Hogwarts Love Story Pt 11.4 {A New Year}

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The day is finally about to end! Thus wrapping up your first day back, it's been one emotional day but I'm sure a bright new day is beyond us! It's time to conquer the Goblet of Fire~

Will you get the Hogwarts guy of your dreams? Who knows, starting from year 3 till 8 (Because year 1 & 2 are still too young to date)you will get your chance from being friends to lovers by the end of the year

Created by: natuhleegayle

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  1. Staring into the eyes of the one person you can truly hate the most, you were restraining yourself from clobbering her to her death. "________, it's great to see you...you have changed a bit..."Ambrosia said, attempting to converse with you. Her hair was now layered just above her chest but below her shoulders and the color was a dark brown. Other than that, she was still the backstabber you resented in the end of Third year. She amazing leaned in for a hug "Don't touch me." You immediately snapped, you felt no reason to be nice to her after discovering the truth that her father was originally yours. "Don't even talk to me, don't act like we're friends and never come near me. Okay?" You explained ending off with an obvious fake smile, Ambrosia took back her hands and placed them to her side. "____-" "Okay, since you obviously have a problem with following directions. If you come near my belongings, me or any of my friends; I will personally do so with my own two hands drown you in the black lake or strangle you alive if that doesn't work." You stated as you took a step closer to her, eyeing her down staring into her brown eyes which showed not even fear nor sorrow; no emotion whatsoever.
  2. You turned around and threw some off your clothes on your bed as you unpacked "And be sure to tell your dad the next time you write home, that his daughter ________ is doing fine." Ambrosia's face drained of color, what you said to her was no shock but you wanted to let her know why she deserved to be treated the way you were treating her. "Are you seriously getting mad at me, for something that happened between you and my father?!" "I HAVE EVERY INTENTION TO BE MAD. IF YOUR SKANK OF A MOTHER KEPT HER HANDS TO HERSELF, I WOULDN'T HAVE HATED HIM SO MUCH AND I'D HAVE A REAL FAMILY!" You screamed as you grabbed her by the neck of her knitted white sweater. "YOU LEAVE MY MUM OUT OF THIS! IT'S PROBABLY BECAUSE YOUR MUM WAS SORE ON THE EYES, JUST LIKE YOU!" She screamed as she pushed you off causing you to tumble back, you pushed yourself up and charged yourself at her "AT LEAST I CAN GET A MAN. LET ME GUESS YOUR MUM MADE MY FATHER DRINK A LOVE POTION AS WELL?!" Continuing to scream as you clawed your nails into her face and skin, it didn't do much as she pulled your hair and attempt to hang your head on the brick wall. "MY DAD IS NOT THAT THICK. HE FELL IN LOVE WITH HER, IF ANYONE IS THICK IT WOULD BE OLIVER!" You stopped as she mentioned Oliver being a complete idiot; bottling up with rage, you were about to erupt like a volcano. "YOU LITTLE SON OF A b----!"
  3. The kicking and screaming commenced only for a while, as one of the roommates finally called the Head of House to come and separate the two of you. Ambrosia's clothes were ripped and she had a bloody nose as well as a fat lip. On the other hand, Ambrosia managed to claw her way into your arms and your clothes were just as bad as hers, you also managed to receive a small verticals cut at the end of your right eyebrow. You both received detention for the next few days, also deducted 5 points for such barbaric behavior. However, in other news, Ambrosia was not going to be sleeping on the other side of the room. You put on a clean new uniform and a robe and headed down for dinner. You were with a bunch of your housemates as you weren't endlessly ranting on Ambrosia, when you walked into the Great Hall, your back was facing the Gryffindor as you faced the Slytherin table. Your eyes met Draco as he gave you a rather concern look but it meant nothing as he simply turned away.
  4. As everyone was conversing with one another, some realized that dinner was running a little late than the usual time. You saw as Professor Dumbledore walked in front of the owl podium, looking no different than last year. "Good Evening" Professor Dumbledore started off with a warm smile "I'd like to welcome both returning students as well as those who recently enrolled to another exciting year at Hogwarts. However, this year I mean it when I say, exciting. We are fortunate enough to have a ve-" Dumbledore was cut off as the caretaker Filtch, jogged his way down to the front; he whispered something to Dumbledore as everyone was filled with curiosity. Dumbledore seemed surprised yet pleased "I think it's best if we all show you." He smiled as he gestured towards the doors
