Life in the Hunger Games Pt 2

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Now, that the tributes have been chosen, it's time to get this story started! Let's see how your Hunger Games journey takes place as you share a train ride with your fellow tribute Cecil Yew, your District 7 mentors and your colorful escort Dahlia!

Every year, a girl and boy tribute from each of the 12 districts is cast off into The Hunger Games. Slaughtering each other to the death, trying to survive and get home to their family. Well, you've been chosen. Will you make it?

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  1. Stepping into the blinding light, out of the Justice Hall; people from every inch of the district gathered around bidding their farewells and prayers. You were astonished yet frighten for what lied ahead was the beginning, something no screen could ever project. You turned to face Cecil where Blight was standing by his side, he suddenly showed emotion in his eyes. Was it sorrow? Realization? Fear, perhaps? You suddenly felt a hand pushing you forward, it was Johanna. "Time to go."
  2. There were two cars, one for the mentors and one for the tributes accompanied with the escort. Dahlia stepped out of the car and waved in your direction; Cecil was very hesitant but he was the first to move, you quickly followed behind him until you were face to face with Dahlia. The sound of the crowd drowned any other sound; Cecil was the first to enter with Dahlia following behind him leaving you to enter last. "Well, hurry up! The Capitol isn't going to wait for you!" Dahlia yelled out, you jumped and quickly entered the car, closing it behind you. Inside the car, Dahlia gave off a rich high class scent that you hardly noticed before, Cecil was disgusted as he rolled down the window and rested his head against the frame of the window. The engined roared and you were off to the train. "Shall we talk about how we'll get you both sponsors?" There was nothing but silence. You watched as people became a blur as the car was driving along the gravel road, there were waves and gestures that you haven't seen in a long time; some people kissed their three forefingers and extended outwards, you were shocked and you looked away. "You two aren't very social. How are you expected to survive if you don't appeal to the Captiol?" "I don't need the Captiol's help." Cecil said out loud.
  3. Dahlia's mouth flew open, you tilted your head past Dahlia's to see Cecil's position remained the same but the look in his eyes was cold. There was a very good exposure of his neck which you found attractive as it complimented his jawline. "Strong words. I think I have a good male tribute; strong, quiet, very attractive. What about you, sweetheart?" Dahlia turned to you, you jumped which made her laugh. Her eyes were almost lilac as her gold eyelashes complimented them perfectly. "I'm...I'm..." You stuttered, Dahlia made a face to show her confusion, you also felt Cecil's eyes shifting towards you. "I'm going to give it my all, I want to come out alive...and return to my family." You could hear Cecil smirk. Dahlia extended her mint green hand towards your face and pinched your cheeks with her fuschia pink nail "A cute, sweet and shy girl! You two would be a hit!" Dahlia cheered as she let go of your cheek. You rubbed it in pain and sighed as Dahlia's words started to drown from your thoughts.
  4. The car ride went on for another minute or two, you enjoyed the cool breeze while you can because once you board that train, there will be no more freedom. The car stopped and in front of you was a silver bullet train; only used to transport tributes to the Capitol and if they're lucky, back. As you exited the car, the roar of the crowd was even louder, Dahlia loved the attention as she happily waved to the citizens before moving us inside the train; you took one last look at the district, admiring its trees and fresh air before the door closed. You spot your family in the crowd, before you could gesture a wave, the door closed and the train started to move. Now, would have been a perfect time to cry. You were moved to a different cart where the mentors were waiting for you. Johanna was sitting by a mahogany dining table while Blight was at the bar. The train was far beyond your living conditions, it was clean, classy and filled with resources you never thought you'd ever seen. It was the Capitol's message to tell the Tributes to enjoy life while they can. Blight poured himself some Brandy and smiled. "There they are, sit." He ordered with his husky voice, he walked over and sat beside Johanna who was studying the both of you very carefully. You nervously sat in front of Blight with Cecil on your right. "Are you going to keep that uptight personality till the game starts?" Johanna blurted out as her eyes were set on you. Your eyes widen and you could feel everyone's eyes on you, you were never good with strangers but given the time to loosen up, you'll be an entirely different person "No." You said firmly and Johanna smiled. "Well, if you're planning to make a devious approach, stay that way." Johanna Mason won during her year by appearing weak but in the arena, she turned out to be a brutal killer. "So, Cecil..." Blight said as he placed his Brandy down "What can you do?" Cecil was slouching with his head resting against the edge of the hair. "I can climb trees, can lift three times my weight, I have a good swing with an axe and I'm a pretty damn good actor." He said unamused.
