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What if you had the power to bring your stories to live? Watching your characters come alive and join along side with them for the journey. It's everything an aspiring writer dreams about but for this New Yorker; it might turn out to be the worst thing ever that has happened to her.

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Created by: natuhleegayle

  1. Before I start this series, I just want to inform you, this story and everything inside has been made by me, so if anyone accuses me of stealing ideas, it's merely a coincidence. This series was inspired by Night of the Museum, Sorcerer's Apprentice, and Eragon and, of course, Harry Potter. So, without further ado, enjoy!
  2. Let's face it, you've done it too. You pick up a book, for example, Stephanie Meyers' Twilight or J.K Rowling's Harry Potter series and as soon as there was a character you were in love with, you instantly wished it came to life; so you and Edward or Harry can live your life together and have abnormal children. You're not alone. I've done it too. I was probably one of those girls who would cry when the book ended because the character I fell in love with, ends up happily with the heroine. And where does that bring me? "Y-You can't be re-real...thi-this is not happening!" No, we're not there yet. That happens later on in the story. So, referring back to the topic how we all want stories that we create or adore come to life; trust me, once it happens, you never want it to happen again. Let me tell you about when a New Yorker stumbles upon a little book called the Encantus.
  3. Yup, the city of New York; it's beautiful, if you know where you're going and know how to keep your belongings till the end of the day without getting robbed. Other than that, it was just another icon in the world; I love it. In the streets of New York, I can always find inspiration because no matter where you look, a movie shoot is taking place. I was on my way home from school taking the usual route when I passed the bookstore that had hardly any customers, now hardly any merchandise at all. I took out my headphones and having Lady Gaga's Marry the Night song blast through. "Why, hello there, ________! Is school over already?" An old lady says to me as she walks out the store with her husband following behind her. "˜Yes, uhm, what's going on? You manage to sell everything?" I said hopefully. The place was run by this elderly couple for as long as I can remember, it's painful if you imagine them leaving. "No, no. I'm afraid that our Book Emporium didn't pay this month's rent. We decided to close up shop and use the money we get from selling the store to make up for the rise of debts." The old lady said as her husband stacked the boxes behind her.
  4. I was filled with a rush of depression, this place was my escapism. Whenever I go into a fight with my parents or friends, I would run here and read books until I forget why I was even sad or mad in the first place. "O-Oh gosh, I wish there was something I could do..." I say in an upset tone as I stare at the red sign that hands above that read "The Wonderful Book Emporium" Not a very catchy name but it was welcoming. The old lady graced me with her crooked smile and her warm eyes. She walked up to me and grabbed my hands. "Oh, ________, I'll never forget the day you visited and spent hours reading the books till you found the perfect one. You read at least, probably twenty-one books" I actually read three but she likes to exaggerate since I'm always there reading a different book. "You have such a passion for literature, it warms my heart. I do want to give you this, to remember us." She handed me this leather bound book that seemed that came from the era where dryads and elves roamed through the earth. "It's a notebook, to fill with stories of your own and who knows, your stories may come to life one day!" I smiled to what she had to say, it's a dream of mine to be a New York Bestseller and see my story up on the big screen for all my adoring fans! I thanked the old lady and took the book with me and headed home. I should have just given it back.
  5. As I make my way home, I stop in my tracks and try to hide. Okay, so I guess you can tell that I'm not the most social girl in the city. "He is so cute." I say to myself. Just down the street; the cutest guy ever to exist walks down with his friends. Brett Tanner. He has eyes that are like two rising sun, his luxurious hair that touches just under his ears is chocolate brown. His voice is soothing, he has a charming British accent, and his voice is always tinged with laughter. He's always cheerful and seen with the people classified as cool. I get lost in the moment daydreaming about cute he is until I find him standing right in front of me, smiling at me. "Oh, hi _______, what're you doing?" He asked me in his adorable British accent. "Oh! Uhm, nothing at all, just stopped by the bookstore and was on my way home." I said in a panic and I'm pretty sure that I'm as red as Rudolph's red nose. "No, I meant, what are you doing hiding behind a telephone pole?" He asks with a smile as he lifts one of his eyebrows. Swoon. Unfortunately, when I went into hiding, I found the most obvious place to show that I'm hiding, behind a telephone pole. " know; I was just...looking for signal! What better way to get bars than stand beside a telephone pole? Yup, that's exactly what I'm doing!" I said with my tone dying down. I look down before I let out an awkward laugh. I can still feel his eyes on me. "Well, I better get going..." I said without even looking at him or waiting for his response. I'm such an idiot.
