Hogwarts Love Story Pt 23

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I take back everything I said before. Something dark and wicked this way comes as the Dark Lord has risen once more. Let's just say that Hogwarts will be in for a little adventure as well as you.

Will you get the Hogwarts guy of your dreams? Who knows, starting from year 3 till 8 (Because year 1 & 2 are still too young to date)you will get your chance from being friends to lovers by the end of the year?

Created by: natuhleegayle

  1. before your eyes was a horrid sight, you've heard rumours about him from when you were a child, and never did you think you would witness his rebirth. Familiar figures appeared by his side, where you knew them as Death Eaters. "So, you've return. Was it out of fear? None of you bothered to take fault of my actions, right Lucius?" One of the death eaters' masks was revealed and you watched in horror to see the face of Draco's father. By your side, Cedric appeared covered in dirt, beaten and tattered. "________, how did you get here!?" He asked in hush tones "I made it through the maze with Hermione and Ron." You replied trying to sound brave. Hermione and Ron were a few feet away from you, hiding near a tombstone near Harry. "Do you have a plan?" Cedric asked as he was breathing hard "No."
  2. You watched as Voldemort walked over to Wormtail who scowled at him yet eased as he claimed that he has been useful for the past year. He barked at Wormtail to draw out his right hand and with his wand waved over, a silver hand replaced his old one. "Oh, thank you Master!" Wormtail smiled in awe. Just then Harry let out a grunt, Hermione whimpered as everyone knew that Voldemort's attention was now on Harry. "Harry. My boy, I had forgotten you were here." Voldemort grimaced but the transformed into a wicked smile. "The boy who lived..." He said as he was face to face with Harry who was still held up by the statue of Death. Voldemort chuckled. "How lies have fed your legend, Harry." Voldemort whispered to him. You watched in fear behind the tombstones how Voldemort explained what happened that night at Godric's Hollow, thirteen years ago; when Harry's Mum casted herself between Voldemort and Harry to save Harry. She created the ultimate protection for Harry out of love but now "I can touch you." Voldemort whisked his way over to Harry and let his index finger meet Harry's forehead.
  3. Once he was done, Voldemort mumbled something that was faint to your ears, when he pushed himself away; Harry was freed from the statue but Voldemort wasn't done with him yet. "PICK UP YOUR WAND POTTER!" Voldemort said with his back turned as Harry was gasping for breath on the floor. "I said "Pick up your wand" Get up! GET UP!" Voldemort ordered as he strode a few steps back. "______, we need to do something!" Hermione barked in a whisper to you. You shot her a glance and she refrained from speaking. As you watched Voldemort and Harry preparing for battle, it was as good as it will get if you planned out what was in your head correctly. "Wait for Harry to give the signal." You said in a mumble, everyone looked at you in confusion. "What!? Harry doesn't know –""JUST DO WAIT!" You barked.
  4. "You've been taught how to duel, yes?" Voldemort began off in a ramble "First you bow!" and with that he did but Harry remained straight up. You clenched your wand in your hand with your eyes fixated on Harry and Voldemort. "Dumbledore wouldn't want you to forget your manner, now would he?" Voldemort said with his back straight showing a crooked smile. "I said...Bow!" Voldemort ordered with a raise and point of his wand, Harry was now bowing to Voldemort. "That's better!" Voldemort ran past Harry to stand in front of Lucius "And now, Crucio!" Harry was now grunting as the Cruciatics curse was known to give immense torture to the targeted victim. Once, Voldemort was done; he bluntly stated he was going to kill Harry. "_________!" Hermione cried out, you watched, you too watched in horror but it was too reckless to strike now. Harry was now standing straight as he eyed down Voldemort. There was silence. "EXPELLIARMUS!" "AVADA KEDAVRA!" They both cried out but instead of the spells hitting each other, they met in the middle. A waxy red and green bolt of magic was now in front of everyone's eyes. "NOW!" You ordered and emerged from the tombstones.
  5. "Stupefy!" You yelled where you watched a Death Eater fly away as your spell hit him off guard. Hermione, Cedric and Ron joined behind you and spells were fired. Harry who was in the middle of the battle with Voldemort looked at you, you felt his eyes upon you and smiled. "You can't seem to get out of trouble, can you?" You yelled out to the roar of chaos. Harry didn't response for he was far too busy but he did manage to yell out "________!" You turned around and spell hit you causing a tremendous force to push you back. You found yourself lying on your back looking up at the dark misty sky. "I'M ALRIGHT! JUST FOCUS ON THE BATTLE!" You yelled out so no one would rush to your aid at a dire moment. You groaned and grabbed your stomach. You pushed yourself up and saw a shadow hover over you. "You must be _________. Draco has told me a lot about you." Lucius chilling said as he stood directly above you.
  6. You coughed as you stood up. "You're quite the fighter. My son could learn a thing or two from you..." He said hesitantly as you met his grey eyes, the total opposite of Draco's. "Too bad you won't be around to tell him." Without a word escaping his lips, your throat clenched, his wand was directly pointed right at you. Your vision was fading but as you stared at Lucius Malfoy, you no longer saw him as himself; from your eyes, you saw faint hints of Ambrosia, laughing as she choked you. "What's wrong; a loss for words?" Lucius smirked. With your wand near your face, you pointed it to Lucius. "Not...this...time. EXPULSO!" You cried out with all your strength. Lucius' eyes widen and he was pushed back, the pressure lifted off your throat and you let out a gasp. "Impedimenta!" You cried and as the spell left your wand, you watched as Lucius was now slowly making his way to his wand which you kicked away. "I'm pretty sure; Draco learned how to duel from you." You scowled him.
