Hogwarts Love Story Pt 12

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How is your first official day? Did it end well? Did you learn anything new? Well, whatever the case may be I hope it ended off well! I hope nobody is out to ruin your day or anything.

Will you get the Hogwarts guy of your dreams? Who knows, starting from year 3 till 8 (Because year 1 & 2 are still too young to date)you will get your chance from being friends to lovers by the end of the year

Created by: natuhleegayle

  1. Today marked the first official day back at Hogwarts, it also marked the first day of your classes. The one thing you weren't thrilled about. You were already up to face the day, you fixed your bed and went go downstairs but before you could, you saw Ambrosia sleeping soundly in her bed; you didn't like it. You took your pillow from your bed and creep towards hers, the pillow slowly reached her face till one of your roommates stopped you. "It won't hurt. She'll never even know-'Course, she'll be dead but no one really likes her." "You do realize if she's dead, you're the number one suspect and will be expelled from Hogwarts because of your vulgar behavior." She had a clear and bright point, you threw the pillow aside and left her but you simply weren't going to leave her at that. You took at your wand and pointed at her hair "Mucoamnis" You whispered, the roommate laughed for what you did was simply non-traceable. "That's better" Instantly, large amounts of mucus came pouring out her nose. You watched in disgust but left before she could wake up.
  2. As you entered the main part of the common room, you watched as the Head Boy of your household; Elijah , was distributing your class list. "Here you are _______." He said as he gave you your schedule before running off to yell at some first years. "Defense Against the Dark Arts, Transfiguration, Charms, Potions, Astronomy and Herbology." You were thrilled that you had such an easy first semester back and happy that you managed to snag a spot in Astronomy. As you folded up your schedule, Fleur entered the common room and smiled at you "Mornin' ! Shall we head out now?" She asked sweetly in her lovely accent, you felt it was a bit early to leave but as soon as you heard "AHHHHHHHHHH!" coming from the fourth year bedrooms, you quickly agreed to head out
  3. Escaping the sound of the horrendous screams, you and Fleur made your way to the courtyard to take a few moments in the sun before you both had to leave for class. "So, how do you like Hogwarts?" You asked as you both sat at a stone bench in the middle of the courtyard, with forget-me-nots flowers beside you; the sun was shining bright with not a cloud in the sky. "It's much different from Beauxbatons. The teachers are more strict, the teachers here are so lively and outgoing." She smiled as she tended to a wilted forget-me-not. You chuckled for her comment about the faculty "You obviously haven't met our Potions professor, I'm sure even if you possess the Veela charm, you will not crack a smile on his face." She laughed to your comment "Are you going to try out for the tournament?" She asked
  4. You explained that you were only in your Fourth year at Hogwarts; she seemed amazed, she commented how you look almost as if you were in your Sixth year. You were mixed if that was a compliment or an insult. Fleur, on the other hand explained that she was going to enter for it seemed like fun and that she was also of age. You admire her courageous spirit and wished her the best of luck; she was going to thank you, till a screeching owl came charging at you. It landed in the flower pot but it seemed unharmed "There, there. What are you doing you silly bird?" You said as you leaned over towards it, stroking its beak. It dropped a letter in the soil before screeching one last time and departing. "What is that?" Fleur asked as she hovered over your shoulder "Is it an invitation from that boy last night? I can tell from his eyes that he really likes you." Your face flushed with color to Fleur's comment "How many times do I need to explain that it's not - Oh, it's just some documents from these two boys I'm working for." You said but quickly changed the subject as you read the contents of the letter.
  5. Fleur was rather disappointed that it wasn't from Draco, you were also rather upset that she wasn't right. You folded up the documents and placed them in your robe, you both headed into the castle; once you both were inside, Fleur left to go see her little sister. You decided to go to class early since there was nothing else to do but you kind of wish you were going alone. "________!" A voice from behind called out as you reached the top of the stairs, you groaned as you recognize the dreamy deep voice that was calling out. You turned around to see Cedric exiting the Great Hall and running towards you. You said no words as you continued to stare at him, he was catching his breath and gave you a smile once he caught it. "Yes?" You said showing no emotion "Mind if I tag along?" The idea was absurd, who knows what everyone will think when they see the two of you alone together. They'll probably think he's the new Oliver and you prefer your guys much older "I don't see why not." was your answer. If only you learned to speak your mind.
