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As we reach the end of this year, we're not quite done! There is still the grande finale action we still have to experience! This part is just the explanation which isn't really that interesting except for some scenes. Let's see what will happen now!

Will you get the Hogwarts guy of your dreams? Who knows, starting from year 3 till 8 (Because year 1 & 2 are still too young to date)you will get your chance from being friends to lovers by the end of the year

Created by: natuhleegayle

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  1. Time was slowly going by. You sat on a stool that was in between Ron and Draco's bed. You decided that you weren't going to pick between Ron and Draco because you were still mad at the both of them and it would have been awkward for the both of them. "Don't worry ________. They'll be fine. If I know Harry and Hermione, they'll be running through those doors with great news." Draco was in disbelief as he gave a smirk. It caught your eye, you glared at Draco who felt a chill run down his spine as you did. You were still trying to take in everything that has happened "Mister Malfoy, you can go. No need for you to stay in the Hospital Wing any longer." Everyone's attention was now on Madam Pomfrey as she walked in, who interrupted your train of thought. Ron didn't care what happened to Draco. Draco stood up and looked over his shoulder, he pivoted his body halfway to turn, giving you an awkward smile and departing wave. You were surprised and didn't know how to react. You turned away from Draco, who suddenly looked really depressed. Once Draco left you realized how awkward it was for you and Ron.
  2. Patience was a virtue you did not have. The sound of each passing minute that went by annoyed you. You hated the feeling of not being there for your friends. You decided as a distraction, you would talk to Ron. "So, how did you get your injury?" You asked as you turned your head to the high to face Ron in the far right end corner. He was surprised that you wanted to talk. "Oh..." He fixed his posture awkwardly "Well...Sirius dragged me down from the field near Hagrid's, when we went to see him. He dragged me all the way to the Shrieking Shack, believe it or not" He said giving an awkwardly ha, you and Ron both knew it was very awkward. "It wasn't that bad, there was a secret passage under the Whomping Willow tree and he did it in his Animagus form. All so he could get Scabbers-Oh! I meant Wormtail..." He ended off. He explained and scratched the back of his neck and gave a shy smile. You didn't question how Wormtail came into the picture, at least not yet. "So, Wormtail's animagus is a rat? Huh, the name does fit." You said as you walked over to Ron's bed. He seemed very nervous, the feeling was mutual. "Yeah. Who would have thought, a family pet that has been in my family as long as I can remember is actually a convicted murder." "Yeah...So, why does Sirius want to catch Wormtail?" The atmosphere became very depressing
  3. "Yeah. Wormtail framed Sirius for the murder of 3-5 muggles (I forget) and faked his own death. Which gave the idea Sirius killed him alongside with the muggles...because of that, you-know-who killed Harry's Parents. He was what you called the Potter's Secret Keeper, he protected the Potter's when you-know-who was searching for them." The subject was getting really heavy and depressing. You looked down and a thought appeared in your head "Ron...?" You asked as he shot his head up when you called his name. "...I was just hoping...if now would be a good time to talk about all that's happen?" You shyly asked. It was as any other good time as the next, since no one was about to stand up and walk anytime soon. He stared at the window for a few seconds and nodded. "Where to start off first?" He asked in an awkwardly happy tone "The night you kissed me would be an amazing place to start off..."
  4. He bit the corner of his lip as he looked down and gave a heavy sigh "I was kind of hoping that you already knew." You tilted your head to the side and shook it slightly "Well, not really. I don't even remember what you said..." Ron eyes slightly widen "Really? Am I that good?" He gave a genuine chuckle which perked up your mood "Ron..." You said seriously but it was hard considering you were trying to hold back the laughter "Just trying to diffuse the tension. But, the reason I kissed you was because I like you." He said straightforward without any regrets, you were really unhappy that you heard that "That's never a good thing to hear..." "Why...because of Oliver?" Ron assumed "No! It's just that...what is there to like about me? I'm whiny, awkward, I have a low self-esteem and I let those take advantage of me. I don't get what guys see in me..." He gave a small smile "A guy who is truly in love or whatever the case may be, will look past a girls flaws and see the beautiful angel he fell in love with." You were slightly unhappy with how cheesy Ron was being but you weren't going to say anything except "Well, that's true but you just kissed me out of the blue..."
