Hunger Games Movie Trivia

Hello, and welcome to my Hunger Games Movie Trivia quiz! Now, for the questions I have put a quote from the Hunger Games movie and all you have to do to get your score is click on who you think/know said it and do that for all of the questions. Then just click submit and you will see how well you really know your Hunger Games movie trivia!

So do you REALLY know your Hunger Games movie trivia? Can you talk along with the characters when you watch the movie (and do that for the whole movie)? Well go ahead and take this quiz and in just a few minutes you will find out!

Created by: demigods4eva
  1. "What the he-- happened?"
  2. "It's a TV show,"
  3. "She shot at your head!"
  4. "Well, there is this one girl . . ."
  5. "Katniss Everdeen, the Girl on Fire!"
  6. "You call that a kiss?"
  7. "I just wish I could . . . show the capitol that I'm not just a piece in their Games . . . If I'm going to die, I still want to be me."
  8. "What if everyone just stopped watching?"
  9. "I volunteer as tribute!"
  10. "Let's give her a big hand!"
  11. I'm running out of questions lol.
  12. Oh well. Bye! Please Rate and Comment! :D

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