U gotta problem?

There are many people that have problems but few don't. So see if u have one go ahead and give it a try well why are u still reading the dumb description go!

STOP READING!!Please just stop reading I will punch you if you keep reading! All this is about is if you have a problem or not. So I'm done with the description!

Created by: Jazzy298
  1. Do u sleep with a knife when you go to sleep?
  2. Do u take illeagal drugs?
  3. Do you take a pistol wherever u go? ( not for self defense )
  4. Just 4 fun. Which of these would u rather do in public? Does not count
  5. What do u prefer for self defense?
  6. Have u murdered someone?
  7. Do you kill random animals If u do u have HUGE problems
  8. Jhghvhyrdrtfhvjhjydgetdjygvkvtybunkmmv
  9. Was this quiz fun er nah? My first quiz
  10. How do u feel?

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