Hunger games trivia

You might want to work on your movie skills if you got under 60%. Watch the movie and than come back and try again for a better score. You will be awe

If you get over 61% you watch tv and you understand what happens to the movie. If you get over 95% you will enter into the hunger games tournament. 🏆

Created by: Brennan

  1. Who said it? You both deserve better than this!
  2. Who said it? She must be eliminated!
  3. If your sister/brother was in the hunger games what would u do?
  4. Who's the star cross lovers
  5. Who's the girl on fire
  6. Do u like the hunger games
  7. Who's the boy with bread
  8. Extra credit: how many cities named "Monticello" are their in the us?
  9. What is the part called when the name the tributes
  10. What is year of katniss going to the games

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