  5. "Don't go teaming up with a Career. They'll turn on you at the very last second." Blight pointed out as he took another sip. A Career is a tribute who is from a district that benefitted the Capitol and there were 4 of them; District 1 is Luxury Manufacturing, District 2 is masonry; the Capitol's favorite district, District 3 is Technology and District 4 is Fishing; the Careers were more in favor of winning because they appealed more to the Capitol and got the best of the best. "I don't need allies." Cecil said, giving the same type of attitude he gave Dahlia before they got on the train. "And you?" The attention was turned to you again but this time, you were much more calmer "I can throw axes and I have a pretty mean swing," You said finding yourself subconsciously looking at Cecil who was uninterested "I'm good at hiding, if that counts." "When you're at the training facility, sharpen other skills. You can't rely on stealth and accuracy through out the whole game, but I'm interested how good you can throw an axe." Johanna said with an intriguing look; Johanna's known weapon of choice were Throwing Axes. Before anyone else could say anything, Dahlia ran in with her sea blue green hair "They're showing the other tributes!" She cheered, this grabbed everyone's attention. She turned on the TV where the Capitol seal flashed across the screen, followed by Cesar Flickerman, the blue hair spokesperson for the Hunger Games and Seneca Crane, third year Head Gamemaker for the Hunger Games. They brought up the tributes by District; only a few stood out, a beautiful blond hair girl from District 1, a tall buff blond and a cold eye girl with black hair from District 2, a red head fox faced girl from District 5, a dark skin girl who looked by far the youngest from District 11 but the one who stood out was the braided brunette girl from District 12. "Primrose Everdeen!" The pink hair lady, Dahlia identified as Effie Trinket called out, a mousy blond hair girl stood out of the crowd but then we watched as a brunette with braided hair who was the same age as you stood out. "I VOLUNTEER!" She screamed out, the Peacekeepers held her back but she pushed them aside and said it for more firmly "I volunteer as tribute."
  6. The video froze on her as Seneca Crane and Cesar Flickerman gave their commentary. "Katniss Everdeen, the first volunteer tribute the games have had in years. Seneca, how does this change the game? Are you going to show her more compassion knowing she volunteered for her sister?" Seneca with his oddly cut beard smiled "No, a kind gesture may have won her some sponsors but she doesn't have the games in her hand yet." The TV was turned off before Cesar could respond, Cecil walked towards the window and rubbed his neck, Blight smirked and followed Cecil, Johanna was silent and all Dahlia could do was comment of Effie's atrocious attire. You, on the other hand, thought about Katniss Everdeen's action, you would have done the same thing for Leila as she done for her sister. Everyone sensed the anxiety in you and Cecil, you were still a day away from the Capitol, until you touched their soil; you would just relax. You were escorted to your cabins where you took a few moments to let out a few sobs you were holding in, a knock on the door startled you. "Come in." You said as you sniffled and wiped away your tears. It was Cecil. "It's dinner time." He said but before he was about to walk away, he saw your eyes. "You're crying?" He said bluntly. You rolled your eyes slightly, knowing Cecil's attitude you didn't want any more of his commentary. "Might as well. I can't cry in the arena."  You said as you squeezed your way past Cecil, he grabbed your arm and pulled you face to face, your heart froze. You looked into his sea green eyes who weren't focused on yours. "At least straighten up before going out." He said as he straightened your hair and wiped a tear from your face. You didn't react which Cecil noticed "What?" You tried to find your words but it came out as gibberish. Cecil laughed and he quickly tried to cover it up. That was the first time Cecil has smiled since his name was called out. "Are you serious?" He asked, startled you found a word "What?" "You're not used to guys, aren't you _____?" That was the first time he said your name which you faintly blushed at "I am! I have a lot of guy friends!" "Like who?" "You know...remember, Cider?" "Creepy Cider?" He made a face and that's when you knew you were going no where "Forget it!" You said as your stormed out and headed to the cart with everyone in it "Lighten up _____!"
