Hogwarts Love Story Pt 11.2 {A New Year}

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The second edition to the sophomore chapter is here! Looks like we're meeting someone new this time! I wonder what's happening at the Quidditch Cup now. Good or bad? I don't know but we'll soon find out!

Will you get the Hogwarts guy of your dreams? Who knows, starting from year 3 till 8 (Because year 1 & 2 are still too young to date)you will get your chance from being friends to lovers by the end of the year

Created by: natuhleegayle

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  1. The Dark Mark; the last time its been seen were the dark dreading times of the one and only Dark Lord himself, he who should not be named. Its presence gave everyone an eerie feel as the appearance was shined upon with a bright neon green light. Breathing heavily as the smog surrounded you, you quickly had to go into hiding. "MUMMY!" a piercing scream cried out, you quickly searched for the source and saw a child, no older the age of 6 cornered by one of the masked men. You weren't going to leave knowing a helpless child was in dire need.
  2. "Hey Ugly!" You yelled as you reached for a pebble and flung it to his head. He slowly turned away and you saw the child taking its opportunity to run. "Why don't you pick on someone your own size?!" You yelled, keeping a firm grip on your wand. He took a step closer and his wand came shooting from the inside his sleeve to the palm of his hand; you took a gigantic gulp. He thrusted his wand at you and a bright red light came flying towards you; you managed to block the spell by casting Protego. "Stupefy" You yelled, the same color went flying to the man, he easily repelled it by thrusting his hand downwards diagonally. You continued to use Stupefy but the same actions occurred, it repeated till you fell to the ground as you were moving back.
  3. The masked man stood over you, you saw nothing once again but your reflection. He raised his wand with the tip facing right at your face "Avad-" He was about to say an incantation but it sounded more as a snake talking, he stopped and looked up; the Dark Mark was no longer there. He slowly turned his back towards you, at your finger tips you gave your wand a tight squeeze, you were parched by the amount of smog you've inhaled "C-Con-Conjunctivitus" You said as you quickly pointed your wand at his face but it quickly backfired as you forgot realize he was wearing a mask.
  4. Your head flung as the spell backfired and flew towards you. You groaned in pain, your eyes had a yellow crust surrounding them, there was a searing pain making it unbeareable for you to open your eyes, you were now visually impaired and alone as you heard the sounds of apparatus taking place in front of you. You were now alone, there were distant sounds of cheer and the spell of Aguamenti extinguishing the flames. You used your hands to cover your face as you laid helplessly there "SOMEONE HELP!" You yelled in an irritable manner, you swore as it took them very long to come and find you. "CAN SOMEBODY PLEASE COME TO ASSIST ME?!" You said with the same tone but in a politer tone, hoping that would have made a slight difference. Fortunately it did. "It's okay. I got you" a deep masculine voice said gently, it was a familiar voice but you were nothing without your sight. The man placed one arm under your legs and the other supporting your back, he grunted as he lifted you and carried you to medical assistance "How rude" You scoffed with your hands over your eyes, the man gave a soft laugh.
  5. While you were being gracefully escorted to medical support, your chivalry decided to converse with you. "You're lucky that all the Death Eater did was gave you the pink eye jinx." He said in a way notifying you to be grateful, you turned bright pink because that's exactly not what happened "Actually, I did this to myself. The spell backfired on me & what is a Death Eater?" You asked with your hands still on your face and hair dangling as you were being carried; the man tried not to laugh at your confession, you gave a miserable groan and he cleared his throat. "You might want to have your wand check" (Yeah, that's what went wrong) You whispered as he suggested a wand check "Pardon?" "Oh! Nothing, you were saying?" You quickly covered up
  6. "A Death Eater is a loyal follower to he-who-must-not-be-named. They too, also believe that the world should be a muggle free place and only those with pure blood should keep their magic." He explained, he bounced you in his arms for he was losing his grip "That's terrible...No wonder a child was cornered." You quietly said "A child?! Are they safe?" He asked in a very concern manner, you told him that they were able to escape but you don't know where they ran off to. By the time you told him that, you were at the Medical Examination Tent; he explained that you had the Conjunctivitus jinx placed on you. "Well, you're in good care now. I'll go check for anyone else." He said as he placed you on a stretcher, you sat up right and thanked him. "Wait! I didn't get your name!" You blurted out as his presence was no longer lingering onto you "Don't worry. I'll see you at school" He shouted out from a distance
  7. While waiting patiently for your turn to be revoked of this dread jinx that you placed upon yourself, you began to wonder what happened to Oliver and Draco for that matter. As you got lost in thought, it was finally your turn; the process didn't take long, a simple spell and some cleaning and you were able to see. The assistant also sanitized your hands for medical reasons, you opened your eyes to see that you were in the middle of an open tent. There were many injuries as you see many people carried in, as well as being treated to. "What happened to him?" A nurse asked as a Bulgarian supporter carried in a man who had scruffy light brown hair "A bludger to the stomach, he's out cold but breathing." The fanatic said as he placed the guy on the stretcher "OLIVER!" You yelled out, having multiple heads turn our direction as you ran to him.
