Hogwarts Love Story Pt 26

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Classes are starting once again! Let's see how our favourite Defense against the Dark Arts class is with our new Professor, who seems to have a thing for interrupting Dumbledore. Well, we'll find out!

Will you get the Hogwarts guy of your dreams? Who knows, starting from year 3 till 8 (Because year 1 & 2 are still too young to date)you will get your chance from being friends to lovers by the end of the year?

Created by: natuhleegayle
  1. You exited the washroom and shook off what you've just experienced. "Wow, I must be stressed" You said as you patted your face and headed up to your commonroom and changed into your house robes. After changing, you made your way down to the Great Hall and took a seat with a bunch of your friends, seeing Luna not too far from you. "Hey! They have your favourite!" One of your friends said as she handed you a piece of cake, a smile rose to your face. "Good Evening Children!" Dumbledore said as he stood at his owl podium, the entire room was silent and focused on Professor Dumbledore "Now, we have two changes in staffing this year. We're pleased to welcome back Professor Grubbly-Plank..." You knew her briefly from Third Year when she had to take over Hagrid's class after Draco was attacked, it didn't strike you as odd since most people favoured her rather than Hagrid but it was weird not seeing Hagrid at the Welcoming dinner. "-who'll be taking Care of Magical Creatures while Professor Hagrid is on temporary leave."
  2. "We also wish to welcome our new Defense against the Dark Arts teacher, Professor Dolores Umbridge..." No one reacted for no one knew who she was except those who parents worked at the Ministry of Magic, she also works there. You saw Harry motioned to Hermione and whisper something in her ear as he stared at Professor Umbridge. "And I'm sure you'll all join me in wishing the professor good luck." There was no welcoming applause just silence "Now, as usual, our caretaker, Mr. Filch has asked me to remind you"”""Hem hem!" A voice interrupted Professor Dumbledore from the far right of the staff table. Professor McGonagall slowly turned her head, while Professor Snape had content looked yet at the same time his eyes could not believe she interrupted Professor Dumbledore. Everyone later turned and watched Professor Umbridge rose from the table and made her way to stand in front of the Owl Podium.
  3. "Thank you, headmaster, for those kind words of welcome." Professor Umbridge smiled in her furry pink attire; at least you can easily find her in a crowd. "And how lovely to see all your bright happy faces smiling up at me." What she said was ironic for no one at all, not even the Slytherins were smiling at her. "I'm sure we're all going to be very good friends." From the Gryffindor table, you heard a comment made by the twins which you couldn't help but to smile while keeping your focus on Professor Umbridge. She gave a bearing smile to the Gryffindor table as if she heard what the twins had said "The Ministry of Magic has always considered the education of young witches and wizards to be of vital importance. Although, each Headmaster has brought something new to this historic school," She paused and turned her head giving a kind smile to Professor Dumbledore, he returned but his emotions did not seem as reciprocal as hers.
  4. She turned around to face everyone once again, "progress for the sake of progress must be discouraged. Let us preserve what must be preserved, perfect what can be perfected and prune practices that ought to be prohibited." She ended off with a very big smile on her face and a small laugh. She returned later to her seat and Professor Dumbledore signalled everyone to join in for applause, the sound of applause grew stronger and louder but the emotions stayed the same. "Can you believe her?" Someone from your house whispered over to you "Thank you, Professor Umbridge. That was really most illuminating." Professor Dumbledore continued with his speech as if no interruptions came to mind. "My Mum doesn't really fancy her; she's always kissing up to Fudge at work!" Another person from your house said, you weren't as surprised, she seems like the type of person. After dinner, everyone was dismissed to return to their commonroom, you exited with some of your friends from your house "Hey ______!" Ron waited for you outside the Great Hall and walked up to you as soon as he saw your face, your friend said she'll meet you back at the common room. "Oh! Hey Ron, what's up?" You smiled as you stared into his light blue eyes which oddly enough you haven't noticed before. "Listen, since we practically have the same schedule –""Everything but Charms and Care of Magical Creatures" You corrected him and laughed, his cheeks flushed with color "You get what I'm saying..." He gently laughed and it was nice to see a gentler Ron.
  5. You gave a smile and tilted your head to the side "No...Sorry, no I don't actually." You laughed and he ruffled the back of his hair "Well, I'm a Prefect now and that means I have to use most of my free time taking care of First Years and all sort and since Hermione is busy as well and you're smart, maybe you can..." "I don't mind. Yeah, it's no problem, besides you'll help me focus on my work as well! When classes start, just look for me and I'll help!" You smiled, his eyes widen and a huge grin appeared on his face. "That's great! It'll be also help when it's time for us to take our OWL's!" Ron smiled and rushed off to his common room waving good-bye, you're an only child and you were unaware of what is to come every year at Hogwarts "OWL's ...?"
