Which Yugioh 5D's guy is perfect for you?

Are you a Yugioh 5D's lover?Well then you would definately love this quiz.I got my inspiration by my sister,she is always buzy with Yugioh stories and pictures and then I heard there was a Yugioh 5D's too and I got to learn some things about it and since then I'm the 5D's freak and she is the normal Yugioh freak!!!Together we are the freekish teens!!

I bet you sometimes wonder who would fit you best Yusei,Jack or Crow?hmmm that's a tricky quistion..well with this quiz you can finally see who the one is for you and see what he is like...go ahead take the quiz!!! (^^,)

Created by: Mysterioustic

  1. What kind of guy do you prefer?
  2. Which one do you prefer?
  3. What would be the most perfect date?
  4. Which one makes your heart melt when you look at him?
  5. What kind of food would you lake best?
  6. Would you help an childrens orphanage?
  7. Do you like D'wheels?
  8. Do you like spending time with friends?
  9. What type of girl are you?
  10. Do you know what is a sighner?
  11. Last question,did you like the quiz(I worked hard on it...)?

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