  8. That was surely a summer you would never forget. The following night, Oliver's parents were relieved the two of you were alright and found it as no surprise for Oliver to be knocked out by a bludger. Mr.Wood volunteered to stay by Oliver's side till he wakes up and will explain everything; Mrs.Wood took you to prepare for your return to Hogwarts and to see you off. She adored you but dreaded when Oliver told her you were just friends. "Now, do you have everything?" Mrs. Wood asked as the two of you were now standing in the middle of Platform 9 3/4, ready to aboard the train. You nodded your head, you were pretty upset, Oliver promised to see you off before going to Puddlemere but after certain events..."Don't worry. I'll let Oliver write to you as soon as he wakes up." She said, she could read you like a book. You smiled at her and she held out her arms. You awkwardly gave her a hug but she returned as she gave you a tight squeeze. "You're like the daughter I've always wanted. I'll call your Mum later, you're welcome to stay with us till she returns from Australia." She smiled. You nodded your head and turn to aboard the train
  9. As you aboard the train, you searched for an empty compartment. The train was already on the mood and already rowdy first years were running through the trains with high energy. You were pushed close to the wall as you let the first years run by; you manage to find a compartment to escape the stampede. You took a deep sigh and pulled the sliding door closed "Did you have fun out there?" a voice from behind asked you, you turned around to see "NEVILLE!" You squealed with happiness as you ran over to hug your best friend. He stood up and returned the gesture; he looked different since the last time you saw him at Christmas. His hair was long, he lost weight but was still the cute chubby friend since Third year. You both took your seats and smiled as you both were reunited. "So, how was your summer?" He started off the conversation
  10. You gave a half hearted smile to his question, you didn't know where to start; it was one thing to mention what happened at the Quidditch World Cup but it was another to mention you've spend nearly the ENTIRE summer with Oliver. However, as a best friend, he should understand. You inhaled a deep breath and smiled "I spend the summer with Oliver" his mood instantly dropped but it was unnoticeable except for one obvious facial twitch. You gave an awkward cough "We went to the Quidditch World Cup but the place was ransacked by Death Eaters" what you said complete took Neville's mind off what you told him earlier. "Really? Wow, I asked my Gran if we could go but she refused. I guess it was a good call on her part." He chuckled as he rubbed his chin
  11. You smiled and looked out the window "So, what did you do?" You asked not taking your eyes away from the scenery. "I just spend it with my Gran & m-my parents..." He hesitated, by his tone of voice, his parents was a sensitive subject. You turned your head to face Neville "You alright?" You asked in a very concern manner, he smiled and nodded "It's nothing." He said quietly, you obviously knew something was wrong but you wanted him to admit it. "Neville, you could tell me anything. We're best friends." He stuck out his tongue and smiled, he leaned back and sighed. He was hesitant but he really didn't want to say anything, you got the idea and left it at that. "I'll tell you , but I don't think this is a good time."
  12. Agreeing to wait for the perfect time for Neville to tell you, you left it at that and continued the rest of the ride with idle chatter. 15-20 minutes in the conversation, you got up and went to go out on your house robes; you were on your way back to the cart with Neville and greatly welcomed with a surprise. "Hello, glad to see your eyes are healed" A voice said as you passed by a group of Sixth Year Hufflepuff boys, you swiftly turned around but resulted in a nasty fall. Your back was rested on the floor, with your elbows supporting you up; your hair was everywhere. You flipped your hair in place and shot your head up "C-Cedric?" You said as you stared at the dreamy Sixth Year with styled tamed light brown hair, a nice jawline, amber eyes and a fair yet flawless complexion. He smiled and offer his hand "Do I need to carry you again?" You pushed his hand away and straighten your appearance as you stood up "I-I'm fine!" He was a little taken back by your attitude but you couldn't believe it was Cedric, he stared at you oddly while giving a friendly smile. "I-I need to go!" You quickly turned around and headed for your compartment. "Isn't she Wood's girlfriend?" Cedric asked one of his friends while he was looking in your direction. "They broke up last year, what are you planning?" His friend slyly smiled as he too, looked in the same direction. Cedric gave a smile and bit the bottom of his lip "You'll see." He chucked and turned around to walk with his friends but he looked over his shoulder one last time "I know why Wood was attracted to her."
  13. You really need to stop falling for older guys, and I mean that literally. So, here is Part 11.2 of the New Year! This was part of the introduction chapter to one of the guys Cedric Diggory; his personality will be very flirtatious yet gentle and sweet. So, we'll see how the rest of the guys take it. In the next part, we will continue to see more of Neville & finally the rest of the gang. Sorry, I know you desperately want to see Draco, the Twins, Harry, Ron and Draco again..I am also sorry to all of you Oliver fans, that wasn't the best news to hear about Oliver before you go to school but it kind of had to be done. It gives me a reason for his absence for the next few chapters, so you Oliver fans keep reading to find out when Oliver will return. I also want to give a shoutout to all the inspiring writers making their debut with their own Harry Potter series/stories and commending their for the fantastic job they're doing! Be sure to check out their work if you haven't. @Allycat, @XxxKaliaxxX, @Aria/Harry_Potterfan (?), @HogwartLove, @ AiFiahK3mE, @Obssions0112 and @Bluebird. They have fabulous material in their stories and they also inspire me as a writer to give it my best; to them, they are my role models. I think I've said enough! Toodles & Stay Magical x

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