  6. "Ordinary Wizarding Level examinations," Professor Umbridge pointed her wand to the blackboard with the words slowly appearing, she was slowly making her way down the aisle. "O-W-Ls; more commonly known as OWL's" With the words on the blackboard, you blinked very hard "examinations...?" You muttered under your breath as you sat in your "favourite" class: Defense against the Dark Arts. It was your first time hearing about this and you weren't very excited knowing that you had to take an examination. That would have been some very valuable information Oliver or Cedric cared to share; as soon as you thought of Oliver, you let your mind wander and you found yourself thinking about Oliver's visit. Usually, in most cases, you would be excited but this time you were just wondering how it will all turned out. It was weird that all of a sudden, you and Oliver didn't talk, he was your first everything at Hogwarts and now all of a sudden you're in class and "Dark Arts Defence: Basics for Beginners" was placed on your desk. "Uhm...beginners?" You asked as you brought up your head "Yes, Miss _______. Very observant of you." Professor Umbridge smiled at you and a sudden chill ran down your back. Throughout your years at Hogwarts, Dark Arts always seemed to be the most interesting but by far, third year was the best! Professor Lupin always made the classes fun and interactive, Barty Crouch Jr. who was disguised as Professor Moody made it horrifying and now, Professor Umbridge made it a "magic-free" class.
  7. "We're not going to be using magic?" Ron asked as he looked at Harry and back to Professor Umbridge, she questioned the use of magic. "Well, how are we going to defend ourselves by what we've learned from a book?" You asked as you eyed down Professor Umbridge, she snapped her head towards you "Who in the right mind would attack children?" She questioned you as she slowly walked over to your desk; you held back your tongue and all eyes were on you. "I don't know," Harry blurted out and you turned to face him, he gave you a small smile "Maybe Lord Voldemort?" Everyone murmured with one another and you just stared at Harry. Professor Umbridge tried to cover up but Harry's done enough. "It's not a lie, Professor! I saw him!" You blurted out; her face turned red "Miss _____" "Professor! I told her what happened; she was only doing it to defend me..." Harry said, Hermione and Ron both looked at each other and then at Harry. You gave Harry a looked, he looked at you but he shook his head. "Mister Potter, detention! Please refrain from poisoning the minds of everyone else! Turn to page 4 everyone!" You continued to stare at Harry; Harry didn't deserve that...
  8. After class, you smiled at Hermione and Ron as they left early for Prefect duty; Harry's detention wasn't scheduled till after all classes were through. You watched as Harry exited the classroom "H-Harry!" You said as you placed your hand on his shoulder. "______, what's the problem?" He said as if what occurred in class never happened, you stared at him oddly as you took back your hand. "What happened in class...why did you do that? I was going to tell Professor that I saw –"Harry gave a small laugh "The better question is, why you did? The ministry of magic is already on my tail as well as Dumbledore's as it is. Now that Professor Umbridge is here, the least you want is her suspecting you. She had it in for me since my trail." Harry explained and smiled, you were hesitant as Harry asked you why you did. "I did it because I hate seeing everyone calling you a liar and if they heard it from me; they would probably believe me..." You said softly, Harry's eyes widen but he gave you an appreciative stare "Thanks, at least I know that you believe me." The atmosphere around you was quiet and you were somewhat allured to Harry as you stared into his green eyes. He too, also seemed as if he was in a trance as he stared at you "Uhm...sorry, c'mon I'll walk you to your next class." He said as he snapped out and started walking, you didn't know if you were upset or happy that he stopped.
  9. The next few classes past by quickly, Harry was off to detention, Ron, Hermione, Draco and Cedric were on prefect duty and Neville stayed over time in Herbology to talk with Professor Sprout. You walked the halls with your Divination text "Unfogging the future" wide open as you were starting to prepare for your OWL's "I'm never going to remember these Tea Leaf Symbols, I could barely memorize them during Third Year" you mumbled to yourself as you were walking through the Charms Corridor. You probably looked over them at least seven times that night and you always failed naming the proper interpretation; as you submerged yourself in the text, you heard a faint whizzing sound from behind you; you ignored it. The further you walked, the stronger it got; you started to become really irritated, once you turned around to see what it was, you watched as a spark was flying directly at you. "What the-!?" You yelled as you used your book to shield your face. It rammed against your book and the sparks from that explosion slightly burned your hands, making you drop your book. "Sorry about that!" Voices in unisons cried out.