  6. I arrived home and dropped the book on my table. I collapsed on my bed that was prompt up against my wall horizontally and just let my hair cover my face. I was exhausted and embarrassed. However, if I wanted to reach my dream, I would have to give it my all and push through the hard times. I pushed my body up and walked over to my desk where the leather-bound book was resting. I ran my fingers through the embroidered text that covered the front of the book. "Encantus..." I said softly. I opened the book and the first page was blank and it had that new book smell. Oh, I loved it! Opening a book for the first time and smelling the parchment and letting yourself be lost in a world where anything can happen. In my world, I imagine a world of adventure, fantasy, heroes and heroine as well as antagonist. I didn't know how the story was going to turn out, the basic structure was in my head and in the book was an introduction of the story. "Writers block already..." I mumbled to myself. This is what I hate about myself, I get writers block in an instant; So much for New York Bestseller.
  7. The story sounded good so far. [In the kingdom of Elyria, where all seemed peaceful at the time and joy ran throughout the land, a Warlock by the name of Valentin decided that Elyria should try something different, a little, darkness. The Warlock, Valentin, was on the verge to create an army no one can overcome; a frightful apocalypse. However, this magic is too great for him, for what he needs in order to succeed are the Gems of Mortalis. There are many gems-over 1,000,000 but there are only 8, that which he needs in order for the apocalypse to occur; the gem of suffering, health, madness, energy, horror, enchantment, peace and balance. With them, no one can stop him; but his plans were already known throughout the kingdom and immediate plans were taken into action. In a town of Southern Elyria, a mage by the name of Juliet is determined to stop Valentin's plans, in any case, find the gems before he does. However, she is not alone, she is joined with her valiant friend, Logan, the town's looker and Juliet's trusted companion and with the Valentin's plan afoot, the journey begins.]
  8. I stare at the book until it finally hits me that I honestly have no ideas anymore, I stretch my arms out and lean against the back of my chair. It's time to call it a night. I shuffle to my bed and let the comforter fill me with its warmth. "Good night, cruel world." I mumble before I shut my eyes. If you ever come across a magical book, here's rule number one; don't touch it. If you happen to disregard the first rule and buy the book and leave it out in the open in your room and go to sleep, then I suggest you never wake up. Of course, I was never awake to see anything happen to the book but you can guess that once I closed the book and shut my eyes, the papers glowed and it started to vibrate. If that wasn't freaky, try having the cover fly open and the words shine in a glimmering gold. Yup, now the real story starts.
  9. "Do you think Valentin might have casted the Eternal Slumber spell on her?" a voice chimed, it was fuzzy and barely audible but you were pretty sure someone was in the same room as you. "I doubt it. I never knew Valentin learned the doppelgänger spell, we better be on the lookout now." Yup, someone was definitely in your room-make that someone(s). I let out a groaned and pulled my body up as I rubbed my eyes, everything was a blur but moment later, and I managed to regain my vision. When it cleared up, I found myself looking into a large set of sapphire eyes. I screamed. She screamed. He screamed. Yup, there were two unknown strangers in my room. I pushed myself to the corner and used a pillow as a shield "w-who are you guys?! Trust me, you shouldn't be here. I-I'll call the cops!" They looked at me with a clueless expression written across their face, I was shaking. My heart was beating to the sound of a Chinese festival drum. "Logan, this isn't Valentin. We're wasting our time." I caught a word of what she had to say, my stomach fell to my waist. "Wait, your name is Logan? What's your name? And where did you come from?" I ask the girl who was an amazingly splitting image of me. "My name is Juliet and this is Logan, and we come from the Kingdom of Elyria." Her words went thought one ear and I was hoping it would go out the other way, nope. It merged inside my brain. I gave a chuckle before I fainted on my bed.
  10. I opened my eyes to see my pastel green wall and nothing else. I rubbed the bridge of my nose and sat up straight. "I was dreaming, that was a weird dream...maybe, I should work on the stor-ah!" I screamed as I turned towards the direction of the book to see Logan and Juliet standing there. "This isn't happening..." I blurt out as I rubbed my eyes violently. Nope, they were still there. "Nope, we're still here. The people of this kingdom aren't very bright." Logan said then later whispering to Juliet. I stood up and walk towards Logan and Juliet. I stare into Logan's sun-like eyes, they reminded me of Brett. Actually, Logan is a character that I created, based on Brett. Oh, don't tell me you never done that in your life! I bring my hand up and gentle tap him in the face, I suddenly grew more and more confident that I ended up slapping Logan right across the face. "Are you asking to be charred?!" Logan yells as he turns to face me drawing a sword that has an emerald crusted handle. "Y-You can't be re-real...thi-this is not happening!"
