What is your position in the multipolar world?

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The hegemony of the United States is being weakened. Many people are looking up to new power in the East like Russia or China. A new world will emerge in the near future: a multipolar world order.

So, what will be your position in this new world? A staunched, principled National Socialist? A Patriotic Socialist? Or, the worst of worst, Neoliberalism? Let's find out with this short question!

Created by: NSMVietnam
  1. What is your ideal government?
  2. What is your ideal economy?
  3. How many gender are there?
  4. View on Jew?
  5. Type of nationalism?
  6. Seditious material?
  7. Russo-Ukrainian War: Which side are you on?
  8. Your ideal leader?
  9. Abortion?
  10. Finally, what do you think about this test?

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Quiz topic: What is my position in the multipolar world?