  5. "Sorry, did that in a panic...You were yelling about forgetting each other and I couldn't bear that, especially seeing someone you like, like someone else. I guess that's what I see in you and Oliver and probably Harry." He sighed to himself and looked out the window "And what I see in Ambrosia and Oliver..." "Who?" Ron jerked his head when you mentioned Oliver's name with some other girl. There was a small silence until he realized "Oh! That name sounds familiar. I think she's the one I was on the hill with. Yeah, she was there, then when I came she left then Neville came seconds after." You straightened your posture and your ears perked up at what you just heard "Wait, so...you weren't watching me and Oliver?" "No. I just saw him happy as ever talking to you." He said, it seemed it pained him when describing Oliver with you. "Oh, whew..." You said very depressingly "__________, I really hope we can start over. I'm just a really bad jealous type." "...yeah. I do too, it's been hard." He gave a bright genuine wide smile "I'm-I'm glad!"
  6. Everything was turning out to be okay so far. Ron finally explained and it seemed everything between the both of you would be fine. What was really surprising was how you were when Ron confessed that he liked you. It really didn't affect you at this point, you were simply going to act as if you heard nothing. Just then, a ruckus barged into the room. "H-Harry?!" Ron yelled out as Professor Snape, Madam Pomfrey, Professor McGonagall and Professor Dumbledore stormed in alongside Hermione with Harry lying unconcious on a stretcher. You jumped to your feet and ran over to Harry who was placed on a bed. "Harry? Harry! What happened?!" You said, holding on Harry's hand almost on the verge of tears. "Th-There were hundreds of Dementors...S-Sirius Black...was by the lake...Harry ran to him, he tried to save him but...he tried a spell but...there were too many of them. I-I c-c-couldn't help but then there was a bright white light and..." Hermione stuttered, she was in complete shock to see her best friend lay unconscious in front of her "That's enough, Miss Granger..." Prof. McGonagall patted her back
  7. "He needs his rest now, he's in capable hands. The Dementors informed me, they'll be performing what needs to be done in a moments notice, Headmaster." Snape said in a monotonous voice, Dumbledore looking furious, nodded his head. The other professors left without any other word. Prof. Dumbledore stayed awaiting for Harry to awaken. You stayed by Harry's side as Hermione stood by Ron. You stared at Harry's face
  8. Seconds past, Harry suddenly let out a huge gasp that made everyone jump. "HARRY!" "Way to give us a scare..." "Thank Goodness Harry! I should have went with you..." The three of you yelled one after another. You leaned forward to Harry as you tightened your grip. Hermione was crying tears of joy and relief when Harry opened his eyes and Ron gave a satisfying sigh. Harry laid still until he snapped back into reality. "Sirius!? Where's Sirius?!" He yelled as he tried to jump out of bed, you placed your hands on Harry's shoulders and restrained him. It was very difficult, Harry was using all of his weight against yours to break free. "Harry! Please!" You groaned as you tried to lay him down. Hermione buried her face into Ron's shoulder because she knew what Harry would hear would absoluetly break his heart. "He-Hermione..." He gasped for air and gave her the eyes that pierced ones heart. "W-When they found us, Harry, the Dementors...they took Sirius." She told Harry and the expression on Harry's face pained everyone. "W-What?! Why didn't you do anything?! HERMIONE! WHY DIDN'T YOU STOP THEM!" "I tried to Harry, I know what you're going thou-" "NO, YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND! HE'S THE ONLY FAMILY I HAVE! THEY'LL KILL HIM!" Harry shouted. There was an awkward silence after what Harry had said, although it was easily broke by Harry's panting
  9. It seemed calm all around, your hands were by your side as you sat down beside Harry's bed. Hermione kept muttering to herself complaining how useless she is, Ron pattered her back as he awkwardly tried to comfort her. All of a sudden, Harry jumped out of bed. "Harry! Where do you think you're going?" You said as you stood up in an instant and followed Harry, he turned to you and while fixing the collar of his jacket "I'm going to save Sirius." "Harry, are you completely mad? You don't know where Sirius is and if you did, what will you do? You tried to save him the first time, how did that turn out?" You said, hoping to smack some sense into Harry. He stood there baffled, he knew you were right. "I guess that's it then." He sighed as he sat down to vacant stool, at the foot of the bed. "I can't do anything about it..." "Have you truly given up that easy Harry?" Dumbledore said as he stepped out of the shadows from where he was sitting
