Are you a Twilight Geek?

Since Twilight is the thing right now, I decided to see who are the Twilight fanatics and who are just not so into it like everyone else. It's strictly just for fun, and yes, my results are funny, but hey, its life.

You like Twilight? Do you LOVE it? Or do you just despise it. Well, find out now with my accurate quiz, so you can see once and for all. Come on! It's fun.

Created by: Miss Kris

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  1. How many times have you actually seen the movie in theaters?
  2. Who's the best looking in Twilight?
  3. Have you read the Twilight books?
  4. How long after the movie came out in Theaters did you go see it?
  5. You're school banned Twilight books, movies, & anything Twilight related from its premises. You:
  6. Edward was born in what year?
  7. Jacob is hotter than Edward.
  8. Do you think you are a Twilight Geek, just a big fan, or neither?
  9. I'm gonna say this word & tell me what pops into your brain: SPIDERMONKEY.
  10. Let's do it again! MY MONKEY MAN.
  11. Last question, does this quiz make you wanna go see Twilight again?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Twilight Geek?