What type of Yugioh deck would be best for you?

Yugioh decks should be chosen not by what everyone is using, but should be chosen by your personality. There are various types of decks in Yugioh, but the dominant ones will be found here. Find out which deck fits you here!

Every wonder what type of Yugioh deck would fit you? Does the countless amount of types of decks in Yugioh leave you in wonder? Then stop right there! Take this quiz now to find out which deck would match with your personality!

Created by: CrystalFlare
  1. Would you prefer a slow paced or fast paced deck?
  2. Would you prefer a planned out strategy to go with or a broad strategy that you could improvise with?
  3. Which trait would define you the most?
  4. You have faced an enemy many times. You are sure the enemy is more skilled than you. Which of the following would you do?
  5. What position are you mostly finding yourself in?
  6. What type of card do you think is the most important?
  7. What type of games do you like?
  8. What are you usually finding yourself doing with enemies?
  9. Which trait would define you the most?
  10. How was this quiz? Be honest.

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