blowing Draco in his time of need to go be on a date with Oliver. "The legendary Oliver & _______ date is tomorrow? Bloody Hell! I wanted to crash it, I had a plan with Crabbe and Goyle." Draco said in a disappointing tone that his plans were ruin, you never answered; you lifted up your head to look at him directly in the face. "I'm joking. I have better things to do than watch you go on a date with that Wood character" Draco said as he turned his head away from yours. "Oh, I see. How about I come visit you after the date? I'll pick you up something from Honeydukes?" You said cheerfully, Draco turned his head to look at you and smiled "That would be great." "Great, I got to go. I'll see you tomorrow!" After you left Draco with those parting words, your thoughts are:
  7. After your meeting with Draco, you decided to head for the common room. The flowers Neville gave you were about to wilt. On your way there all was well until "INCOMING!" A voice above you yelled out, the next thing you knew a putrid gas surrounded you, the smell filled your throat making you give out a horrendous cough. "Ew, what the...?" You look up and see two people plus Peeves looking down. "PEEVES! LOOK WHAT YOU DID!" The voice was ringing in your ears as you heard it too many times today. "WHAT!? This is not my fault! Better leave before that snooty cat and his master catches you!" The Poltergeist vanished, later on appearing in front of you. "Say, aren't you the Gryffindor Captain's Love?" By Peeves words you instantly felt the warm embarrassment filling your cheeks "I am not! Why don't you mind your own business!?" Peeves was on his side floating above you "Why, I do mind my own business. It just so happens that these halls are filled with news and is it really my fault that people are so loud?" "Why does this have to do with me?" "Little _________, what a heart-breaker you are. Already the keen interest in many guys hearts yet there are 7 guys that you've made such an impact on." Peeves gave you a large grin and rolled on his back in the air "Be useful for once and tell me exactly who." "Heart-breaker __________, how you toy with the hearts of men but even you aren't that thick to know who." "PEEVES WILL YOU JUST TELL ME WHO, YOU ANNOYING WRETCHED MENACE!" "Temper, temper. Surely, the first one is Oliver Wood, however the others are three are easily spotted in a large lot, one brings unfortunate luck and is rather meek. The other one never stops crying, if I could I would certainly sew his mouth shut; his crying gives me a migraine and the last one has suffered such pain that even you can't imagine. I guess the term you young folks use now is "Smitten" I might say. Well, I'm off to go ruin Filtch's life once more." With those words, Peeves left giving you some obvious hints to who the guys were. Your thoughts:
  8. After receiving such words from Peeves, you couldn't think straight, everything was jumbled in your head; you were worried if your brain was going to meltdown. Moments later, Fred & George Weasley appear behind you. "Oh! _______, well what can we say? Peeves has good aim!" Fred laughed as him and George were standing right in front of you laughing. "I bet he does" The stress from a while ago has faded away, giving you some relief. "Ugh, what is this?" You smelled your arm which gave a strong aroma of dead fish, rotten eggs and the inside of a horse stable. "It smells terrible!" The two realized the putrid odor you were emitting and took a good step away from you. "Dungbombs" George said as he bending down seeing the leftover green residue it left. "Weasley Brother's newest project! Basically stink pellets, at least we know they work!" He said standing straight up and smiling. The smell was too strong for you, you tried to fan it away but it was no use, your flowers seem to have wilted as well. "...a little too well, the smell wilted my flowers and I just got them..." You said trying not to sound to depressed. "Oh, sorry about that. We can fix that! They're _____? Are they? Ready George?" "Ready Fred" the twins smiled to each other, holding out their wands in a few seconds "Orchideous!" Instantly, new __________ appeared; looking no different than the original ones. "Oh, why thank you..." Touched by their actions, it just did not feel the same. Your thoughts are:
  9. As the twins put their wands away, they smiled at you. "So, excited for tomorrow? Everyone can't wait to know how it ends! We just want to know how it goes & how Oliver acts" George smiled as he leaned against the stoned wall, your heart did a little somersault "I'm really nervous...I mean, let's just be real here for a second, a year 3 student is going on a date with a year 7 student? How can I be calm? Plus, I'm sure everyone can't wait to see how it goes. What if I make a fool out of MYSELF?" You said adding a strong emphasis on "myself". "Oliver should be worrying about that because you see-" George instantly nudged Fred in the left lower rib cage hard. "Fred! Quiet! Aha! Look at the time..." Fred started to stutter while turning George around and shoving him in the opposite direction "We got to go. See you later! Oh, and you need to shower at least for 45 minutes then the stench will be completely gone." Fred said with those parting words while he pushes George out of the corridor. "Dang it, almost got him...Ugh. I better wash up now & go to bed." As you begin to walk up the stairs, your heart gave a strong vibe throughout your body "YEP! TOMORROW IS THE DAY!" To Fred & George's comment, you are only more