  10. The twins ran over to you, instead of apparating by your side. You hid your hands in your sleeves as they were standing right in front of you. "Are you alright?" Fred asked as he looked down at your book that now had a black residue from the explosion in the middle of the cover. "I-I'm fine" You lied, your fingertips ached; you quickly bent down and picked up your book but the twins were quicker than that. George immediately bent down and grabbed your hand and held it at eye-level. "Your fingers..." He said as he frowned to the redness of your fingertips, you pulled back your hand and smiled. "Its fine, they'll get better." Fred handed you textbook and you smiled; they gave an awkward smile. "Was that a new invention...?" You asked trying to lift the mood, they gave a small laugh. "Not really, we made it but it's just a firework." George explained, you always admire the twins hard at work but you never asked why they work so hard. "Oh, I see. Well, it works." You gave a small laugh; your laugh triggered everything as they were now smiling brightly. "It's going to need a little more work." Fred said as he shoved his hands into his pants pocket, you stared at him and smiled "Why? I think they're brilliant...if you were to use them outside." His face flushed with color. "Say, I know these inventions of yours are for your shop but why?" They exchanged a look with each other and then stared at you "Why what?" They asked in unisons, you shrugged and walked over to the glass window. "Well, everything has a story to it and everyone. So, why are you guys so hung up with this shop?" They smiled and walked over to you, a twin on left and right. "Well...at first, we thought it would be fun," George started off as he looked out at the sky "the more we invented, the more fascinated it became, they were always fun to us...then we showed our family and they loved it" Fred smiled as he placed his left arm on the wall.
  11. You looked at both twins face and saw in their eyes they were reminiscing the good old times "After seeing the expressions of the laughing and cheering, we thought wouldn't it be great to share our stuff with everyone?" Fred continued and occasionally used his hands for emphasis. "So, if you wanted to share it with everyone; how does the shop come into all of this?" You asked and the pain from your hands slowly faded, George placed his hand on your shoulder and smiled. "Well, we told our parents that this is what we plan to do for the rest of our lives, making people smile and etc." George said as he turned his back to the window and faced you "But they told us to be practical and how that "pranking" and "inventing" will get us nowhere financially." Fred added and sighed "So, that's where the store came in. It's...like killing birds with one stone. We get to share our jokes and inventions with everyone and we can earn money...to prove our parents wrong and basically to impress them." George continued after him. You stared at them with admiration, you did misjudge them, and you thought they were in it for the money but that wasn't all. "It's also...a way of thanking our parents" Fred said softly and smiled, you were slightly confused "Thank them?"
  12. "See, we come from a family of eight including us, and life wasn't always easy for our parents...they have to work hard and support eight growing children." George said and crossed his arms "I think that's why Bill, Percy and Charlie are working so far away from home...they know how hard it is already." "We want to repay them, from the money we earn from the shop to give to them. The sacrifices they did for us were far beyond you can imagine." Fred said; your heart practically melted inside of you hearing the reason for the Weasley's anarchy pranks and tricks. For a moment, you thought about your parents and how you did nothing for them but in the end, you thought of what they didn't do for you. "...Your parents must be really lucky to have such amazingly sweet sons...like the two of you." You softly said and smiled, the Twins flushed with color and laughed at amount of emotions they poured onto you. "That'll be 20 galleons." The twins said with their hands extended out for you "For what!?" You laughed and stared at them blankly "For listening to our story." They said in unisons once again, you shook your head and laughed. "That was almost a nice moment!" Before the twins could respond, a Prefect was roaming the halls. "Oi!" It was Ron. "Oh, looks like Baby brother is going to enforce the law on us. Better make a run for it." "We'll see you later!" And with that the twins were off.
  13. You watched as Ron made his way towards you, he was a little discouraged he couldn't stop George and Fred but he was happy that you stayed. "They didn't give you too much trouble, did they?" Ron asked concern as he looked past you to see if the twins were still running. "None at all." You smiled, you looked at the Prefect badge on Ron's robe and smiled "How's being a Prefect?" You asked, his attention was on you and he smiled but kind of looked unpleased. "Oh, when you're not dealing with Peeves, my brothers and rowdy first years, it has its moments." He chuckled; you bobbed your head "So, tiring?" You said summing up his words, he laughed as he looked down "Pretty much." He smiled as he brought up his head, you watched as he stared into your eyes and you remember the last time he looked directly into your eyes, it was filled with anger when he kissed you in your third year. "Well, you better get back to the commonroom before another Prefect finds you, like Malfoy. You wouldn't want to be caught." He smiled; you snapped out of it and turned around "Thanks." You smiled as you turned back to Ron; he raised his hand and waved good-bye before continuing his Prefect duty. As you made your way up to your common room, you were on the Grand Staircase when you saw Draco not too far behind you but something was different about him. His eyes...were red. Was he crying?
  14. Hope you all enjoyed this! At times, I tried not to stop and fawn over the twins and feel pain for Draco and blow my head off because of Umbridge. Anyways, haha, yeah! I finally managed to have a whole scene for the twins and I love sentimental moments so when the twins shared their story, I couldn't help but to go "aw" even though I made it up...Yeah, I'm kind of weird. Well, I'm going to continue the small moments shared with each one of the boys, Oliver fans will have to wait! Draco is coming up next; please leave a comment who you would like to see AFTER Draco and I'll do my best to make it romantic, heart-felt and something that makes your heart melt! Also, I know I've said it more than once but yeah; the contest! Haha! Don't forget and if you're confused with the format, feel free to ask a question! Okay? Stay Magical x

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