  5. The doors opened as a group of ladies in satin periwinkle uniforms came walking down the aisle. All the boys jumped right out of their seats and completely stared at the girls and what they had to show; the girls were completed disgusted. The girls walking down, stopped every now and then to let the boys admire them as they walk by, behind here was a gymnast, a really beautiful girl with golden blond hair and sapphire eyes doing pirouettes and a very tall women. "May I present Madam Maxime and the Beauxbatons Academy of Magic!" Dumbledore said cheerfully as the beautiful blond hair girl stopped spinning and smiled, Dumbledore greeted the one now known as Madam Maxime by kissing her on her hand. There was light, fluffy feeling in the air till it was disturbed by masculine men who came marching in with wooden sticks, pounding them on the floor; they gave the resemblance of a drill team.
  6. The masculine men pound their sticks to a rhythm; once the reached the center of the aisle, they preformed quite an act as they spun the sticks around and ran towards the front. There were lots of aerobatics as well as usage of fire, when the show was done a face you did not think of seeing walked in with a pale man with a sketchy appearance and a pointed beard. "Is that Viktor Krum?!" a voice from your house table whispered to their amazement "Karkaroff!" Dumbledore smiled giving a medieval handshake as the man with the pointed beard approached them. "Igor Karkaroff and the Durmstrang Institution!" Dumbledore smiled as both him and the man turned around. The room filled with wonder to why there were students from other schools here; once everyone was settled dinner finally came. Beauxbatons were to room with your house and Durmstrang with the Slytherin Household. The girl with the golden blond hair sat beside you and you couldn't help but to admire her beauty "Bonjour, My name is Fleur Delacour! And you?" She said with a strong french accent.
  7. "_________. _________ _________" You smiled as you offered her a kind friendly handshake, she accepted it graciously and the two of you conversed throughout the dinner. "My mama iz' part Veela, as well as my grandmother. She gav' me her wand because it has a Veela hair." She showed you; it was the same type of wood as your wand but it seemed more elegant. Your conversation stopped as Professor Dumbledore walked to the front once more and smiled "Now, as we're all acquainted with one another we also have two special guest who have arrived with us; Mr. Bartemus Crouch and Ludo Bagman from the Ministry of Magic." After Dumbledore introduced them, you saw a man who resembled Charlie Chaplin and a younger man with a fine jawline and shoulder length brown hair emerged from their seat. They waved at the students which was a tad awkward for only 10-12 students clapped for them. "This is a very fortunate year for all of you. This year; Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry welcomes the Bea-" As Dumbledore was giving his speech, Filch and Hagrid placed behind him a jeweled case with tainted windows, heads were peeking out to catch a glimpse of the sight. "-strang Institution to join as we celebrate-" Dumbledore thrusted his hand back as the jewel case slowly began to reveal the contents inside "The Tri-Wizard Tournament" A marvelous trophy was now the center of attention as it shined emitting a light blue light.
  8. Everyone was now filled with excitement, they were told it was a competition amongst the schools as one representative would triumph amongst the rest and win the Tri-Wizard cup for their school. However, hearts plummeted as Mr.Crouch explained due to past events that only those who are in their Sixth year or over can participate in the Tri-Wizard Tournament. You could hear Fred & George yelling in the back to what a rubbish idea that was, Fleur smiled as she was eligible to participate, Cedric was surrounded by all the Hufflepuffs as they told him to go for it, Viktor showed no emotion and Harry was rather interested in the events. As the room was filled with different emotions, a storm cloud projected above them and thunder and lightning struck. Everyone screamed but someone at the far end corner behind the staff table manage to calm it down. From beneath the shadows, a man dripping wet with dirty blond hair and a mechanical eye walked in with his cane. "Alastor." Dumbledore smiled as he walked in