  10. Knowing that tomorrow is the day, everything goes down between you and Oliver tomorrow. You're walking the halls dazed "Ugh, totally can't stop thinking about tomorrow..." You shouted as you ruffled your hair with some leaves from the flowers in your hair. Just then Harry, Ron and Hermione walked into the Great Hall corridor looking very depressed. "When Malfoy is released from the Hospital Wing, he better reserve the same bed because I'm going to break more than just an arm." Hermione shouted out. You turned around with your back faced but shortly they walk past you except Ron and Harry stop near you. "__________...Uhm, not to be offensive but you reek." Ron said trying to sound nice but it was obviously failing "Your brothers." You said nicely but just as Ron, you failed. "Everything all right?" Harry said as he placed his hands in his sweater pocket to keep warm. You saw Hermione storming up the steps then later turning to the boys to tell them to hurry up to their common room soon. "I should be asking you that, but nonetheless I'm fine. You guys?" Ron & Harry both looked at each other and sighed "Terrible, just got back from Hagrid. The Hippogriff Buckbeak that attacked Malfoy is going to be executed, really should be Malfoy the one who should be executed. Anyways, I'm going to the common room. Good Night." Although you weren't happy that Ron was talking to you. What he said seemed serious. Your thoughts:
  11. You look at Harry who had his fist in a ball. "Harry...? You alright" He looked up from his daze and relaxed. "Just feel sorry for Hagrid. I know what he's going through and how it feels...losing someone you care about... learning they were killed." Harry dropped his head momentarily "Harry, I thought you knew that..."you-know-who" killed your parents already..." Harry's eyes began to water as he brought up his head, he dropped on the staircase and began to ruffle his hair. "Keep a secret? I told Ron & Hermione already. It's just there's something about you that makes me trust you." You nodded and sat beside him but knowing you gave a strong smell you moved away. "Well, the day we bumped into each other at Hogsmeade, I overheard something. Sirius black was my parent's closest friend , he was suppose to keep them safe, protect them...but he betrayed them and Voldemort killed them. He was their best friend, he let the man he grew up with, my father, left to die by Voldemort and now he's coming after me...and...He's my Godfather." Harry said but at the end he cracked up. "Harry...I-...Harry, Dumbledore won't let him anywhere near you. You're safe here with all of us and you're not alone. Ron, Hermione...and myself are with you. You're not alone..." You said leaning closer to Harry. "But I want him to find me. I won't let the Dementors find him until he realize how much pain he's given me. It will pain him once he looks at me, I am a splitting image of my father after all. I'd make him suffer." Harry said standing up and heading up the stairs, you immediately stood up "Harry!" He turned around and looked at you with painful eyes, he said no words "Harry, please don't. You'll only get yourself killed." Harry walked down the steps and stood face to face with you, he placed his arms around you despite how horrible you smell. Your thoughts:
  12. He pulled away from the hug & smiled at you. "Don't worry about me, I'll be fine. Just focus on tomorrow & tell me all about it the next Hogsmeade trip!" He said as parting words, later turning around and heading up the stairs. "Harry!" You called out for the last time, he turned around and smiled with the light of the moon shining on him from the window. You began to realize how attractive Harry was. "Be careful & wash up before you sleep." You said seriously but ending up cracking a smile, he gave himself a whiff and laughed before he headed up the stairs. You were left alone once again. Today was very eventful but it's nothing compared than tomorrow, all you can do now is pray that you and everyone will have an easy day. "My my, wasn't that touching" Peeves' ghostly voice called out "GO TO SLEEP PEEVES" Your thoughts at the end of the day
  13. Hello Sweeties. This quiz is not as long as the last quiz but I managed to include everyone & yes yes, the next part is the part everyone has been waiting for. The next part will be the date between you & Oliver Woods, i'll be sure to make Oliver win all of your hearts. For all of you, Draco Malfoy fans, I'm sorry Draco will be appearing after the date, so please settled with Oliver and possibly a few appearances from the other guys. A couple of notices, uhm yeah, I've been really keeping in mind with all of your request; such as @WestGirlz's request of a little scene between Peeves & yourself, so if anyone has anymore request to help me shape the story of your fantasies feel free to comment on my offbeat forum "hi there x" or drop a comment. I'd like to also give a shoutout to @angelic4 for their commment, I'd like to point out that they aren't a big fan of Harry Potter but they are a fan of my quizzes, which really surprises and the feeling I got after reading their comment was amazing. One last thing, I never expected my quizzes will be on the homepage under "Featured Quizzes" especially 3 times, you guys are amazing! I was honestly so touched when I saw the 3rd edition of my quiz on the homepage again. Once again, massive thank you from all of you. Keep commenting, reading, supporting & rating.

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