  6. The two of you headed for the D.A.D.A corridor, Cedric seemed too happy for he had a smile upon his face the entire time he was with you. "So, you dated Oliver?" He brought up, out of all the things to say; you long for the day when someone starts a conversation with "Hi, how are you?" You nodded your head as you held your books close to your chest, he smiled at a lot of people who passed by "He's a good guy. Team spirited, strong headed, fair keeper and player plus he's Scottish and cute." You blurted out a giggle but quickly hiding it by placing your hand over your mouth. "That's nice of you to say?" You said in an odd tone "Are you still dating? Since he's in Puddlemere now, playing Quidditch and all..." He said as he gave a small glance towards you, you hesitated as you shook your head. The subject was still rather sensitive. "Well, it's his lost. If you were my girlfriend. I'd treat you like a Princess, show you off to the world, let them know your mine and no one else's and I'll tell you that your beautiful everyday, even when you're at your worst. But, that's only if you were my girlfriend." He said as he couldn't help but flash his white smile
  7. You tilted your head away from Cedric and stuck out your tongue before replying "How very, romantic of you Cedric." Somehow you found it difficult finding the right word to describe his thoughts "Why would you though?" "Well, it's what every girl wants, am I wrong? It's just that when I look at you, I can see what Oliver was trying to do. Think of it like this, sure, you can say you're like everyone else but you're like a rock." "A what now?" Your face dropped to Cedric's metaphor "A rock. On the outside, everyones the same but if you take the time and care to get to know the contents of the rock; you'll discover a beautiful crystallized gem, like you." He smiled but more gentle, your heart was about to do jump out of your chest and do somersaults but your head was in the right place, you were simply going to tell him- "Wow, that's so sweet." You replied as you blushed gently. Technically speaking, you were going to say you weren't interested but every girl is a sucker for sweethearts. "Well, it looks like its your class. I'll see you later, hopefully?" He asked, hoping a good outcome will come out of all his efforts. You couldn't help but smile and nodded before you walked into class. Once you were inside, away from Cedric, your arms flopped to your side "I'm pathetic."
  8. It was time to steer your head out of the clouds and into some old fashion wizarding learning. It was Defense Against the Dark Arts; spent with your house, Gryffindor and Slytherin. You saw that Ron took a seat beside Harry "Fine, ditch me!" You said to Ron as you noticed he left, Hermione sat beside Neville and Draco sat beside Goyle. You pouted to tease everyone for ditching you but you managed to technically sit beside Hermione, only to have the gap of the aisle separating you and Harry and Rob diagonally in front of you. Draco was behind you. It seemed like a well-balanced spot. You were all talking till Professor Moody walked in with his mechanical eye and wooden cane. He analyzed everyone as his mechanical eye was whirling around before moving to the blackboard as scribbling out "Unforgivable Curses" "Who can tell me what they are?" He snarled
  9. No hands went up, Harry looked back to see if Draco was itching out of his seat to answer. He was wrong. He walked around staring at everyone who tried not to make eye contact; no one moved till Hermione raised her hand. He pointed at her and she began to answer "T-The curses...are illegal to use by a wizard or witch..." Professor Moody began to write what Hermione was saying but no one dared to copy it down "Usage of the curses will-" "will buy you a one way ticket to Azkaban. Mr.Finnagan you should find another place to put your gum!" Professor Moody's back was turned towards everyone but after finishing Hermione's sentence, he flung a piece of chalk at Seamus who was amazed yet scared to death. "Now, who can give me a curse?" He began again as he scowled the classroom "You!" He pointed at Ron who yelped, he demanded a curse from Ron who knew of the Imperio curse. Professor Moody found it no surprise as to why Ron would know about it. "The Imperio Curse, takes control of the user; not only their mind but actions as well." He said as he walked over to a glass jar that contained a spider.
  10. The spider crawled to his hand, everyone feared what was going to happen next; Ron felt nauseous. "Engorgio." Professor Moody said as he took out his wand and pointed to the spider, it grew two sizes bigger. You dug your nails into your chair, you hated spiders as much as Ron. "Imperio." With the thrust of the wand, the spider went flying into that direction as if an invisible thread was attached to it; he bounced it off people's heads. You shrieked as it touched your arm with its bare legs, Draco stifled a laughter but not for long when it was flat on his face. Goyle tried to slap it off but miss, resulting in Draco getting hit in the face. Professor Moody was laughing hysterically till he motioned his wand to the right, causing the spider to hit a window. It was barely moving as it hit the window hard, Professor Moody went over to pick it up. It was a tad quiet but nonetheless he asked for the second curse, this time choosing Neville. He was called to the front, in his eyes Neville knew of one curse but didn't want to say it, so he mumbled "The Cruciatics curse..." Professor Moody was impressed and didn't hesitate to show that the spell will give you unbearable torture. The spider was shrieking and Neville was immediately in discomfort. Hermione screamed as she explained that Neville was uncomfortable. He quickly stopped and asked for the final curse before sending Neville to his desk.
