How crazy over Twilight are you?

You've read the books, seen the movie, and bought the posters-- well now it's time to find out how truely crazy you ARE about the Twilight books by Stephenie Meyer!

All my friends and I have read the books... But some people are a little more EXTREME about the aftermath then others. You can't get NEAR my one pal without hearing something like:" Remember when he told her this", or, "I would so die if he did that"... Are YOU that crazy too!? Here's a chance to find out if you are driving your friends nuts or not with a Twilight Obsession!!

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  1. Have you memerized the chapters of all the books?
  2. In the second book: Did you cry when Edward left?
  3. In the second book: when Jasper looses it at the party, did you fear for Bella's life as if it were your own?
  4. What was the best part in the original book?
  5. Did you want Bella to become a vampire by the end of the series?
  6. In the third book: would you have been scared of Edward after he killed Victoria?
  7. In the last book: was there ever a doubt in your mind that the Cullens wouldn't win at the end?
  8. In the first book: would you have been as brave as Bella when James was about to kill you?
  9. Would YOU want to be a vampire in a world like Twilight?
  10. Who's power would you want?
  11. During the day do you catch yourself wondering what Edward or Bella are doing?
  12. Are you careful about what you're thinking incase Edward is listening?
  13. If you had the chioce to die or be a vampire...

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Quiz topic: How crazy over Twilight am I?