  7. Cecil's loud outburst caused heads to turn once you entered the cart from before. Dahlia, Johanna and Blight started at the emotions the both of you  brought as you entered; anger and joy. "Is Cecil really smiling?" Blight said sarcastically, Cecil shrugged the comment off and sat down at the table beside you. "What's up with _____?" Johanna asked Cecil as she sensed you were in no mood to talk "She just-" "CAN WE FOCUS ON MORE IMPORTANT THINGS!?" You yelled out which left everyone speechless, in front of you was a dinner, you knew you could never afford back home. It was a lamb plum stew with an assortment of bread on the side. Everyone began to eat and Cecil tried to stifle his laughter after every bite, you shot him cold looks which was very amusing to Dahlia and the mentors. "Alright, since we're a being civil and not hostile. What do you want to know?" Blight asked as he was cutting a piece of meat on his plate.  "What's the first thing we do once we enter the arena?" Cecil asked with his elbows on the table as his sleeves were rolled 3/4 up his arm showing his arms, they were muscular. "Depends. You can die during the bloodbath at the Cornucopia, grab something quickly and run for shelter or run away from all of that." Johanna stated as she was helping herself to a good helping of stew. The Cornucopia was brought to the games as it meant horn of plenty, inside the Cornucopia had everything, supplies, food, weapons and whatever you needed to survive. The downside of it all was at least a majority of the tributes died trying to fight for weapons and supplies. "What about shelter?" You brought up as you popped a grape in your mouth from a fruit platter. "Well, don't over sleep but get the right amount that will keep you energize for the day. You don't want to die in your sleep, even of that is the most peaceful way of dying." Blight took his turn to explain. "And sponsors?" Cecil added, this was Dahlia's expertise. "Every tribute has a trait to appeal to the Capitol, it could be flirtatious, straightforward, charismatic, funny and even sentimental." Dahlia smiled. Sponsors were people who were able to aid a tribute in time of need during the games in order to survive, by giving them gifts. 
  8. "I still don't want their help." Cecil said as he dipped his bread into the stew and placed it in his mouth. Dahlia frowned, you were contemplating whether to ask for the help of the Capitol, there are times where Districts can send in their support but it comes at a great price. "You're already a favorite to the Capitol...looks wise for the guys at least." Dahlia explained, Cecil almos choked on his food; on instinct you rubbed his back to help him. He thanked you and stared at Dahlia. "It's true. My friend, Gladiolus, told me. It was tied between you and that boy from District 2 or 12, I forgot but you managed to get 1% higher!" Dahlia smiled, Cecil ran his fingers through his hair and placed them on his face. "You could be the new Finnick Odair!" Johanna teased as she placed her cup of fruit juice down. Finnick Odair is the Victor and current mentor for District 4, his weapon was a Trident and he was by far the most attractive tribute the Hunger Games has ever had. He had an advantage with the sponsors for his looks, it's rumored he's quite the ladies man in the Victor's Village; the Village where the Victors of the Hunger Games live. "I rather not." Cecil looked down at his food and continued to eat, Dahlia frowned and looked at you "You're in Third place." She bluntly stated, you could have cared less but Dahlia went on; the girl from District 1 was obviously first, second was Katniss Everdeen and Third place was you. "I would have at least put you second, that Glimmer girl really does have something quite special." Dahlia was getting too blunt, Cecil smiled and looked at you. He winked as a tease before taking anothe bite. "Shut up." You said.
  9. After dinner, you headed to your cabin. You flopped on the bed and stretched out your arms. There was still at least 20 more hours till you reached the Capitol, you changed into your night gown and went to sleep. You placed your hands under the pillow when you felt something prickly. You sat up and removed your pillow to find pine needles, you remember Leila gave it to you, to always remind you of home. You brought them close to your face and gave them a whiff; it smelled like home. However, you were miles away from home, about to fight for your life for the Capitol's sick twisted entertainment; during your stay at the Capitol, you'll make an impression, you'll practice with all your might during the sessions, you'll come out of the arena as a Victor and then you'll be home. But until then, you would sit there, in your dark room and cry till that day comes. You brought the palm of your hands to your faces and felt them moisten, it was too late to stop. You would cry yourself to sleep. However, next door belong to your fellow tribute, his bed was right beside yours separated by a wall. He could hear the faint sound of you crying, he was lying in bed with his hands behind his head, he turned to the wall and stared at it. "Stop it." He whispered, he waited by he could still hear you crying. He turned his head back up to the ceiling and sighed "Everything will be okay...I promise."
  10. Hey guys! Here is part 2! I hope you enjoyed! Please comment and rate! If this release seems messy; I'm sorry! This is my first time posting using my itouch. I usually do it on my computer! Anyways, if you enjoyed this check out my other series "Hogwarts Love Story" or "One Direction Love Story" ! thanks :)

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