Are you Seto's or Joey's Sibling? YUGIOH

We all seem to be obsessed with the duelists. Why can't we acknowledge the two main siblings? Serenity and Mokuba?! Seto's brother? Joey's sister? They need more respect in the fandom!!!!

Following here are 10 questions... I did this quiz out of boredom. Buttttt if it's not to you then take this. I love Mokuba as a sibling and he's my favorite character.

Created by: KELSIE
  1. How good are you with computers?
  2. Childhood trauma????
  3. Are you adopted?
  4. You duel?
  5. What do you want from your siblings?
  6. How's the kidnapping going?
  7. Dragons?
  8. Is Joey a dog?
  9. Dragons?
  10. Filler question!!!!!!

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Quiz topic: Am I Seto's or Joey's Sibling? YUGIOH