How much do you know about Twilight?

Not everyone has read Twilight, but if you have, then test your knowledge with this quiz! Tell others about this quiz! Thanks. See what your score is now! :D :D :D Thanks.:P

You think you know everything to know there is about Twilight? Take the quiz to find out! See what your score will be. Hopefully, it was a good one! I know mine was... :P

Created by: Yma Moore of Twilight Lovers
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  1. What kind of car does Edward Cullen drive?
  2. What is the 'before' car that Edward gets Bella?
  3. What does Bella name her baby?
  4. Where did Bella and Edward go for their honey moon? SPECIFICALLY.
  5. Where did Edward get the engagement ring?
  6. Can edward read bellas mind?
  7. Is renesmee the only half human baby?
  8. What does Breaking Dawn look like?
  9. Does Bella and Edward have sex on there wedding night?
  10. What year was Edward Born?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Twilight?