Hogwarts Love Story Pt 8

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You're reaching the end of the year, and it's not taking a pleasant end. Everything and everyone is absolutely out of their mind! Will you stay around for the ride or flee while you have the chance?

Will you get the Hogwarts guy of your dreams? Who knows, starting from year 3 till 8 (Because year 1 & 2 are still too young to date)you will get your chance from being friends to lovers by the end of the year

Created by: natuhleegayle
  1. "You did what?" You were taken back by Draco's confession. The atmosphere completely changed, you didn't think that Draco would be part of the reason Ambrosia suddenly stole Oliver away from you. "___________. Please let me explain..." You were furious, you really didn't want to hear any excuse or anything for that matter. "You better have a good explanation...but why would you even give it to her? Did you not even question her?!" "I-I asked her. She said she was failing potions and she needed to do an extra credit assignment. She wouldn't leave till I gave it to her." You scoffed at Draco's words. You started to pace around Draco's bed; your brain felt as if it would explode, your throat was on fire and if anyone told you to calm down you would have indeed snap. "You honestly believed her?! Has she ever heard of a library?" You were tearing Draco apart, your words were harsh and made Draco feel worst about what he had done
  2. "Listen to me, I never wanted to hurt you. ___________, I care about you so much..." You calmed down when Draco said that but the rage got the best of you and you shook your head. "Do you really?" You said, giving Draco a doubting look. He moved up and turned his body to the edge of his bed. You had no clue what he was about to do. He was sitting up right and pushed his body. He started to walk towards you. He was now face to face with you, and you were staring into his eyes. "I do. If I didn't, would I have comforted you that night in the staircase? or reassuring your feelings about Oliver and told you to give him a chance?" You blinked hard and took a step back. "Try to redeem yourself this time. Draco...if you really care about me...you'll fix this." You turned around and stormed out of the Hospital Wing, leaving Draco something to think about.
  3. You had an eventful night, you just wanted to lie down and sleep. Although, you suddenly felt wide awake. You see Ambrosia skipping happily through the halls heading in your direction. You were ________ lbs of rage, you weren't going to let that go to waste. You started to walk towards Ambrosia with your fist clenched. "I know what you did." You said standing no more than 2 meters away from her. She stared at you and placed all her weight on her left leg. She crossed her arms. "Took you long enough." You restrained yourself from attacking her "You're pathetic. By befriending me to get closer to the guy like?" She gave a hearty ha "I'm pathetic? You're placed all your trust on a girl you don't even know." She said as she walked closer and started pointing her finger at you. She was right. You were blinded by kindness to see the truth.
  4. You rolled your eyes and gave a small chuckle. "You're right, I did put all my trust in you and it was stupid of me to do so. "Then, get out of my -" "But let's get one thing clear, my feelings were genuine. I was happy to have a friend like you." You cut Ambrosia before she could walk away. You flipped your hair and walked until you were face to face. "Now, you may have Oliver but he'll never genuinely love you or care about you, the way he did about me. If you think I'm pathetic, I didn't have to use a love potion to make Oliver fall in love with me. You and I both know, it will never be you. Now, I may feel sorry for you but you get what you deserve." You watched as Ambrosia's face turn bright red. You felt a rush of satisfaction once you told Ambrosia what you felt. You weren't going to resolve to violence, no. You were simply going to kill her with the truth and a hint of kindness.
  5. You gave Ambrosia a smirk as she turned red as a tomato. She stormed off into the darkness of the corridor. Even though it was after hours, you needed some cool air to clear your mind. You headed off to the courtyard where a large full moon greeted you. It was so pleasant, you decided to take a stroll around the castle as you thought about
  6. As your mind was drifting off deep in thought, it was interrupted by figures moving in the darkness. You feared that it were Dementors that surrounded the perimeter of Hogwarts, still looking for Sirius Black. Curiosity got the better of you as you decided to see what was going on. The closer you got, the more your heart was pounding; you heard lots of murmur, the figures didn't seem to notice you (Crack) Your heart dropped as it was dead silence all around you, the murmur ceased, you looked under your foot to see you step on a twig? You sensed the figures looking in your direction "Who's there?!" A voice not too far from you shouted, relieved it wasn't a Dementor, you were still beyond scared. Before you could respond you saw numerous wands lit up pointed at you. "H-Harry?" You stuttered as the light was blinding you. You could barely tell it was Harry as you used your hands to block the light but some excess light was still in your face. "_________?"
  7. The wands lowered and dimmed, the voice did belong to Harry. He walked over to you, his hair was everywhere and his clothes were dirty and tattered, at some ends they were slightly ripped. "W-What are you doing here?" Before you answered, you scan the area. Hermione and Ron looked the same as Harry but Ron was injured as he leaned against Hermione. Although, what was really of were the three other people: Professor Lupin, an awkward looking man and last of all..."Si-Sirius Black..." Petrified at the sight of him, you tried with all you might to move away. "No! Don't worry, don't you remember? He's my Godfather." "But he killed your parents.." You said quietly as you tried to move your right foot back, Sirius was outraged. "WORMTAIL, YOU INSOLENT BLOODY FOOL! EVEN TODAY'S GENERATION IS BELIEVING YOUR HEINOUS STORY AND THEY WERE ONLY A MONTH OLD AT THE TIME!" Sirius yelled in rage to the awkward man named Wormtail that was held back by Professor Lupin. "He didn't, actually-" "HARRY!"
