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This quiz is for complete ninjago nerds. If you are not a ninjago fan, this quiz is not for you. In this quiz I Will ask questions about ninjago numbers

For example, I may ask what number Zane put in the rocket passcode when he went to get the astronaut suits for the others. I am not expecting anyone to get everything right.

Created by: Malafactor
  1. What number is on ultra violets clothes?
  2. What is the number on the red visors suits?
  3. How many red lines were on kataru's human face?
  4. How many episodes are there of ninjago?
  5. What is the overlords's phone number
  6. What page number was the spell on?
  7. What was captain soto's prison number?
  8. What number was the news channel pythor listened to before giving Lloyd the book of spells?
  9. How many Annacondri could have gone in the noodle trucks that the elemental masters stopped if they were full?
  10. What number was on killow's jacket

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