A Question for all GTQ Quiz Makers!

I've been having a problem on Gotoquiz lately. It has to do with the quizzes I try to post. If you've been having the same problem or know how to fix it comment on it.

I've also been having a problem linking quizzes. Again, if you've gone through the same thing or know what to do to fix it, please leave it in the comments.

Created by: Fallout3
  1. Thanks for clicking on this! I'm Fallout3 (if you hadn't noticed) and I need some help with a problem I've been having on this site.
  2. About 50% of the quizzes I make now don't get put on the new quizzes list. I've never had this problem before, but for the past few weeks it's been an issue.
  3. Now, I read somewhere that inappropriate content (cuss words, sexual things, etc.) could be causing this problem, as well as bad grammar. Those things might keep the makers of this website from putting it on here.
  4. But my quizzes never have anything even remotely inappropriate in them, and I carefully spell check my quizzes before finalizing them, so I know those are out.
  5. I've also tried remaking quizzes, just giving them a slightly different title and copying the questions and results. That used to work, but now it doesn't do anything. The quiz still isn't posted.
  6. It's frustrating when I spend a lot of time making a good quiz and it's all for nothing.
  7. So if anybody else is having this problem, or knows how to fix it, please leave it in the comments. If it works I'll be very grateful.
  8. Also, I made lots of quizzes before I got my account, and I've been trying to link them to my profile. But (of course) only about half of them actually get linked.
  9. With the rest it just says there's an uncommon error that's preventing them from being linked.
  10. Thanks for taking the time to read this whole thing and any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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