  11. No one wanted to answer as the atmosphere plummeted another 100 meters into the ground. He did not bother to call on anyone but laid the tortured spider on Harry's desk. "There is only one more curse that is a personal favorite to he-who-shall-not-be-named; Avada Kedavra!" He hissed as he pointed his wand to the slider, a green light emitted and the spider laid lifeless on Harry's table. "The Killing Curse. No one is able to escape from it, except for one and he's sitting in his very room." Professor Moody said as he eyed down Harry. An hour passed and you were dismissed; Hermione was filled with rage as she stormed out of the classroom going off about Professor Moody's teaching skills. You were all (except Draco) walking together till you saw Neville staring outside a window near the classroom. You were about to approach him to ask if he was okay but Professor Moody managed to whisk him away in his office. It was now the four of you, waiting outside; you promised to see them after classes as your headed out with thoughts filled in your head.
  12. You gone by three of your classes, just ending Astronomy. You had free period before Herbology, so you intended to keep your promise and head to the courtyard to start your first day at work. You had to be there early because when you arrived, the twins were no where in sight. You waited, and waited and waited till the two of them came rushing you direction but whisking you away. "No work for today! We've done it!" As you and the twins were now standing in the Great Hall; the tables were pushed to the side as in the middle, a Goblet that emitted a blue flame stood on a silver pillar surrounded by a faint white circle. "What's that?" You said in awe, Fred and George smiled as they observed the perimeter of the Goblet. "It how we find out who gets chosen for the tournament. You pop your name in and if it comes out, you've been chosen." Fred explained as he watched the majestic sapphire fire, George was crouched down as he examined the circle "And that's-" "An age line" Hermione stated, she was sitting on the left hand side wig a book open, you happily made your way to sit beside her "And I know what you're doing. Dumbledore drew that line himself, even he wouldn't be stupid to fall for your dimwitted tricks." "What are they doing?" You asked as they hovered behind the both of you. "They've created an aging potion, which allows the drinker to age for only a certain amount of time. However, I highly doubt it would work."
  13. "But that's what so brilliant about it-" "It's brilliantly dimwitted!" Fred and George said one after another as the crouched down, playing the heads beside yours. Once they were finished, they stood up and shook the potion "Ready Fred?" "Ready George!" They shook the potions and locked arms before consuming the potion; they jumped inside the circle as they drank every drop of it. It seemed to work for nothing happened; however once they put their names in the fire, the fire turned a ruby red and was enraged and it was flying everywhere. The Goblet seemed to say "You want to grow up that quickly? Well, here you go!" As it pushed them of giving them the appearance of an old man. It was so funny to see, everyone was laughing over them but it stopped once you saw Draco alone at the end of the Great Hall gesturing you to come. You quietly snuck away from Hermione and the crowd as you did so
  14. As you walked closer to Draco, the two of you walked towards the stairs. He had a tissue in his hand because when Goyle slammed his face with the book, it broke and started bleeding. "A-Are you alright?" You said looking at him gruesomely, he wiped his noses but not doing a very good job but he nodded. "Here, let me do that." You said as you force him to sit in the steps and took the tissue from him gently wiping his nose. He groaned in pain "I bet you taught Goyle a lesson." He laugh and nodded "Yeah. What are you doing after class?" He asked as he clapped his hands together and placed the on his knees "Detention. Why?" He seemed amazed you even knew what detention was "After?" He smirked and took back the tissue, thanking you.
  15. "I'll be heading to my room embarking on a peaceful slumber. Why must you ask?" He smiled and stuck out his tongue, he seemed nervous yet excited "Take a detour tonight before heading off to bed. Meet me at the Black Lake?" He asked, you loved the fact Draco was genuinely smiling around you now "I don't know. I'm not one for sneaking out" "Spoken from the girl, who nearly got her head ripped off by a werewolf if I wasn't the-" "Okay! Okay! I'll meet you." You said so he could stop talking. "Then is this a date?" You asked as he stood up and brushed dirt off his pants, he turned his body and laughed "It could be anything you want it to be. Make of what you will out of it." He chuckled to himself, you were confused; it was either you were hanging of as friends, or Draco asked you out on a real date. "D-Draco. Did you mean what you wrote in that book."His face dropped as he stroke his chin "I did but who's to say, it was for you." "Draco Malfoy! You tell me right now!" You said as you stood up and slammed your foot on the floor "Tonight. I'll tell you tonight. I promised" He smiled and left it at that, your heart was racing as you were excited that you a confession out of Draco but there were two problems: Ron and Oliver. From a distance, someone at the staircase was watching over you, they had a huge smile on their face and laughed "My, it seems theres some work to be done."
  16. Dun dun dun! Haha, well! There you have it. I really want to hear your comments about who was spying on you but I can already guess what you'll all say. I'm happy that I managed to balance everyone out here a little, even if the new Cedric fans and Draco fans go something out of it. Well, off to work on the next one. Toodles x

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