  9. You were off to an eventful start on your first day back, there's been tons of drama, news and friendly faces. As dinner ended, you headed back to your common room with Fleur. She seemed like a nice girl who seemed very nice, as you were walking to your common room you saw Draco waiting on the fourth floor. He looked over towards your direction and gave a baring smile. "Uhm, Fleur...I'll meet you in the common room. T-This will only take a second." Fleur took a hint as she looked over at Draco then back at you "Take all the time you need." She winked as she fluttered her fingers as her way of saying Bye. You blushed red and tried to cover up "I-it's not like that!" Draco walked down and gave a quiet chuckle "It's not?"
  10. Draco grew now that he was standing face to face with you, however only by a few inches. His grey eyes were filled with lots of emotions, just like the same time you looked into them. "So, explain." You demanded right off the bat, he looked puzzled as all he was expecting was a simply hi. "Are you going to tell me or aren't you?" "Do I really have to?" He dared to ask as he tilted his head to the side. "Yes, you do! What happened during Christmas was one thing but it's the start of the semester and you comple-" "I didn't know you were going to spend the summer with Wood." He blurted out and squinted his eyes at you with his head straight, what he said caught you off guard "I don't see how that point is relevant to what subject in mind is!" You defended yourself
  11. "You wanted to know why I've acted weird towards you since we came back, maybe he is the reason why." He said as he made his way to the wall to lean upon, you scoffed and walked towards him "If he is the reason why, then explain." Draco turned his head towards you with his body fixated against the wall "You could spend the summer with a guy, who broke your heart, made you suffer as he was off with another girl, broke up with you at the end of the year but you can't spend at least one real moment with me? What happened at Christmas was before I knew you spent it with Oliver. If I knew that was going to happen, I never would have have you that book." Draco's point crushed you, what he said was true. "I-It's complicated..." "It's complicated? It's that complicated for you to explain why you can spend time with him rather than a moment alone with me?" "There was Christmas when we were alone." "You brought me straight to our little group of lions as soon as you knew I was staying at Hogwarts alone!" Draco raised his voice as he pushed himself off the wall to face you. "It's because everyone knows about what me and Oliver went though -" "I practically was there for you the entire last year. Face it, just because I'm not in Gryffindor or friends with Potter, you're ashamed to be alone with me."
  12. "DRACO! Stop trying to fight with me. I don't want to fight with you, if anything I wanted to talk to you but I just didn't know how to approach you. If I didn't want to be alone with you, would you I have really visited you in the hospital, or the night you scared me when I found out Oliver liked me? You sound like a complete idiot." You burst and explained to Draco. He was stunned, I guess he didn't see that one coming. "We-Well, I-Uhm..." "You're terrible when you're jealous. Did you realize?" You laughed as you teased him, he turned red for the first time you've met him and gave you a light push. "Shut up..." "Well, I can't keep Fleur waiting. You better go to sleep too." You said as you made your way to the fifth floor, you turned back after 3 steps "Try to wake up on the right side of the bed this time." Draco looked around and gave you a soft sweet smile, one that you've never seen before. "See you in potions." He said as he flapped his arm at you before turning around and walking into the wall. He was embarrassed and turned around "The door is over here..."He covered up and vanished. "Oh God." You laughed. Well; tomorrow is just the start of chaos and mayhem. It's time we head off to bed.
  13. Well, a new year is finally over. It's time to get right to the lovey-dovey scenes as well as harassing Ambrosia. I know the paragraphs are lengthy, i just had to fit all of this stuff in the remaining chapter. Haha, so I apologize. There are actually a number of things I should apologize rather than that, I apologize for the foul language displayed in this chapter; however I felt that most of you would say that anyways, so there wouldn't be a need to censor it. However, for those who oppose to what I say, I dearly apologize. There is also a part with Draco that I apologize, I forgot to add the detail about how beat up you looked. It slipped my mind as I was writing his scene. Sorry. This was a really bad chapter...Anyways, Stay magical! x

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