who is your twilight boyfriend

have you ever seen the movie twilight about the forbidden romance between Bella sewan and Edward Cullen , have u thought who you're twilight saga crush is find out in this quiz

who is your twilight saga lover boy do u dream of Edward Cullen or Jacob or a less leading character like Sam or even Carlisle find out with a quiz and see who ur fantasy boyfriend is

Created by: Laura Fernandez

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. what do u like more vampires or warewolfs
  2. what movie of twilight saga is your favorite
  3. who is ur favorite girl character
  4. random question?? pick a color combo
  5. what is the best line
  6. yes or no ?? I want to be a vampire
  7. random question?? if u were in a wrestling match why company would that be
  8. what old movie
  9. what drink is the best
  10. do u like cats or dogs

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Quiz topic: Who is my twilight boyfriend