are you glamorous

this quiz was created to see if you glamorous by our( the makers of the quiz) standards.... many people have different opions about this subject but ths test is based how we fell.

what is glamorous? ....well to us (the makers of this quiz) its being confident, sexy, and stylish. its about knowing who you are and how to get what you are you glamorous find out.

Created by: cookie

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. when you walk into a room what usually happens (be honest)
  2. how often do people compliment you (be honest)
  3. are you independent (be honest)
  4. whats more inportant
  5. how many friends do you have on your myspace (be honest)
  6. do you consider yourself the quen of your city
  7. what do you think of this phrase " girls are to be seen not heard"
  8. do you think stripes and poka dots match
  9. every glamorous person should know this......finish the phrase" __________ are a girls best friend.
  10. why do you think you're glamorous
  11. does having money make you glamorous
  12. i say glamorous whats the first thing to pop in ur mind
  13. what do you think.... is being beautiful a blessing or a curse

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Quiz topic: Am I glamorous