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Below you will find quizzes about gender identity and expression, masculine vs. feminine, non-binary, and so on. The topic of gender has become a hot in in modern society. Is it a social construct? Should gender norms be challenged? How do you identify?

Our Gender Identity Quizzes

  • What Is Your Gender Expression?
    [by: EdgyPotato, rated: rated: 4.2/5, published: Feb 18, 2017]

    Ever since the dawn of time, people have connected various objects, activities and personality traits to genders. It largely depends on culture. For example,…

  • Are you displaying more masculine or feminine energy?
    [by: Kripa R - ZenAccess, rated: rated: 3.66/5, published: Oct 7, 2017]

    You're about to find out where you are on the feminine/masculine energy balance scale. Are you an Anima or an Animus?

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