How New Yawk Are Ya?

Dis is what da whole new yawk expirrience stahts wit. You gotta be able to tawk like a native if yer gonna make it aroun here. Take da test or I'll knock yer block off. Take id deezy now, and go slow as ya gotta.

This test'll show youse wedda you can tawk like a new yawka. It's a practical step tawd becomin a reel new yawka. I mean, whad if youse gotta get a cab or sumtin? Ya gotta know where youse is goin, know whad I mean? Take da test, jus do it!

Created by: Jimmy
  1. Lippy is a New Yawka. He asks you "where's toidy toid and toid?" What is he looking for?
  2. What does this mean: "Jeet yet?" "no jew?"
  3. Lippy asks "where can I git earl?" What is he looking to buy?
  4. You ask Lippy a question, and he says, "you kiddin me, fuhgeddaboudit" What does he mean?
  5. Lippy asks his girl to "come sit onna stoop". Where will they be?
  6. Lippy asks you to please give him "fye dollaz". What would he like?
  7. If you see Lippy wandering around in Central Park, and he tells you he lost his "tree bucks", what is he looking for?
  8. Lippy says that he is going for a "Boiga". Where is he most likely to shop for it?
  9. Lippy asks for some "berlin water". Where would you most likely get it?
  10. Lippy sees you and your brother getting ready to go home. He asks, "ain choos guys goin fer a beah?" What is he asking you to do?

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