  8. Harry was about to explain but Hermione gave a terrifying yell. The attention was on Professor Lupin, as you watched closely you could see his fingers growing longer, hairier and bonier. His back was arched and it seemed like his spine popped out of his back. He started to snarl and growl. His eyes turned into a bright yellow that illuminated the night sky. "NO! REMUS!" Sirius shouted, pushing anyone was was in his way. Wormtail, that was help back by Professor Lupin had his chance to escape, he slowly walked back and smiled. "WORMTAIL!" Harry yelled, he was about to go after him but Hermione held him back. Wormtail vanished before your eyes leaving a pile of clothes where he stood. "A-An animagus!?" You looked back to see a werewolf eyeingmeyou down. You wanted to scream, you wanted to run but petrified you stood. "____________!"
  9. You watched as the werewolf raised its body. You knew you were about to meet your death but a strong forced knocked you down and a big black dog charged at the werewolf. "SIRIUS!" Harry screamed. Blades of grass peaked out from the melted snow, blocking your sight. From what you saw the dog was thrown aside, it was going to attack Harry, Hermione and Ron. You wanted to help them but you realized an arm was wrapped around your waist holding you down. "S-SHHHH. D-Don't move..." A voice whispered in your ear but it sounded as if it was more scared than you ever were. Helplessly, you watched as your friends were going to meet their death. A figure emerged from the ground, the moonlight shone upon the figure's face. It was Professor Snape. What he said was inaudible. Snape turned to face the werewolf as the three had terrifying looks on their face.
  10. The werewold was distracted by a howl and disappeared into the darknes. Harry being careless went to look for Sirius, followed behind him was Hermione. Professor Snape wanted to go after them but Ron was in agonizing pain. He took Ron to the hospital wing in a rush to find someone to go after Harry. Let in the darkness were you and whoever knocked you down. You were now finally able to move, you pushed away the body with your right leg. The figure groaned, you puled out your wand and turned to face the person. With your wand pointed to the figure, you stuttered "L-Lumos." The tip of your wand illuminated in a bright white light. You could now see that the person had a sling and bleach blond hair. "D-Draco!? W-What are you doing here?" There in front of you lied Draco, he laid in a fetus position. He tried to pick himself but he was having a hard time since only one arm was function-able. You helped him up by pulling him up by his good arm. When he was up right, you moved back. "So...explain yourself. Why are you here?" He looked down at the ground and scratched the back of his neck. It took a while for him to explain himself.
  11. He was having a hard time starting it off "__________. Yo-You see, I...Well, it's like this...I wanted to talk with you to clear things up but you were talking to Ambrosia, then you went outside...then that werewolf..." Draco was pretty much summarizing what just occurred with you, he wasn't making direct eye contact with you. "Draco..." You said in frustration, you were tired of everything right now. The way he was acting now, wasn't making it any better. "Just stop okay. First of all, you didn't fix the first problem and second, what you did was idiotic! What if they got killed?! What if Prof. Snape didn't show up!? Draco, what is with you?!"
  12. "I honestly don't know but if you would just listen to me, I cou-" You turned away from Draco. You had your back face towards him, your first were clenched ready to make a final blow. "Really think it's that simple?" You heard him take a step forward, as you shouted over your shoulder. "Don't come any closer to me!" You didn't dare shed a tear, you had enough of all of this. "Do you hate me this much?!" "__________. I really do like you. I never meant to do all those things. It's just that-" "I don't want to hear it!" You turned to face him, his eyes were bloodshot red and tears were running down his face. You heard another faint howl in the distance. "...Harry..." With that you'v sped off leaving him under the moonlight. But not for very long....
  13. "Ms ___________. Not another step." A monotone voice behind you said, you only took 6 steps when you heard the howl. You turned around to see Professor Snape with a bunch of other professors. Madam Pomfrey walked over to Draco and checked if there were any new injuries. He said he was fine but you both know that you pushed Draco hard in the stomach a while ago. "B-But Professor..." You said as you met the eyes of his. Professor Flitwick, the head of Ravenclaw pushed his way through the crowed "They know." He told Professor Snape, heads were raised as all looked up. Hundreds of Dementors were in the air, flying in the direction Harry and Hermione ran off to. "Poppy, you were escort Mister Malfoy and Miss ___________ back into the castle." Professor McGonagall worriedly said. You refused. You explained to them that Harry & Hermione were still out here and you needed to find them "Go. into. the. castle. now. Potter will be alright, he is his father's son" Snape said very clearly and sharp towards you, you had no power in this situation, you followed Professor Snape's orders and walked to Madam Pomfrey. "Don't worry. Those two will be safe." Professor McGonagall reassured you "That is...if he's still alive."
  14. Hello m'lovelies! I'm currently in the states right now but haha, it did not stop me from releasing Pt 8! I hope you enjoyed this edition. Heads up! In part 9, it's going to be all action as you and the characters of Harry Potter free the Prisoner of Azkaban! Yep! Also, to all of you Ron Weasley fans! Ron is finally going to explain himself and you're really not going to enjoy it, considering what's going on. After that, we FINALLY reach the end of Year 3; Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban! Yep, in Hogwarts Love Story Pt 10; we're going to say good-bye! To first loves, new friends and old enemies. Have no fear though! I know how much this series means to you, Year 4 is on its way! I know that it will be a huge chapter of this series! I'm pretty excited! LAST OF ALL (I know, I talk too much) Hogwarts Love Story - A Very Hogwarts Christmas is now written but I won't release it till Dec 20 OR Dec 22! That edition really had a christmas feel! Anyways, that's about everything! Stay magical! x

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