Do You Really Know Hunger Games?

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You Are Many Genius Peop;e, But Some Are quite exceptional maybe you have intellegence we will just have to see wont we Hunger Games Here We Come!!!!

Are You A Fan? Do You Know Wo Katniss & Peeta Are Well Let's Find Out How Big Of A Fan You Are Just A Few Questions About What Happens IN The Book & You Will Know!

Created by: Arcelia

  1. What Is Katniss Sister Name?
  2. What Does Peeta Throw Katniss?
  3. How Many Fingers Do They Hold Up When They Began To Rebal
  4. How Many Fingers Do They Hold Up When They Began To Rebal
  5. How Was The Author Of The Books?
  6. Who Does Katniss Choose To Be With In The End?
  7. Was Katniss Everdeen Actually Pregnant with Peetas Baby?
  8. Why Does President Snow Smell Like Blood
  9. What Were Those Bird In The 75th Quell Doing
  10. That I knew I misjudged you, that you do love him. I’m not saying in which way. Maybe you don’t know yourself. But anyone paying attention could see how much you care about him Who Told Katniss This "Catching Fire"

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Quiz topic: Do I Really Know Hunger Games?