How Berkshire Are You?

There are but few true Berkshire individuals and many imposters. Being from Berkshire is quite exceptional. You need to take this quiz to determine the ultimate question..

Are you legitimately from Berkshire? Can you correctly answer the questions of this quiz as a true Berkshire resident would? One way to find out.

Created by: Never you mind

  1. Its Monday morning, what can you hear?
  2. Which football team do you support?
  3. What is Coral Reef?
  4. Have you been to the races?
  5. Why are we often referred to as the Royal County?
  6. What is the Berkshire food of choice?
  7. Do you want a Muzzy's kebabs?
  8. 2.10
  9. Which place on Urban Dictionary is described by some (or the majority!) as "Chav Land"
  10. Where would you rather be?

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Quiz topic: How Berkshire am I?