What Problem Do You Have?

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A lot of us have something that is holding us back from what we want in life, but what problem is holding you back? What Problem Do You Have is a quiz that was made by a professional to give you a 100% accurate result on what your problem in life is! Do you want to know what is getting in your way in life? Well, that is what this quiz is for! If you are taking this quiz, that means that you are trying to figure out what your problem is and how to fix it!

What is your problem? Were you always trying to figure out what that one problem about you was? You don't have to wonder no more, because this quiz is going to finally tell you!

Created by: Shimmers

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  1. What is your least favorite subject in school?
  2. What is it about that subject that makes you hate it?
  3. What is something that concerns you the most?
  4. Which of the following colors do you hate the most?
  5. How do you act when you're around other people?
  6. What is your worst habit?
  7. Which of the following things do you enjoy doing the most?
  8. Do you like school, if not why?
  9. How do you express your opinions? (Explain)
  10. Are you still friends with the same people that you were a year ago?
  11. How easily confused are you?
  12. How easy is it for you to decide on what you want? (Explain)
  13. How sociable are you? (Explain)
  14. How much patience do you have?

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