  11. I said in a raspy tone said as I frantically paced back and forth my room, Juliet as a splitting image of me in a lilac knee high gown sat on my bed "How can we not be? You created us." "That's the thing! I created you, Juliet! You're supposed to be in there!" I pointed to the book "Not out here!" Logan chuckled as he leaned against the desk. "Well, as far as things go, I know that you're our creator we just don't know why we're here." He said as he picked up the book and suddenly his smile vanished. "You need to find the person who gave you this book and explain what is it?" He tells me as I'm still in my pyjamas; I shot him a look of confusion while Juliet is suddenly very worried. "Taking it, of how you're not fond of us, ________" He even has Brett's British accent, it's too hard to take him seriously. "Wait till you meet, Valentin."
  12. Without any questions, Logan, Juliet and I rush into the streets of my neighbourhood. I decided not to give them a change of clothes because, one people may think it's just a movie and two; Juliet and Logan hate my clothes. It was 3 o'clock; the sun was at its highest, almost about to set. Okay, all I did was take a nap..."I don't know if she's still here..." I said as I held the Encantus in my hands, Juliet and Logan straggle behind me, we're not even halfway there and suddenly the book stars to glow and vibrate. "W-W-What is going on?!" I said as I hold the book away from me and open the cover. The text starts to shine a glimmer gold and suddenly, a face submerges out of the paper diabolically laugh. I screamed as I dropped the book. The face pushes its body up until it's completely free from the pages. Out came a man with, pale grey skin and slick back hair that is the color of dark amber; his eyes are amber which gives an eerie feeling at night. "Hybris." Juliet said under her breath as she drew her staff.
  13. "When is this?" He said in a raspy interrupted tone, his eyes were frightening. I was paralyzed where I stood while Logan and Juliet were ready for combat. Interrupted by the sight of Logan and Juliet, a smile appeared on his face. "Why, if it isn't Elyria's heroes; the master will be thrilled to see you're still alive." He stands up straight and cracks his neck. "Tenebris" Suddenly, a ball of something shoots out of his hands; Logan smiled as he sliced it in half. "Is that the best you can do, Hybris? You seemed to have lost your touch." He taunts the man name Hybris as he spins his sword around. Hybris' growls and starts something else "Lunarem Defi-"Before he can continue, the book began to glow again. Out came, not one but two people this time; a very posh old man and a very cold looking boy that was around my age. "Quit your games Hybris, you're making a fool out of yourself." The old man said as he fixed the cuffs of his sleeves. He notices Logan, Juliet and I and begins to chuckle. "Oh, Eros; be as so kind as to dispose of them...but do it, quickly." The man said as he steps away from the book and towards Hybris. The boy named Eros brings out a blade that was encrusted with Pyrope Garnets. "_______, get the book and run. We'll follow you after." Juliet whispers to me, I stare at her with a look of craze. She turns her head and winks at me. Logan is in his fighting stance as he laughs at Eros "Oh, following around Daddy's orders, Eros? You're never going to grow up are you?" The boy known as Eros takes one clean swipe which Logan skilfully manages to dodge. "You better get going. Pira Ignis!" Juliet shouts out and a ball of fire goes hurdling towards Eros.
  14. I didn't know what to do at the time. We should switch places, try waking up one morning thinking it's a normal day like any other then later, finding yourself in your neighbourhood fighting alongside characters you've create. It's definitely an eye opener. I ran towards the book, trying my best to dodge the spells there were flying around. It got to the point where they didn't speak any incantation, they just thrust their wand and a Plasma sphere would form. At times, they used physical combat instead. "I'm going to die. I'm going to die. I'm going to die" I repeated to myself as I ran towards the book; I threw it very far when Hybris escaped. "DUCK!" Someone yells out and I'm suddenly flat on my face against the asphalt inches away from the book. "Eros, follow along once you're done. Porta ad inferos" A shadow like portal is formed after the man said the incantation. It still wasn't safe to stand up and walk. As I watched till the man disappeared through the shadows along with Hybris, I crawled to the book. By the time, I reached the book, the man and Hybris vanished; leaving Juliet, Logan and Eros fighting in my neighbourhood. I stare at the open pages and I could have sworn it wasn't how I left it. Remember what you've read before? Well, someone decided to add a little more. [Terror and havoc was in the air, Juliet and Logan were determined to create a moment where they would escape Eros alongside _______.] The sentences before that described what happened moments before especially quoting you "W-W-What is going on?!" I pretty much knew right then and there, the book was alive and I'm living in one hectic fairy tale.
  15. Here it is, the first chapter of "Keep Calm and Read On" I know that I just started writing this but what I have in store, I can hardly wait to show it to all of you. If there's any confusion you had in the release, just feel free to drop a comment! Don't worry, there are many more guys in store as well as one craze adventure! So, stay tune for that! If you enjoyed this series and you're a massive Harry Potter fan, be sure to check out my other series; Hogwarts Love Story. I would love to hear your thoughts on that series as well as this! Stay magical everyone!

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