Hunger Games Quiz

Lots of people are fans of the Hunger Games. But the best fans are the ones who braid their hair like Katniss's, and, my favorite, do some roleplaying!

How well do YOU know the Hunger Games? Do you know everything about the world of Panem? How about the details and highlights of the Games? Take this awesome 35 question quiz and find out!

Created by: Johanna
  1. Starting off easy. How many districts did Panem start out with?
  2. What is President Snow's first name?
  3. Which of the following is NOT from the Capitol?
  4. What are Gamemakers?
  5. Which district was "The Nut" in?
  6. Which districts are the homes of Careers?
  7. (The next 13 questions ask what the districts do). What does District 1 do?
  8. How about 2?
  9. 3?
  10. 4?
  11. 5?
  12. 6?
  13. 7?
  14. 8?
  15. 9?
  16. 10?
  17. 11?
  18. 12?
  19. 13?
  20. In the second book, how did Katniss figure out the arena was a clock?
  21. What Games did Finnick win?
  22. In the clock arena, where was the only source of fresh water?
  23. What was on Katniss's pin? (Easy one for the beginners)
  24. Who wrote the books?
  25. In the war, what are the rebels fighting for?
  26. What arena did Caesar Flickerman say was his favorite?
  27. In the video shown at the reaping in the first book, the first thing said was ________.
  28. Who did Katniss sit next to on the hovercraft?
  29. In the first Games, what were the mutts meant to look like?
  30. Which of the following was Katniss NEVER allies with?
  31. How did Rue die?
  32. Who was Haymitch's ally during his Games?
  33. What is Hijacking?
  34. What was Beetee's plan?
  35. What happened in each Quarter Quell?

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