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  • "I got 92% Bedroom Bombshell, you hit the hammer on the head dear, yes that's Me, every % of it or try me if you don't belive. Anyways…"

  • "26% Virgin is my score, way to high for a girl like me, it should have been something like 2.6% Virgin. Anyways thanks, nice quiz"

    In response to Janinna:

    "I'm a virgin........ I got a 56%.......... I've…"

  • "I got 90% MISTRESS , I love it because that's the way I like it, I am happy being a mistress at the present... Maybe I might change if…"

  • "100% Dirty minded is my score, nothing so dirty about it, why do we have to look down on sex minded as dirty. Anyways thanks."

  • "89% Whore that's my score and I love it because that's what I am, bang on, their are circumstances that at times make you what you are.…"

  • "88% Whore that's my score, I am happy with it so no need to get so worked up, just think not all get a cosy life sometimes it's for your…"

  • "85% Girl, I love that , I like being treated as a WOMAN for that's who I am inside, I would love dressing up as a WOMAN and be able to…"

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  • "I got FEMALE and I love it because I love being a WOMAN thought I am a male, actually I love dressing up as a WOMAN and doing girly…"

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  • "Yes I am sitting on the fence of MTF, yes I want to be a WOMAN, seen and treated like one, wear woman dresses and skirts and makeups and…"

  • "FEMALE and I love it because I love dressing up as a WOMAN whenever possible and would like to be looked at as a WOMAN for that's who I…"