  7. You stared at Lucius until your name was called out once more. Hermione, Ron and Cedric managed to stun every one of the death eaters and witness the illuminating dome that surrounded Harry and Voldemort. Spirits from Voldemort's wand surrounded both Harry and Voldemort. You couldn't make out who they were but you were sure enough that two of the spirits were Harry's parents. As they talked to Harry during his battle, you rushed over to the others. Groans escaped the stunned death eaters' mouth but before they were able to battle, Harry released causing Voldemort to fly back; he rushed over to your side. "Accio!" As he cried, the Tri-Wizard cup went flying into his hand. The scene was now distorted but you swore you could hear Voldemort screaming out. In a blink of an eye, you and everyone else were now at the entrance of the maze with everyone's eyes upon you. The judges rushed to your side, you as well as everyone else were speechless. You watched Harry's bloody arm ooze and hear quiet whimpers escape Harry's lips. You threw your arms around Harry and patted his back gently. As Professor Dumbledore was crouching in front of you, you yelled out "He's back, Professor. He-who-must-not-be-named is back..." You cried. His face turned pale and the crowed now murmured to outrageous news. "Take Mister Potter to the infirmary. He needs to be treated..." He said in hush tones, you blinked hard and wondered if Professor Dumbledore heard you correctly. "But sir-"You cried but you were interrupted "Alastor, Escort Miss _______ and Mister Potter to the infirmary!" and with that said, Professor Moody grabbed you by the arm and Harry and whisked you away.
  8. Instead of going to the infirmary, Professor Moody whisked you into a small room where a fireplace and a chest were in the far corner. "Sir...?" You softly said but he ordered you to shut up as he let Harry sit in a chair, opposite from where you stood. "Professor..." He didn't pay attention to you; he was more fixated on what Harry encountered in the maze. "What did he take from you, Harry?" Professor Moody said as he scrambled around the small room, opening and closing bags that sat on the table. "Blood..." He said raspy and then this is where it stroked you as odd. "How many death eaters were in the graveyard?" You and Harry turned silent; you didn't bother to say anything but Harry did. "P-Professor...I never mentioned where I was or who else was there..." Harry said, he pushed himself up but Professor pushed him back down before you could do anything, Professor Moody pointed his wand at you. "Don't you dare lay a finger on her" Harry grunted
  9. Professor Moody turned his head towards Harry again "You're going to tell me exactly what I want to know or SHE gets it." Harry shot you a look "Don't..." You mouthed out but he did nothing but smirk "I'll tell you..." You couldn't tell but from the faint reflection from Harry's glasses, Professor Moody was smiling. Before anything else was said a blast of air flew through the door and Professor Moody's face met the wall. Harry rushed over to your side with his arms around you. "Severus!" Professor Dumbledore barked as he placed Professor Moody on the chair, Harry was once sitting in and Professor Snape forced a potion into his mouth. Professor McGonagall stood in front ensuring protection as she gave you a partial view of what was going on. "Do you know who I am!?" Professor Dumbledore ordered "A...Albus Dumbledore" "Are you Alastor Moody?" The faintest no escaped his lips and the next thing Professor Dumbledore asked was, if he was in this room. The mechanical eye looked at the chest that was in front of you and Harry. "Get away from that chest!" As you stepped away, Professor Snape unlocked it and its content were numerous chests until the very end had a small little man. It was the REAL Alastor "Mad-Eye" Moody.
  10. You watched as the fake Alastor Moody's face bubbled. "Minerva, take Miss ______. This is far too much for her knowledge." Professor Dumbledore whispered with his eyes at the fake Moody. Professor McGonagall gestured you out but you refused not to. "Why do I have to go?" You yelled "It's getting far too late and you need your rest..." Professor McGonagall said softly, you looked at Harry who agreed with Professor Dumbledore that you knew far too much that you should have. "It's okay. You've done so much than I could ever thank you. I don't want you to get involved...Stay safe. I'll see you in the morning." Harry smiled. Your eyes widen but as soon as you left the room, your eyes were focused on Harry's and noticed that the fake Moody changed into a young sketchy looking man.
  11. And that ends the return of Lord Voldemort. In all honesty, I wish I could have killed Cedric because as I referred to the movie and book while writing the final scene, I felt a rush of emotion as Amos Diggory rushed to Cedric's side. I wish I could portray that but I guess I'll have to save the killing in Year 5. Yes, I am quite insane. So, I've concluded that Part 24 will be the finale of Year 4. I'm already upset that we have to say good bye to Fleur. She was amazing in this series but who knows, we still have Luna and 3 new characters that will submitted by you the fans. I have YET to receive any and it will be not as fun if I create the characters myself. You can see the application and what you need for the contest at my blog and once you're done. You can submit by going to links and going to submit, if you do not have a tumblr account; just add your email and name. You can also email me your entry! Okay, it's time to write the finale! Stay magical guys! X
  12. Whoops, I forgot to add a scene but it was only for a line or two. When you return to Hogwarts, you actually meet the eyes of Draco and you shot him a look of absolute disgust and with that look, he knew exactly what you've just encountered and after that, he leaves the challenge site. That's all!

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