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  • Like you put the wrong answer for question 14.

    Edward proposes to Bella in New Moon not in Eclipse. He propses to her at the end when they decide to turn her into a vampire after graduation. And for Question 17. Jacob tells some of the story in Eclipse as well as Breaking Dawn. He tells the end of the story in Eclipse, you know, the last chapter. Hmmmm looks like someone doesn't know their 'm only kidding

    Blaise Dragomir
  • Gosh, I sound so lame:
    You knoow 100% of your Twilight!

    High five! You know your stuff! you passed, and most likely you got them all correct. GOOD JOB!!! You did really well, be proud.

    Try my quiz which is at number 42 called Which song are you? There's a song for everyone so please try it, thanks!

  • He proposed to her in "New Moon"

    You clearly dont know Twilight. Get your facts right before you put up a Twilight quiz.

  • you sooo dont know twilight!!! technacally he proposed in new moon NOT eclipse!!!


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