  10. Dumbledore walked over with his 6ft beard and glanced at Harry, letting his half-moon spectacles slide off the bridge of his nose slightly. "Harry, if I've told you once, I've told you a million times. I'm sure everyone here remembers." The trio and you looked at each other and then back at Dumbledore. "No, we don't" You all said in unisons. He gave a small sigh but transitioned into a small chuckle "Help will always be given at Hogwarts, to those who ask." "What are you saying Professor?" Harry stood up and walked over, now standing beside you. You looked at Harry then Dumbledore giving a loud ha "Professor, are you actually giving Harry permission, to break the rules?" "I'm not saying that at all" "It was implied" "Believe what you will Miss ________. But, I'm afraid, we don't have enough time to discuss this matter. If only we had more TIME." He said adding emphasis while staring at Hermione. Hermione gave a loud gasp and straightened up. Professor Dumbledore walked past you and Harry and headed straight for the doors. "If you are able to perform this task succesfully, you will be able to save, two lives tonight." Hermione rushed over to the both of you, mumbling something to Harry. You were more focused on what Professor Dumbledore had to say "Oh, and do keep in mind that you are must not to be seen. I will close these doors so that no one will see." He said giving a smile before heading out the doors, closing it shut. You turned around to see Hermione placing a gold necklace around herself and Harry "What are you doing?" You asked grabbing a hold of Harry's arm "I'm going to save Sirius." He panted as he looked at you with his cool green eyes and perfectly messy black hair "How do you expect on doing that?" "This time turner, Prof. McGonagall gave it to be at the beginning of the semester. So, I could keep track with all my studies, I take Arithmancy then I use this to go back to the start of the period and take Muggle Studies" Hermione explained in a panic "So, basically you can -" "Go back in time, yes! We don't have much time" "I'll go." You volunteered "W-What? Do you know how dangerous it'll be?" Hermione hesitated and gave you a dirty stare "I'll go. You stay here with Ron. I don't want to stay behind and feel like the useless friend." Hermione stayed at you but was sympathetic to your feelings "Turn this hourglass three times back. You should go back to the time we've just entered the Shrieking Shack" Hermione smiled. You nodded you head and swapped placed with Hermione; you were now face to face with Harry who smelled like pine trees from running through the forest. You grabbed a hold on the time turner and faced Harry "Are you ready?" He smiled and nodded "I was born ready"
  11. Sorry m'loves! I have to end it there, my priority was getting this up as soon as possible! So, since we ended it off there; you can probably see that there will be Hogwarts Love Story Pt 9.2. Yes, this is because Pt 10 will be focused on the departure of Hogwarts & year 3. So, my priority is getting Hogwarts Pt 11 {A New Year} on New Years! Just because it's a new chapter in this series and in the actual year! I'll try to make the deadline for that! After that, I'm sorry to say that after Jan 2st. I will not be posting till Jan 9th because I have Final Projects to finish & I should have started a long time ago but, hey! I 'm trying to manage to get the next 2 parts publish! I've already given you the over-due Christmas special as well as this edition. So please, bare with me. It won't be for long! I'm not done with this series yet! I really would like to thank all of you for pushing me to my best, you guys are the reason I love writing! Just hearing the smiles I put upon your faces and etc. I'm also so sorry that this edition took really long; I had my personal problems as well as TERRIBLE writers block with the explanation with Sirius. I had so much planned but I just cut it here. I think it's a satisfying ending? I mean, I'm hoping that you're all anxious to see what happens next, especially we're going to save Sirius and I'm sorry to say, there would be a restrain to the cuteness factor because there will a lot of spell casting action in this series! Anyways, I got to go loves! Email me at rawrnedly@hotmail(.)com for a friendly chat, dropping a suggestion and etc. Stay magical x

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